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  1. Thx fro the input guys. Ive seen the videos before. Didnt think about the NDA was still in effect. Hoping the voxel materials u can build with isnt exclusively scifi-ish. Would be nice to build something that is more in the fantasy direction.
  2. Hi, thinking about buying the contributor pack, but I need to know some stuff first. Firstly im interested in DU because of the voxel tech. I was a huge fan of Landmark and it seems like DU will have equally sophsticated voxel building tools as Landmark had. So far ive seen videos on playermade ships, but how is the building on the ground? Can u claim a piece of land and build ur own house/base? Is the building anything like Landmark?
  3. Thx for the replies . As u say, with a growing population comes more diversity. The scifi theme is probaly attracting many players and NQ should ofc deliever in that aspect. But at the same time u have this huge freedom to build what u want since its a voxel game. And thats really a opportunity to attract a wide spectrum of players, not just the scifi crowd. It would be great to see they add lots of elements down the line, elements the supports all kinds of building styles. Im one of those thats just waiting for the next minecraft with "modern" graphics. Had a small taste of that with Landmark, 7 Days to Die is okey in that aspect. And im pretty sure there are alot of players looking for the same thing. So DU has a golden opportunity here if u ask me.
  4. Hi, has there been any date or estimated date set for Alpha 1? I saw a video that showcased the tools for DU. Ive known about DU for some time but this video really peaked my interest. Been looking for a game that can come close to Landmark in terms of voxel building, and from the video it seems DU is definitly on the right track. So voxel manipulation is great, but Landmark also had a growing library of props u could freely place, like trees, lamps, chairs...etc all kinds of stuff. And it really lifted the esthetics of a build if u knew how to use them, compared to builds that where made purely of voxels. From the DU tools video I didnt see much props, other that some scifi props that had different functions. Does anyone know if they plan to add different kinds of props, not just scifi themed, but all kinds of props that u can use in building? example of furniture props in Landmarkfor those that didnt play the game:
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