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  1. Community Suggestions Trello

    I know that I can read tweets without a Twitter account. However, without an account, I don't get directly notifed from Twitter if NQ posts a Tweet, that was what I ment. The cooperation is called Soul Nebula.
  2. Community Suggestions Trello

    I don't have a Twitter account... Someone has posted the link in our corp Discord channel a few hours ago, however I haven't noticed that -.-
  3. Voxel engine potential

    What do you mean with "Voxel Engine potential"? You can make any shape out of voxels, because voxels are rendered like polygons. For creating a voxel volume you usually use a normal mesh. Or do you mean what you can do as a player with voxel editing tools?
  4. survival mechanics?

    I hope there are no survival mechanics beside maybe oxygen. DU is not a survival game. I don't want to waste my time on on getting food and water, I have better things to do. Needing oxygen for places without it or no breathable atmosphere would be OK for me. Also those mechanics will not work anyway in DU: What if you don't have any money and run out of food / water?
  5. Preferred logout mechanics?

    As far as I know: no. If you want do dig-in, you have to dig-in yourself. (Nice idea btw) There will be no quick dig-in mechanic as this can be missused to quickly hide constructs and alter the terrain. Also, where should the mined materials go? NQ has sad, that after you log-out your character will despawn after some time, but your constructs will stay in the world. Your constructs will only be safe in a protected friendly territory or in the safe zone. Although "safe" here only means, that it can't be attacked. The territory owner still can burry it.
  6. If you have already claim a tile in the safe zone, you can’t loose it by force. That means once a tile is claimed it would be safe to „store“ your ship there because you can’t block access to the tile. The thing is, that storing your ship on someone else’s tile has the risk, that your ship might get buried, because it will not float while you are offline, so the player can remove the material beneath it and build a construct above it.
  7. Ok, it seems I was wrong about despawning or they changed their mind in the meantime in postet it somewhere? There were several discussions about this topic. It only targets static constructs, because otherwise you would not be „safe“ in a safe zone.
  8. Pressing b does NOT open a menu. You just enter building mode (instantly). The displayed menu, where the player klicks on one option, is open with right klick.
  9. After you logged out your ship will despawn after a while, as far as I know. Furthermore, if you log out while in a safe zone, your ship is safe.
  10. Can we have droids like in star wars?

    That would require that you are able to self detonate your ship and that those explosions can case damage to enemy ships. Also the cost of the drones need to be low enough so that this is worth the cost.
  11. "Size" is the physical dimension of an object, in this case a ship. It make no sense to call a ship "Large" only because it is able to to jump between solar systems or is able to use a star gate. If two ships, regardles of their space travel capabilites, are the same size, then they are the same size. If one of them is larger compared to other ship of it's type, then it's a large ship (compared to other ships of it's type). A large atmospheric battleship may be small compared to a large space battleship, because you might be able to build bigger in space, but it still makes zero sense to call all ships that are not capable of leaving the atmosphere of their planet (on their own) "small".
  12. Ruins from the past (re-claimed TU)

    Right, I had asked that question to NQ and they sad that you can't place shields in safe zones. Still there are two problems: What happens to your static constructs when someone claims the territory in the safezone? As you can't attack structures, someone could simply cover your construct (static or non-static) in another construct.
  13. Ruins from the past (re-claimed TU)

    If you build a static construct in a safe zone, that that tile is claimed by someone else, your construct will get transfered to them? Also, even if not: NQ had sad, that you can block the access to your claimed territories (with shield?), so even if you still own the constructs, you can't access them anymore. And because it's inside a safezone, you can't reclaim the territory.
  14. As I sad: there is none. The most logical choice would be to use the terminology of todays and past naval ships and adapt them where needed ("Battlestar" type ships for example). That is what I have sad. A battleship type ship has the function of engaging large enemy ships as it's primary function while also beeing able to defend itself against several smaller ships. Those terms are all relative and therefore at the moment meaningless for categorising DU ships. Is a 250 m long space ship in DU small, medium or large? We don't know yet, because we don't know the costs (time, resources and money) and practicability of such a ship. The type can be defined by size, not the class. Germany could have called a cruiser type to be called "Bismarck" class for example. The type was primarily defined by the main armament, which itself depends on the size of the ship. Bigger guns need a bigger ship. We don't know how this will be in DU, we can just guess. Of course you will need a bigger ship for more guns and people. Beeing part of it is everything ;)