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  1. Hey folks, while it's perfectly fine for you to wonder about the ways and motives behind certain actions, I'd like to remind you that this should not be reason enough to dive into a heated argument It's also fine to point out that there's no way to force a statement out of people or make them explain themselves facing accusations. Sure, asking is ok - as is hoping for an answer. Just consider if it was the other way around - would you be more inclined to answer such a question if it was asked nicely with no strings attached, or if the question got a bunch of worst case scenarios and hypothetical reproach in the package? Both sides made some nice arguments that I personally can relate to and which made reading through the thread fun. But at the same time both sides already overstepped the fine line of civil discussion a bit as well, which made my key ring tingle. So please, when you have a good argument let it stand on its own feet and without evil support-spikes that might hurt someone else. If you can manage that, then I can keep this thread open so you might actually see an answer to your question at some point. Just keep in mind that this is not a promise, as I don't know the answer, intent or plans myself and so far didn't inquire about it either - my guess would be just as good as yours. I don't know about that area, but if you may accept a piece of my faith: Novaquark is developing this game and building the Dual Universe for you - not against Mellow greetings Mondlicht
  2. Hey folks, since some might miss the "Alioth" part in the title: please keep in mind that this thread refers to in-game politics Discussions and comments involving real life politics, ideology or religion should not be taken to these forums. Please refer to the forum rules for further detail. Thank you and happy voting - if you chose to Mellow greetings Mondlicht
  3. @JohnnyTazer You had an argument until right before the "you just want EZ mode" provocation. And later you call out bad reasoning by committing a logical fallacy yourself: pirates disengage if the target has weapons, therefore if all targets have weapons all pirates will disengage. Please ask yourself why you joined this discussion in the first place. If you're mainly here for the fight, I'd ask you to please note that this forum is not supposed to be an arena. To incorporate a quote from the first sentence of the rules: this forum is supposed "to be a place where everyone feels empowered to have an open and friendly discussion". Please keep that in mind. Stop provoking others and the use of inappropriate language. You received a reminder about this less than 24 hours ago. If you continue down this path you might receive a timeout next. @joaocordeiro Even when provoked, indirectly calling someone a sociopath is not ok. Calling an argument dumb ain't a great argument either. In this case explaining that a false conclusion has been drawn from your argument could be a better way to convey feedback. @Anopheles Tho the thread may have already been lost, posting off-topic and trolling while at it doesn't help. __________________________________________ To all in general: every voice has a right to be heard and everyone should try to understand the meaning and idea behind other member's statements. Start to wonder and think positively while sharing your opinions as opinions and not as facts. @Emptiness Done. Sincerely Mondlicht
  4. Hey folks, I got a bit tired reading through this seemingly endless fight and couldn't find the silver vein of constructive communication that I was looking for. On the contrary - it was pretty easy to find multiple violations of the forum rules. So here's a reminder what they contain. I don't think this thread will turn around anymore. Closed. Sincerely Mondlicht
  5. Hey folks, the postings above are a good example why necroposting on old threads is not allowed on these forums. Someone digs up a long dead thread and the next person thinks it's a current issue So as a friendly reminder: I'm going to lock this thread since it has been revived from the dead two times now. Mellow greetings Mondlicht
