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  1. I baked Dual Universe because I looked for a building game where you can actually build good looking things (so not blocky like in Space Engineers) and do something with them. I played in Alpha for a little bit, but stopped playing after I was unable to load the game for several month. After the Beta launch, where NQ again expertly showcased their lack of communication skills, I started playing again, this time with a friend, for several weeks. We stopped playing DU a few weeks ago, because the need to constantly mine in order to get resources and the total lack of enjoym
  2. A non-pvp zone helps every player: Non-PvP players know where they can safely move. PvP players know where they find players that are (more or less) ready for PvP, which is important, because who wants to accedentially engage with another player who doesn't want any pvp?
  3. Are they? They needed like a month or so to fix the linked container issue and directly after fixing that, they indroduced this bug. Do they even test their patches?
  4. You will get this message constantly when mining near another player (< 50 m or so). The only other place I got this message occasionally was when I mined on a tile which had a territory unit (not mine) in it's deployment state
  5. I have the same issue with the linked container. The only thing that works at range is when you are mining
  6. @Michael Using Unigen was likely the best choice for the game, because it's the only game engine that uses 64 bit precision for positions (and no, UE4 multiplayer origin rebasing is not a solution here). The only other option would have been a custom game engine (takes a long time) or make an existing engine (e.g. UE4) work, which also is not simple. But I'm also wandering why they need, or rather why they thought it would be neccessary during (open) alpha, to implement 3rd party visual plugins instead of using build in ones when you can't change any graphics settings without
  7. I can also confirm that NAND operators do not work at all.
  8. No, this is a bug. I and a friend of mine are not able to do this since several weeks now
  9. The concept is really, really great for planning, but the editor on the website has one huge issue: It is not possible to easily move icons around, because you have several selection boxes on each icon, so you can't just hover over it, but you have to hit it's very narrow border. Also: How do I color an icon while leaving it's border black?
  10. @Bolliz You can click the mouse wheel, instead of holding the left mouse button, in order to use the mine tool (also works with with both scanning tools of course)
  11. That depends what your definition of "small" is. We can track relative small pieces of space debris with radar from the Earth's surface already. The warmer something is in space the easier it is to track. If you fire up an engine in space, you can notice that from accros the solar system (with a huge delay of course). In other words: There is practically no stealth in space.
  12. Isn't there a public video about the crafting system? If yes, then those suggestions wouldn't fall under the NDA.
  13. Why? Does the Lumberyard user licence explicitly forbiddes the use of SpartialOS? CIG now has their container streaming, which could potentially increase the amount of players in the world, because they could run each container on one server, or be calculated by one. Also this helps with performance for players, because if there are players inside a ship, then their information only needs to be replicated to players who are also inside that ship. They still will have the problem with a lot of players in one location (container).
  14. @blazemonger I wasn't responding to you, but to DaphneJones.
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