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  1. NQ just announced that they will list active player amounts themselves and order rankings accordingly. Which kinda concludes this thread.
  2. This appears to be the issue. It is illegitimate to perveice people joining your organisation based on false information. When new to the game, one usually does not think about the possibility that the members designated to an org actually are not even playing the game. This may lead to frustration of joined members who expected a certain level of prebuilt structures and activity, and may as well damage the organization itself by creating unhappy and consequently disloyal members. That's weird perception, since your BOO appears quite active. But the #1 member count org with over 1000 members seems much less active than all other non-abandoned Top 10 member count orgs. This generalization is incorrect. For instance, my org (HYP) has around 80% members with alpha access. Taking Sylvas prior statement into account, according to which BOO has only around 200 such members, I find it worth mentioning that thereby currently the #3 org (HYP; German speaking members only) is likely the largest org w.r.t. player activity in the game right now. Edit: I just noticed the commented statistics which refutes such generalization as well. It also shows that Sylva's estimation was far too low. I am also confused about Emire's 56% paired with their ~30 members internal Discord server. Seems most of its once active members left the game. Which also shows that being a contributor is still a bad criterion for activity.
  3. Though that way, there has to be a limitation of Sanctuary Tiles (STs) a player can own. Since when some super rich organization or enough trolls decide to spam TUs in Sanctuary Areas to leave no safe space for others, that would indeed break the purpose of SAs. Is anywhere written whether STUs will be craftable? Because otherwise, many players may still never own a ST, due to crafting a TU is supposed to be super expensive. Then, combined with an account limit for STs, my argument still holds. At least if one chooses to ignore semantics, like you did.
  4. I just noticed that and edited my comment. I do not see how it is p2w as you cannot even pvp in those zones. It is rather pay to not fight (i.e. neither win nor lose). I’d call it pay for peace.
  5. Most commenters here seem to miss that, by far, not all players will have STUs. For example, there are none initially given to people who bought the Contributor Pack, according to https://www.dualthegame.com/en/pledge/. Sponsors get one, Patrons get two. So possibly, there is a limit of a few STUs per account and for players that did not buy at least the Sponsor Pack, an STU will probably cost real extra money. Given that there are hundreds of thousands Sanctuary Tiles on Alioth alone, empty STs will be in abundance . Update: I just came across the following statement of Novaquark: (https://www.dualthegame.com/en/news/2018/03/02/more-info-on-sanctuary-territory-units/) In this case, my statement is obsolete. But I think they really should allow only STUs on Sanctuary Ground and fix the issue that way. Especially, they should allow STUs in Alioth’s Sanctuary Area.
  6. I find it notable that Lua were also the language of choice for the Minecraft mod Computer Craft. There is quite a community behind it, also providing code examples such as this one, which prints a graph over time to display the level of stored energy of a component on a display. How devices (such as displays) are addressed, however, depends on choices of the game developers, and I would also be very interested where such information can be found (or if such features are even already in the game). But I am downloading the game right now and looking forward to play DU for the first time, so maybe I will find my answers soon. ☺️ Other than that, there are plenty of beginner-friendly Lua code examples that can easily be found using search engines, such as on http://lua-users.org/wiki/SampleCode. If you need more basic explanations, you should probably watch some Lua tutorials on Youtube. If you are looking for an entirely pain-free way to learn programming, there is none. Learning programming includes doing a lot of mistakes, and one can only learn it decently when they are willing to suffer for it (due to the results being obviously worth it). Edit: I just found the required information ingame at Codex (f1) -> Scripting.
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