  6. Hallo @MagnusElectron Die Idee finde ich klasse. Dann bekomme ich einen GM-Account im Spiel (Game Master) und kann dort Spieler aus der Bre­douil­le ziehen Bis dahin kann ich aber leider nur hier im Forum aushelfen. Im Spiel gibt es die Game Master und im Discord die Community Manager - ich habe allerdings nur das Mod-Präfix. Bezüglich Discord: Wie im oben verlinkten Thread von Luukullus erwähnt, habe ich das Anliegen intern weitergeleitet und drücke persönlich beide Daumen. Danke übrigens an alle in der Starting Zone (DE), dass ich hier bisher einen so angenehmen Job habe Liebe Grüße Mondlicht
  7. I think this has gone far enough. This issue can't be solved by the community anyways and members insulting each other is in violation with our forum rules section III. Thread closed. Sincerely Mod-Mondlicht
  8. I think I've been here already and contacted some of you to keep things constructive. Yet I come here again to find horns locked along with these: This adds nothing to the topic and just looks like an attempt to provoke. A rather unnecessary and snappy accusation, also just looks like an attempt to provoke. Just a quote taken from the forum rules. They can be found here in case anyone forgot about them: ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Disregarding the above may I further remind all participants about the initial posting by the title: ,,Does anyone find the game playable without owning industry?´´ As I see it this was a simple enough question which turned into a discussion about it's right to exist in the first place. I'd like to ask everyone to please pay a little more respect to the original topic in the future and not drag other's threads off-topic so much. Thank you! ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Given this thread's development since my last posting I don't expect there will be any positive side to keeping this open. Thread closed. Sincerely Mod-Mondlicht
  9. Hey fellow Noveans, I can see two passionate sides in this argument and some rather provocative stances. So please, to everyone, remember our forum rules and keep things constructive, civil and friendly. Your postings will be just as content rich if you skip the strong language and focus on the statement Both sides hint at valid arguments. Nobody can force anyone to associate with others just for the sake of production. On the other side, if you chose a path that leads away from civilization, you probably will struggle with supplies and have to do/create/organize more things on your own or accept long travels. At least for now. A personal note on the topic, not speaking on behalf of Novaquark: as I'd like to see Dual Universe evolve, expand and prosper, I do hope for some more game mechanics in the future that give people new paths to follow. As an example and I don't even know if this is on the table: I hope that at some point there might be a player contract system that lets players complete tasks in order to gain ℏ, elements or other rewards. I say this because I think statements like the above could steer this thread in more constructive direction. Please join me looking for ways to improve, rather than just to oppose each other Thank you! Mod-Mondlicht
  10. Hey there. Once things on the optimization site calm down the staff will probably have time to address things properly. Right now and until instructed otherwise I will uphold the NDA to the letter. Thanks for your understanding. I think enough has been said here. Closed. Mellow greetings Mod-Mondlicht
  11. Falls du einer Gruppe/Organisation innerhalb von Dual Universe beitreten möchtest, aber noch keine passende gefunden hast, dann kannst du gerne das folgende Muster benutzen und an diesem Thread teilnehmen. Dies ermöglicht es dir dich vorzustellen und macht es den Organisationen einfacher dich zu finden. Anleitung zum Thread (Bitte zuerst lesen!) Im Folgenden findest du vier Abschnitte, welche stets farbig mit "ICH BIN" beginnen. Bitte such dir zunächst den zu deiner Situation passenden Abschnitt heraus und beachte die Regeln, welche du weiter unten findest. LFO steht für "Looking for Organization". Zu Deutsch: Auf der Suche nach einer Organisation. _________________________________________________________________________ ICH BIN - auf der Suche nach einer Organisation! Bitte folge diesen Schritten zur Teilnahme in diesem Thema: Kopiere zunächst den Inhalt des Musters und füge diesen im Antwortfeld dieses Threads ein. Passe den Text an, indem du deine eigenen Infos an Stelle der Platzhalter einsetzt. Absenden und fertig! ...oder fast. Noch zwei wichtige Details: Bitte antworte zeitnah auf eingehende Anfragen und lass deine potenziell zukünftigen