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  1. When you sell a blueprint you can specifiy if that blueprint can be edited or not. The problem you describe does not exist in DU.
  2. Advanced Building - CAD blueprint

    Voxel engines can convert meshes into voxels and vice verca, because they are rendering them as meshes and not voxels. So creating a model in any CAD or direct modeller (CAD systems doesn't work with edges and vertices like direct modellers do) and importing the mesh into the game would be possible, however NQ has sad, that you won't be able to do that.
  3. Tedious Turreting

    As far as I know it makes a different where you aim at the target. If you hit (well) you will hit the target at the location you where aiming at. So it's more then just one time lock on.
  4. NQ has already confirmed that there are protection bubbles, like in EVE. As for the underground bases: One way to solve (or reduce) the problem would be to allow mining on enemy tiles (enemy = corp that is at war with you). That way you can just dig out the base. The problem here would be, that you need to build large walls all around... Beeing able to build underground bases is maybe the only way for smaller corps or players to build a base at all. If the base would be above ground, you would really easily be able to spot and attack it. Yes an underground base is very hard to conquer, however what do you want to do there if you can't get out or in, because it's beeing sieged? And if it's not beeing sieged: If you want to use it as a hangar, you need a big hangar doors -> Good way in for the enemy, too. Build a lot of internal turrets for protection -> High energy costs.
  5. Explosives

    Anti aircraft fuse??? You mean proximity fuse? As the combat is stat based those fuses would mean, that you still do fragmentation (and possible explosion, depending on how much you "missed") damage if you didn't hit the target "directly".
  6. Obsolescence

    I don't know exactly where it was, it may be was in a thread where the original topic was a different one -.-
  7. Any plans on mining tools

    You will be able to upgrade your "hand mining" tool. I don't know if this just means you work faster without much visual changing of your "tool", or if you have a dedicated tool, like shown above. There won't be such things. NQ has sad that now several times.
  8. discordauth:DSKKzB8KDdIm9DSuAOPguL16xXJ9pTv22ywEtpLq1yM=

  9. Obsolescence

    That was already suggested and there is a very big thead with discussions about it.
  10. Community Suggestions Trello

    I know that I can read tweets without a Twitter account. However, without an account, I don't get directly notifed from Twitter if NQ posts a Tweet, that was what I ment. The cooperation is called Soul Nebula.
  11. Community Suggestions Trello

    I don't have a Twitter account... Someone has posted the link in our corp Discord channel a few hours ago, however I haven't noticed that -.-
  12. Voxel engine potential

    What do you mean with "Voxel Engine potential"? You can make any shape out of voxels, because voxels are rendered like polygons. For creating a voxel volume you usually use a normal mesh. Or do you mean what you can do as a player with voxel editing tools?
  13. survival mechanics?

    I hope there are no survival mechanics beside maybe oxygen. DU is not a survival game. I don't want to waste my time on on getting food and water, I have better things to do. Needing oxygen for places without it or no breathable atmosphere would be OK for me. Also those mechanics will not work anyway in DU: What if you don't have any money and run out of food / water?
  14. Preferred logout mechanics?

    As far as I know: no. If you want do dig-in, you have to dig-in yourself. (Nice idea btw) There will be no quick dig-in mechanic as this can be missused to quickly hide constructs and alter the terrain. Also, where should the mined materials go? NQ has sad, that after you log-out your character will despawn after some time, but your constructs will stay in the world. Your constructs will only be safe in a protected friendly territory or in the safe zone. Although "safe" here only means, that it can't be attacked. The territory owner still can burry it.