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  1. Hey Azure, you don't post much. Everything okay?

  2. We really should have an account system that mimics the game. You have a Master Account that you log into, and then you can post as each Character or as the Player.
  3. I'm not sure I get what he is proposing... Does he want to link our Forum and Community accounts? I don't get why they are separate in the first place, so sure. But then I'd like to be able to have a separate page/forum profile for each of my characters. Oh, and one for me as the player behind them.
  4. You need to go to https://community.dualthegame.com/accounts/profile It's at the bottom. Or it should be. My sympathies that you didn't get to join the last test.
  5. With the sound of thunder, Gandalf turned to the Balrog and said, CITE YOUR SOURCES! But in all seriousness, can you show me that vid? Cause that sounds pretty cool.
  6. @unown006 I'd suggest deleting or editing your post to reduce confusion. Per the topic: I'd prefer to have something like @CalenLoki's suggestion and have to physically move cargo around if you don't want to do it "by hand". However, looking at how Space Engineers struggles to hand its merge blocks, I don't think we'll see this. More likely we'll have cargo containers and conveyors. It still requires engineering and usually creates weakspots, but it's a bit simpler programmatically.
  7. From what I've seen and understood, when constructs move, every part of it, inside and out, moves. They've got it down so that portals/instances for interiors are unnecessary.
  8. Real Life Cities are primarily composed of residential buildings. In games, there is no need for residential structures beyond a few containers or prestige.
  9. Ahhhh... I'm following you now. I thought you wanted something free every month because you paid less. I agree that long term (year +) should get a small trinket or something.
  10. Why, though? Subscriptions are already cheaper. There's your reward.
  11. discordauth:ClFp1cl5gSoYZTu-bq33bxH8K4dFofz_NpHBXAQK21s=

  12. FantasyLand! Role play an eleven archer and collect 15 bear butts! Or be a Dwarven smith and fight the forces of evil with escort quests!
  13. This is why I'm glad DU is subscription based. It's already heading up a difficult hill.
  14. Ultimately, this might be an interesting idea, but since the game hasn't even come out, it's not yet relevant. :-/
  15. Had me worried for a minute that you were going to advocate for artificial benefits. I quite like this idea. Especially that power generation should not be a trivial manner. However, I think that the largest ships should be able to carry a factory unit or two. You are confusing Market Bots with Trading Units. Market Bots do exactly that and make things appear/vanish out of thin air. They are NQ's economic regulation mechanism. Trading Units just allow you to automatically buy or sell things.
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