Freunde nicht zu lange warten. Wenn deine Suche beendet ist komm wieder hierher zurück, denn dann trifft der gelbe Bereich weiter unten auf dich zu. Danke! Außerdem möchte ich dir wärmstens empfehlen, das Community Portal zu durchstöbern, sowie die Forenbereiche Novark's Registratur (Deutsch) und die Novark's Registry (Englisch) zu besuchen, um die Listen der verschiedenen Organisationen in Dual Universe einzusehen. Das Community Portal bietet dir eine vollständige Liste über den Navigationspunkt ORGANIZATIONS, während du hier im Forum die Vorstellungsthreads jener Organisationen finden kannst, welche bereits einen solchen erstellt haben. LFO Beitragsmuster (den Inhalt folgender Box markieren und kopieren) _________________________________________________________________________ ICH BIN - nicht mehr auf der Suche nach einer Organisation! Wenn du eine Organisation gefunden hast, oder aus anderen Gründen nicht mehr auf der Suche nach einer Organisation bist, dann bearbeite bitte deinen Beitrag entsprechend (z. B. alles löschen und mit "erledigt" ersetzen). So ist es für die Anderen übersichtlicher und es kommen keine unnötigen Anfragen zu Stande. Ebenfalls können wir Moderatoren so dafür sorgen, das dein Beitrag ausgeblendet wird und der Thread aufgeräumt und übersichtlich bleibt. _________________________________________________________________________ ICH BIN - auf der Suche nach neuen Mitgliedern für meine Organisation! Du hast also schon ein Zuhause - großartig! Ich hoffe du wirst hier fündig. Bei Interesse kontaktiere die Person bitte direkt über das private Nachrichtensystem. Sollte jemand mal nicht innerhalb einer Woche antworten, dann kannst du den Beitrag melden (bitte mit entsprechendem Hinweis) und ich versuche selbst Kontakt zu dem Suchenden aufzunehmen - sollten auch ich keine Antwort bekommen, kann ich den Beitrag ausblenden, bis sich der Suchende bei mir meldet. Aber bitte nutze diese Option nicht zu früh! Gib dem Suchenden wenigstens eine Woche Zeit um auf deine Nachricht zu antworten. Danke! _________________________________________________________________________ REGELN Kontaktiere potenzielle Bewerber bitte NICHT über diesen Thread! Das private Nachrichtensystem dieses Forums ist das perfekte Werkzeug, um eine Unterhaltung unter vier Augen miteinander zu führen. Dieser Thread is KEIN Ort für Organisations-Werbung oder -Vorstellungen. Hierfür kannst du gerne ein neues Thema in der Novark's Registratur erstellen. Bitte antworte nur dann, wenn du aktuell auf der Suche nach einer Organisation bist. Off-Topic Antworten, Ausschweifungen und Diskussionen in diesem Thread werden entfernt. _________________________________________________________________________ ICH BIN - gut in Englisch und suche international! Dann bitte hier entlang. Dies ist der ursprüngliche Thread im englischen Bereich: _________________________________________________________________________ Ich wünsche allen viel Spaß und Erfolg bei der Suche! Herzlichen Dank an @Luukullus, der für den Großteil der Übersetzung aus dem Englischen verantwortlich ist und die Idee hatte, selbigen auch hierher zu holen ❤️ Sanfte Grüße Mod-Mondlicht
  12. Hello fellow Noveans, being tasked with keeping this forum a place everyone can enjoy, I agree with the original request and took the liberty to forward this. As I see it following your conversations, members could benefit from finding the announcements on the forums too. Please take note that this is not an official statement. In my personal estimation I'm not sure if there is enough capacity to make it happen just now - or even decide on it right away. But rest assured you've got my support when it's on the table. Not as replacement, but as addition to announcements on Discord Regarding the current discussion I'd like to ask you to keep things civil. There's room for every voice on this matter - irony, sarcasm and attacks won't help this thread move forward Thanks for all your commitment, suggestions and constructive comments! Mellow greetings Mod-Mondlicht
  13. Hello! Ready to serve! Thanks for the opportunity to help out a bit. Looking forward to working together with the members and staff. I'll be glad to share the gentle sentiment with everyone that agrees to share the common goal regarding a friendly, welcoming and supportive community The gates are open. Let's stick together and enjoy the ride!
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