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  1. I whole heartedly agree with overall focus of this idea. These are also interesting specific ways to implement it. I would only add that NQ would need to make sure the types of orgs would be less specific and more generic to ensure the game and incorporate niche "groups" that don't fit into generic stereotypes. I hope is that this game has enough people in it to allow even further levels and refinement of services offered.
  2. I would also like to know, I don't delve into that part of the game.
  3. Hmm, looks like half the problems derive from the P2W conundrum of multi-accounters. Just maybe I mentioned how this would create long term issues for a game like this about two years ago.
  4. Lots of good stuff I agree with here, a fewer minor changes I might personally make a tad different, not going to mention them because I only want to support and the Devs always end up doing things close to what I want anyways. Some of us want to make nice looking gardens! Possibly not possible, but I'd like to be able to flatten at an angle?
  5. OR maybe just a full on RDMS system? One where we can actually write the code for it ourselves if we want something more advanced? For larger Orgs coding it ourselves would make it a lot easier.
  6. I made a suggestion quite a few months back which involved carbon still making wood, only it would be limited to fake looking wood, or simple designs. However, we would have the ability to plant trees on planets with appropriate soil and atmosphere and slowly grow trees which could be harvested. This slow to grow material would be in small quantities when compared to the easily obtained coal, thus it becomes a luxury good. It would have unique styles or be required to make "higher" tier furniture. At the same time one could simply want to show case how long their base or something has been aro
  7. I am of course biased, and probably not the majority of the population but I came here for a space-sim more realistic than others. If I want to play space factory manager I want some form of system where once I have a super factory which can make everything and all of it fast all at the same time, there is still a small challenge or annoyance. The bigger the factory the harder it should be to maintain or keep track of some how, but at the same time at the small scale of a mere 500-1000 factory units shouldn't be much of a bother. I don't think things should "break" but I think there should may
  8. I'm sure this update is good for many people, and the game overall. But there's nothing here for me as I don't require a hardcoded system to setup agreements. This hard coded system is really mostly only good for freelance work.
  9. Or just lower the HP points of voxels since they are light honeycomb anyways and throughout history weapons have almost always been stronger then defense technology.
  10. @Taelessael I like your additions, if not simply because they make sense, but also makes it harder for people to reverse engineer and take advantage of a less random event in a meta way. I should note, I'm not advocating for say if a single XL Space Engine drops to 0 and it explodes it causes a massive chain reaction and the 19 other XL engines also explode, but rather they will damage nearby components thus meaning 3-4 less hits will also take out those parts. So now, instead of placing all the Engines in single spot, sides touching, ship engineers might but small barriers, or may
  11. Context

    pay to win

    Well you're not wrong...and I brought this up like a couple weeks into alpha 1...
  12. Most of the time it is, but when you remove and place something down again the voxel dominance calculation goes into affect and stuff might warp
  13. Nifty idea but that's really the antithesis of anti-gravity
  14. Well I do use the voxel replace tool a lot (mainly because the line voxel tool limitations), but I also support a change to just paint tool. This would potentially allow one color on one side, and another on the other, but I don't actually know how voxel data is stored so I don't know if this would be better?
  15. Hydrogen and Oxygen should only be produced on Alioth with the Recycler. Why: Physics, mostly get this from water and atmosphere generated from plants. This only exists on Alioth. Gameplay, centralized Alioth and encourages a different form of resource requirements. I suspect we will be doing fusion as one of the main power reactors, which will likely require hydrogen as fuel. I will assume you see where I'm going with this.
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