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  1. Hey folks, I've hidden some posts from this thread and would like to remind you: don't insult others and don't discuss or promote your preferences regarding real life politics on this forum. It's ok to talk about political systems only when referring to in-game organization structures. It's not ok to attack and insult whole countries or groups of people with different preferences regarding real life politics or political systems. Last but not least: please don't provoke each other and try to stay on topic. Thank you! Mellow greetings Mondlicht
  2. Hey @Underhand Aerial, schon mal Danke für die Initiative und sorry für die späte Reaktion - ich war selbst ein paar Wochen raus Ich hab jetzt mal nach oben gerufen und gefragt wie wir das handhaben können, da die Ankündigungen normalerweise nur von CMs vorgenommen werden. Evtl bekomme ich ja grünes Licht diese sozusagen in Vertretung zu veröffentlichen. Sanfte Grüße Mondlicht
  3. Hey @Anubis-1 und @vertex, ich habe eure Beiträge mal aus dem Sammelthread herausgelöst und einen eigenen Thread daraus erstellt, da wir hier noch kein Thema zum AGG haben und es so auch besser von anderen gefunden wird. So vermeiden wir auch im Sammelthread off Topic zu gehen Sanfte Grüße Mondlicht
  4. @Dubble welcome to the forums - glad to see the guest status vanish. By private message I refer to the private message system here on the forums. I'll send you one to discover it and ask any other non-thread related questions you might have on the forum software, moderation or other stuff aimed at me directly There have been some answers regarding EULA interpretation as regarding the out of game/character experience. Maybe you want to share your take on this - does it make sense to you or would a change to better reflect this improve the situation?
  5. Hallo Noveans, da ich hier ein paar Leute sehe, welche Server Updates aus Discord ins Forum holen (zuletzt @Helrym, danke dafür) oder den Server Status anfragen, greife ich hiermit vorübergehend der Entwicklung vor und möchte einen angepinnten Thread zur Verfügung stellen, welchen ihr zum Übernehmen der Meldungen des #announcements Channel im Discord nutzen und so anderen Spielern helfen könnt. Diskussionen, Off-Topic Kommentare und doppelte Meldungen werde ich hier regelmäßig ausblenden, damit sich der Status "Neuer Kommentar!" für diesen Thread möglichst immer nur auf
  6. Indeed, I think I do follow the guidelines, rules and at least always try to correctly grasp their intent and act accordingly. However, I don't consult NQ on most decisions I make - if I did they could do the moderation themselves as I would just be a relay and not helping at all. Do you follow the rules and accept their intentions too tho? Regular members/players are required to follow the rules and not act against the provider's intent just as well, hence I don't feel like that's a valid argument for or against anything. Your statement almost reads as if you'd imply that this separates me fr
  7. Hey @carijay766 Locking threads is a moderator's decision and in most cases not made by NQ. We do this when members fail to keep it civil, friendly and constructive. Example: if this thread would be locked, your comment would be on the list of reasons for that lock - it's completely off-topic and can be considered trolling and flaming. Please respect the original author's intent for the thread, which is to help improve things - not to spit at your host's feet. Furthermore please refrain from proclaiming about our, the moderators team's, or NQ's preferences. I for one lo
  8. Hey folks, thank you all for your input. There's nothing wrong with having a debate, but the fronts have hardened and I don't think the opposing sides will come to an agreement any time soon. To not let it be lost in the stream I'll link the follow-up statement by @NQ-Naerais one more time for others to find and after that I'm going to lock this thread. As I see it this settles the matter. There have been complaints in the past that the rules are not being enforced properly and I've seen many fights about rule interpretation too. I even entered those discus
  9. Hey folks, I've just been a bit trigger happy and hid the nice words about moderation being trigger happy and staff's life quality insults. Just as a reminder: if people want to report me or any other moderator and do so here on the forums, it's rather apparent they haven't read the rules or forgot about them. Regarding the attack by @carijay766 on @Moosegun as well as the following engagement I've decided to close this thread since it's too much trouble to clean up and apart from pointless fighting I don't think there's anything of value here any
  10. @Cytoxx thanks to you too for the edit and you're welcome. As mentioned above: feel free to contact me directly next time. But having this here (in this case) ain't too bad since I got here rather early for a change, so it might even guide others @LouHodo yeah, I admit I struggled a bit pondering what your intent was. Sarcasm can obscure that - even now with your clarification, for a short while, I wasn't sure if the use of sarcasm was meant as provocation or just advice to trust a moderator's decisions. In case of the latter: thanks! And if you want to help even more I think it
  11. This is correct. The reason for the delay is that it's currently a bit hard to keep up - some people don't seem to have read the forum rules and working through reports takes its time. The forum rules can be found here: Excerpt This is the most relevant forum rule and reason why that thread was hidden. @Cytoxx please remove the link and title-quote from your original message - thanks! The only two things to do with exploits are 1. report them to NQ and 2. avoid using them. I'd like point out this recent announcement by @NQ-Naerais A bug or exp
  12. Hey folks This topic is generally a bit difficult as it crosses multiple domains, so let's take it apart. On the Beta Key trade I don't have exactly matching resources, but I remember the thread Player Recruitment & Advertisement: dos and don'ts, where Beta Keys are being addressed when gifted to others as recruitment incentive. True, that's not the same as selling them, but expecting someone to hold up his end of a bargain by joining your organization after receiving a Beta Key can be seen as a "contract" too and it's been made clear that giving away your
  13. Thank you for that clarification - in context that nuance slipped past me. When you addressed joao and questioned his social abilities directly, it seems to have biased me a bit towards interpreting the rest as criticism of his character. After that I've read "I wouldn't make such a stupid assumption" as if you were referring to his opinion/assumption about "most ppl playing MMOs". Sincerely sorry for calling that out, but at the same time I'm a bit happy I did too, because this gave the chance to make it perfectly clear. Reading again with your additional statement your comment comes across l
  14. Hey folks, first of all: don't tell others their statement is "bullshit" or that their assumption is "stupid" - this doesn't help anyone. Keep it nice and let the other party know that you disagree with them in a polite way. Thanks! Now on topic All I can tell you so far is that a formal policy will follow soon. I don't speak for NQ now, but I want to help evaluate the situation for the time being. It's a bit of a long read, but there will be a short version at the end - don't jump there if you don't want any spoilers As I see it there is a
  15. Hey Pseudolukian, zuerst mal Entschuldigung für die Unannehmlichkeiten. Ohne den Inhalt deiner Tickets zu kennen stimme ich zu, dass die Antwortzeiten aktuell sehr hoch sind, was verständlicher Weise zu Frustration führen kann. Ein bis drei Monate ist eigentlich nicht üblich oder repräsentativ. Allerdings muss ich gleich als nächstes darauf hinweisen, dass dies keinen Grund darstellt ausfallend zu werden. Beleidigungen und Provokation sind in diesem Forum nicht gestattet. Bitte sieh dies als Erinnerung an unsere Forenregeln: Zum Thema Patches am S
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