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  1. Because it wasn't about the door, it was about getting a feel for playing with the circuit interface in the game? First door, on first static core, with a handful of chips made from surface scavenged deposits. Doesn't change the fact that the chips introduced around the time I started playing aren't functioning.
  2. I did use a simple SR AND-OR latch for my current door, but I had hopes for more complicated circuits for other things around my base (since they are "always on" and don't need player prox sensors/etc with programming boards). Might wait until the fix the NAND/XOR before playing too much. Buttons -> OR gates to make a single input (S) -> Relayed via delays from input looped back (R) after a couple of seconds.
  3. I mean, any circuit can still be made - we have AND+NOT and OR+NOT (basically NAND and NOR) and thus can pretty much make any gates ... it's just a long complicated process: 8 chips to replicate a XOR gate, if I recall the layout correctly. Thanks for the confirmation that it's not just me/my client being bugged.
  4. Happy to be proven wrong by anyone who has used one successfully, but my attempts have all failed. I have included a set of simple screenshots below for the four states of input for both a NAND and an AND operator. The expectation is that they are reversed, however this is not the case. Under all four input conditions, the NAND chip returns zero output (the NOT chip is illuminated). The obvious case where NAND=1 should be Input=0/0: Link to all four test cases: https://imgur.com/a/WTXD9Qf When asking in Discord, it seemed that the expectation was that they work, and that people are using them. I would appreciate if someone could explain the above.
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