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  1. well, what I do not understand is , why people do want to mine t4 or t5. can this stuff be smoked?
  2. and I wonder what will they do with the quanta? Will they spend it on virtual drugs and stuff? btw is the missionsystem only hauling from A to B?
  3. Lol Blaze, haven't you said, that you resign from this forum? sorry, i am just curious.
  4. I want to buy superman* glasses like advertised in the pulpfiction books. *you know what I mean if you are 50+ and straight male.
  5. well, problem is : There are not many people coming by so our spy is more or less useless?‍♀️ you need slot1 databank slot2 display slot3 display2 a PB and a detectionzone that is connected to the PB. with this you should be fine. you can use the lua input with the commands clear /**deletes all entries in databank**/ show /**lists at least some entries in the databank (the console only show x entries, the rest is purged)**/ stalker.json
  6. no, you missed the distinct. I store a Player ID in a databank and check this before adding it.
  7. well, my construct was moved away from the market entrance, i dont know when, so i counted 980 different people coming across it, last counter reset was around end of february. TheRubishLife was the last crosspasser, so Mr. RubsihLife , when have you been at the market7, this might help us getting some numbers.
  8. i have an lua autocounter at market 7. it counts the distinct people that came near. if i manage to get back to it, i will tell you how many people were there since may be begin of march. (finally a job in DU that encourages me to login ?) give me some hours.
  9. They are not guilty, its the head of it, not the poor worker. So I think that they do not deserve such a hard punishement.
  10. Oh god, so there is a guy who is proud of stealing the work of people with whom he had a good relationship, where he was accepted and even liked ? And he did not do this, because there were other people in another team, that he had an even better relationship with who now all gained advantage of the coup? That saddens me, how lonely must be a person like this... Always destroying , what comes too near. Well, i am not a psychologist, I just do not understand what this has to do with fun.
  11. PVE is the only thing that will save the game. AI can be stupid, only have to look terrifying, like space chicken .
  12. how are you able to like this? I uninstalled it after 20 minutes and requested a refund, because it looks like a 'click here - click there' kind of game. everything is boring, may be that I am just too depressed by DU mining , there is no fun in anything at the moment.
  13. force respawn is the only hope to stop a ship from falling when you want to jump of the ship, so nothing to fix, its useful.
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