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  1. i play MMOs because im a loner and hope to get a girl here...😎
  2. thats correct, but the heat doesnt show you what kind of object you found, not if it is hostile or friendly, and that might be the difference in that game. So, my idea was meant to get a SPACE-RADAR skill in game that can be trained, i just didn't express exactly what i wanted to say .
  3. Im not an astrophysician or einstein, but I think that it is not easy to detect smaller things in space , and therefore I should better study this prior being able to detect vessels in space. Lets say, if i studied this for a while, i might be able to encrypt the signature that my machines detected and be able to decide whether it is a friendly or a hostile ship/fleet that is these 100000 miles away. Would be a good skill for harmless Tradercaptain or Han Solo, also it would be nice , if it would be possible to counter this with jamming the detection signals. Happy Pirate can come in as queen mary , what a surprise.
  4. was flying with admiral goberius in exceed inc. after the death of xyvoks titan... Gobbins, fitz, aberash, amy , how are you doin?
  5. klobber


    Remember the little Anakin when he was winning the race in Star Wars? Could this be build with the stuff that DU gives us, like Programmable Forcefield Controllers and physics that do damage to the crafted engines, when they throttle too fast? will there be the possibility to have build a superior Engine while trying to win the price? May be i can make my money with such a HooverDrome ⊙(c)?
  6. klobber

    drugs, boosters

    what emptyness the universe would suffer without good stuff to smoke or drink. this is an Idea for bringing life to the people in DU. Advantage...easy impĺementation, most stuff must be done by players: Drugs could be bought and sold via NPC market but with effect on the workefficiency on a planet. If your company is settled on a planet and bad stuff comes in, there could be chance that your employees get dizzy while mining or building or doing other stuff. Thats why you have to keep this stuff away from your planet. Hire The Drugenforcement Crew or be the sheriff in town with your cargoscanning behemoth... Edit* I just noticed that smuggling is already mentioned in another post...well. hope we will get it.
  7. i do not know if this is already existent, but would be nice, if there could be a modul to make calls at the market.
  8. discordauth:9zcm2GajElQqtQ1LFxXAYSWcTLikvj5uu64RwKkw_jw=

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