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  1. discordauth:86csVzPOjIHIB20jHd1l97dspWPXz97bjIfSi_KRzQE=

  2. Looking at how IGN was praising NMS before it came out no surprise...
  3. well is food is going to be in game then some sort of state of the art hydroponic farms fr geneticaly modified super food would make sence. Not farming in general as we know it today - in open land ect. You could even have a hydroponics module in an exploration ship... that actualy would be cool!
  4. You might want to read the post I was refering to with this, instead of just straight on denying. It depends what you build and so the time is just as a reference point helping to get better perspective.
  5. I can see these farms being a perfect fast money raiding target
  6. Well you do not need to design it in real game space, you can do it in this virtual world space - 100% safe and then build from blueprint. You can also test it there and so on, there was no mention how ever if a group of people could join the same virtual space and work on the same design at the same time.
  7. Well on the bright side were it might take months to build the forst prototype it will be farely easy to build the second one providing you have materials. Because you will already have a blueprint, you will not need to build it voxel by voxel again. Neither you will need t omake a new Lua script.
  8. They did say they whant to introduce something like PLEX in eve, item that gives you game time that you can buy for money or for in game currecy from other players
  9. well what ever way you put it but player council to inluence developing how ever nice it sounds makes no sence, you can never satisfy everyone. There will always be the loosing side etc. Also council to decide which buildings to destroy!? COM ON guys! there is no way to awoid bias, and even if there would be non (what is unlikely provided council consists of people actively playing the game) the rest would still like there is.
  10. i mean its nice you post these updates here coze I agree that some people might find it hard to find! so good job mate why not make a topic and put all of the info in one called "updates" or what ever, that way its easy to find, and if you ad something new it will be bumped up automaticaly.
  11. honestly why do you feel the need to start a new topic with one picture in it?
  12. what are you on about? people are just haveing a chat about things, none of it is going anywhere no matter how convinced someone might be.
  13. This matter should just be dealt with by dev's or a dedicated in game admin wich every game has. That way biased destruction is avoided, there will always be a resposible person looking after the game. And starter zone is not alot to cover. also we might still hear from the dev's how did they plan to deal wit hit, surely they have though of it by now.
  14. Dude honestly what the hec is your problem? generalising, mucking and stereotyping da heck are you trying to do here? Nobody is asking to imprelement eve like mechanics, unless you call asking for it a discussion of differences. This is what we do here TALK about stuff. Thats what people do, not lash out to different minded or different thinking, that is the social way.
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