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  1. Ty for your answers so far, think I just have to try this game and see if I like it or not. @Eternal No idea why are you offending me with: Go minecraft, get help, blahblah. Still it is just a game, and not more. So do not get me bored plz with some real life master yoda wisdoms putting in a PC Game, thank you.
  2. Hello, i just "fell" into this game by accident this day, trying to find another Diablo 3 clone Actually I got more interested in this, I ve never played such a game before. But the kind of freedom, creative possibilites I understand so far really puts me in. My "concern" is now, how this game/simulation is playable if I prefer to play alone or just in small groups? Yeah, it is a mmo, I know. I'm not a fan of joining huge clans of people I don't know, so I'll most likely play Solo or with a couple of friends. Am I expected to be missing content as such? Can I "compete" with orgnisations, or is it like a small bee versus a ship thing? Can I be effective and "successful" while playing just alone? Can i build/design huge projects by my own? Or just normal small "ship" and "houses" If yes, also if I am not an IT specialist and dont have any knowledge of this? Dont get me wrong, it is not about not sociliasing with others, but it is about being my own ruler and decision maker, and not just to be a small wheel. I want to design what I want, raid or destroy what I want, build what I want. For me, first impression is, this game is preferable for people who like to play in bug structures only and/or have some unique IT/scripting skills? Would be nice if someone more experienced could clarify this for me, Ty
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