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  1. simple is bad. may be you ask someone to be friendly and bring you some starter stuff, but otherwise, go in the mines and bring ore to the market, then you can buy the stuff needed.
  2. Might be too simple, but the economy is not working because nobody looses stuff that he needs to replace.
  3. lol you are kidding me, right ? How long might it take until the prices are more realistic?
  4. i just checked, my images are available under my account and in game . So its not happening to everyone.
  5. Man, I did the same, accelerating my ship to 1500 in 2% Atmo just to fly directly into the stupid Space Elevator tower in 5000 m altitude without any chance alt f4 did not help, I was too shocked so there was not enough time to react :-) @NQ give us a war declaration possibility, we would be glad to have some attacks on these towers to desintegrate them .
  6. wy, the ship remains stopped until you log back in, when the AGG is still online, nothing changes..or?
  7. go for good ship with AGG , this will make your life much easier in Dual... since that, live with the costs.
  8. I think you can skip the sanctuary part, alioth is sanctuary as well, you will not ever be attacked there. Just mine / log in daily until you get enough money for a territory unit, fly into regions where not so many red hexes are, claim your tile there where ever you want, and have fun discovering the dus and dunots. Better would be to ask in game support channel if someone can help you out.
  9. Lot of points here, i can subscribe most. I do not know when I will leave, because I still have hope, but whenever I look in my tiny contactlist I mostly see 90% offline, so, I have the proof that the critical leaving mass is reached. Our org doesn't communicate anymore because no one really knows what to plan, and why.... The rest of us is starting to build Warp Beacons, but, really, why should we have these ? Selling Territory scanner works, strangely, so there must be still coming new players into the game that work themselves up to afford them. And listening to J.C. over and over again telling us how amazing everything is, sounds like a joke, we will never have millions of potential players.
  10. JC definately denied bringing back crasjhes in the trees, too much fear of the endless cries when your ship and your avatar goes up in flames.
  11. use a programming board for the atmo radar and let it show you the results on your hud. there are custom scripts somewhere, I will publish one mod from hdparms eventually
  12. what the heck,, didnt they open montreal new bureau some months ago ? they were so prospering, where are all these people gone to ?
  13. Do not think you are important. it is really annoying to see people with destructive intentions over and over again .
  14. I am a 'fanboy' as well ... thx NQ, I guess the majority of the players are mature enough to see, that it is not so easy to create something like DU, otherwise we would see 1000s of projects like this. I am in since 2018 (really?) and do not miss the times when I only could play from thursday to sunday with weeks of no game... I use this more often as netflix, and, you know what? netflix is twice as expensive. And I can make my own drama..
  15. Dual Universe needs Drama, so, we got another. But seriously, does perma ban means an individual or an account ? if its just an account, can someone please just offer a betakey to the 'heroes' that have done so completely brainless actions , so we can go and steal their stuff when we finally have working PVP? That would hopefully end this dramaqueenish BS.
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