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  1. I have uninstalled (the right way) twice and reinstalled with admin, twice. The game loader comes up, but right after the play button is hit, everything DU related disappears from my memory and CPU.... I can't even get to the same error many others are happening, at least then I would have confidence I'd be able to see a fix within a week.
  2. Apologies if this sounds harsh, but do any of you pay attention to DU news? NQ has firmly stated if they do a reset, most if not all cores with stuff on them (They probably won't count blank cores or ones with less than 0.1% filled up) will have special one time blueprints which we can use for the full release. These special blueprints will have zero cost and the stuff we made will magically appear from nothing. Why? Because the planets themselves are nowhere near being finished in how they are generated. Would you like to be free to place your stuff on a fully realized and detaile
  3. This is a good point and the old version of HP was better, albeit had it's own issues. Personal opinion here though: the tier should have no affect on how good a materials is for a given type of defense. It should be mostly be based in reality. Some easy materials will be more valuable as armor than others and some high tier ones will be less so, and possibly only used as an outer layer for visuals on ships. The monetary value of stuff will be impossible to restrict within separate groups so only group ore tiers by rarity, nothing else. Let voxel use as armor mostly reflect reality.
  4. Taking advantage of a beta RDMS setup, lots of skill there.
  5. I was in charge of the factory at the time he stole that stuff and I'm honestly not sure how he stole from it, unless he took advantage of an RDMS bug or something. The first time there were only 4 Legates and then the second time only 3 including myself. He was not one of the legates and did not have access in any traditional manner. While out of game I support intrigue in games and have also done it before myself, we are in beta testing a game. With the theft from the largest player size group...how much testing are they now going to be able help contribute to testing. Are these
  6. Automatic no, pay someone to attend it, attend it yourself, or make it self-attending by your customer. All which involves some level of human interaction. The last one takes the most prep and startup cost but most likely the most feasible for a larger chain.
  7. Would it though... if it did then a wouldn't a single S core ship break the whole server? A single S core ship has about the same number of elements and voxels as about 30 personal firearms and personal firearms can only be deployed in your hands. So I say no...you have literally, absolutely no idea what your talking about. The game actually is built around this concept: see ships, building, factories, etc...for examples. The original idea came from the fact that, the space ships are customizable, your fighter plane atmo-only vehicles are fully customizable, your tanks are fully cu
  8. Ok so I feel this idea that's been in my head for a while needs to come out sooner rather than later in case NQ picks this up and makes it their own by making it better than what I even have here. General Idea: Work station which we can use to "design" handheld weapons. More detail: In game we won't have a bunch of generic weapon types that only NQ actually comes up with. NQ gives us the parts to the weapons and we use those parts to make our weapons...with voxels, but in the design tool the granularity of the voxel size is smaller. functionally we would need to produce
  9. I would add that we know one way NQ will get some extra money for stuff are skins for elements, but these will not change the shape. So we really just need different shapes for now, shape colors, shape overall look, different shapes.
  10. I don't see the need to involve dev's, just the graphics people. Same stats, different shape.
  11. There are a number of reasons I believe having unique damage shapes for different weapons would be useful. For one, it would be another tool to ensure the meta for combat is not so restricted, allowing for an increased variation in viable tactics, and this is the initial thought process which spawned the idea. The attached picture is by no means even my preferred end goal of having shaped voxel damage, merely to introduce the concept of what is possible. Better then the simple graphic example, we would even have adjusted shapes based on ammo type, though generally aligned with a general shape.
  12. @Hazaatan You do realize that this is a sand box and society building game? This means we have to build the social order within it. This means when we hear about other players being Pirates, which obviously most of us dislike...we declare it Illegal IN GAME, group together IN GAME, and solve the problem IN GAME. The conundrum we have here is that what is called the "safe zone" which protects you from direct player operated damage from elements specifically built to reduce HP, is in fact the most dangerous zone you can be in because no social order can be enforced except by hard cod
  13. If this forum was "in game" roleplay I would of course feign outrage myself because I'm not getting in on the action yet. But this section of the forum is clearly "Out of Game". So they seriously think that they have a certain degree of in game rights and privacy in this game, which means they think they had the same in past games...which means they have no idea what's going on.
  14. If you thought you had privacy even before social media....
  15. If this worries you, don't join any group which has a forum, discord, or website with a login... pfff people think they have any privacy whatsoever, HA!
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