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  1. dunno if we really need to be able to play on win98..
  2. I think that at this game state, we have to do it for ourselves, and only for trends of certain market objects, like Ore Engines Expensive Elements like L Core, Territory scanners. We could organize a group of interested to provide the input . It can be done with google docs very comfortable. Since I am going into vacation, I cant start that now.
  3. try to put the oculus back again , may be you find a possible solution for other peoples problem. If it is oculus, they simply can unplug it when playing Dual.
  4. you can be sooo creative already, if you dont like what you did, just disassemble and restart, so what ?
  5. its still possible to produce honey 10m3 in the nano , with not much timeloss. but for sure, 1800 instead of 100......not so good.
  6. locate the launcher and try to run it from the explorer , may be in adminmode, if it doesnt work, try to reinstall the game.
  7. if you have the model as 3dmax object or similiar, we could work with the projection.
  8. Knock on Wood, today everything works as intended, sometimes slowing down the many actions I do with small time breaks, but everything else is nice, Thank you NQ, hamsters, now a little bit more love for the industry errors, please....
  9. perhaps your ticket is absurd, sry, but if you have a very exotic, cannot launch the game problem, then it might be hard to put resources into your special problem. most people can launch the game.
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