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  1. Dear Noveans, It's our first Steam Awards season, and we'd love it if you spend your nomination on us! Dual Universe is built by its community; a sandbox brought to life by players. We want to celebrate your efforts in shaping Helios for each other by asking you to nominate us for the BETTER WITH FRIENDS category. Whether you prefer to play solo or in an org, we all live on the same server. The game just wouldn't be the same without other players, and the BETTER WITH FRIENDS category honors that. Thank you to all of you who choose to nominate us: https://store.steampowered.com/news/app/2000270/view/3508896037498029271?l=english Please share this post with your friends! - The Novaquark Team
  2. Hello, Noveans! Update 1.1 has a release date! If you’ve not seen this post yet, this update will bring Grid Snapping, Element Recycling, new talents, Steam achievements, and more to the game, as well as adding crowdfunding rewards such as pets, titles, skins, and emotes! Our hotfixes have addressed many of the issues encountered since launch. We continue to improve the gameplay experience and are excited to build on Dual Universe with new features and systems, as NQ Kyrios had outlined before launch.
  3. Thank you to everyone who entered the Creepy Constructs Contest! Your creativity was terrific, as always, and your entries are still in-game for all to visit near The Exchange (more on that later.) The winners are... 1st Place: Speeder Slaughter by Anomalous Runners Up: Spooky Cinema by MissDelight PumpkinCAT by Immortalis On top of the announced prizes, the 1st place winner will also receive three months of game time. We also added another category to the contest: The Community Favorite. You can visit the entries in-game at the Exchange and vote for your favorite entry here until midnight UTC on Tuesday, the 15th of November. The winner of this community vote will receive three months of game time and a hand-delivered Bonsai Tree in-game by NQ Deckard. Thank you to everyone who took part in this contest. We're looking forward to the next one!
  4. What does the future of Dual Universe hold for you, Noveans? Let us know down below 👇
  5. Dear Noveans, With the launch behind us, it’s time we give you better insight into our direction of development for Dual Universe. Before the release, our Creative Director gave an overview of many upcoming game features, and we want to expand on his letter by giving you a more precise look at what we’re working on specifically in our upcoming updates. We are currently continuing to focus our work on the initial stabilization and resolution of issues following the launch, and we are also working on update 1.1 which we are aiming to release in December. What’s Coming in Update 1.1? Kickstarter Rewards: Part Two We want to take this opportunity to thank you once again for your incredible support and patience. Kickstarter backers are the supporters that helped start Dual Universe. We’re working hard to deliver your rewards. In update 1.1, you can look forward to the following: - Two versions of pets, with a total of eight variations. Automata Tier 1: Automata Nora-SP pet_agnes_tier1.mp4 Follow us on our social media to see the others in the coming days! Automata Tier 2: Automata Nieve Automata Tier 3: Automata Spud-7 Automata Tier 4: Automata Max-E Automata Tier 5: Automata Elite Anicham Tier 1: Anicham Scrap pet_alex_tier1.mp4 Follow us on our social media to see the others in the coming days! Anicham Tier 2: Anicham Comp Anicham Tier 3: Anicham Max - Avatar skins for both body types: (Gold/Sapphire/Ruby/Emerald/Diamond/Kyrium Kickstarter and Founder packs) Alpha Team outfit Follow us on our social media to see the others in the coming days! (Silver+ / Contributors / Sponsors / Patrons) Arkship Passenger outfit (Bronze) Military outfit (Gold+ / Sponsors / Patrons) Arkship Passenger outfit (Silver) Earth Legacy outfit (Silver) (Ruby+ / Patrons) Arkship Passenger outfit (Black) Earth Legacy outfit (Black) - New emotes: (Gold+ / Sponsors / Patrons) Dance Cry Thumbs down Follow us on our social media to see the others in the coming days! Thumbs up Just DU it (Ruby+ / Patrons) Victory Threat Facepalm Silly dance Salute - In-game titles Features - Grid Snapping: with this feature, when deploying a blueprint, you can snap to the grid of another already placed core, like when placing a Space Core Unit. This feature will help you to align cores perfectly with one another while deploying blueprints. - Steam Achievements - Element recycling : dismantling elements back into a portion of their components. - Eight new talents linked with schematic creation. Looking further into the future, What’s in the 1.2 Update? - Tactical Map: a visual display providing a tactical view of surrounding constructs detected by your active radar. - New tools for finding wrecks and a minor revamp of the radar system. - Changes to the Deep Space Asteroid Tracker and the asteroid system. - Adding the ability for repair units to use scrap. - New Orbital Delivery Challenge. ---------------------------------------------------------- We still have a lot of development planned in the longer term which you can read more about in the letter from our Creative Director, and we hope that we’ve given you a clearer picture of our immediate direction for Dual Universe. We will update you should this planning change significantly, and look forward to hearing your thoughts and feedback in this forum thread. It’s been an incredible month since launching Dual Universe. We’ve worked hard to address issues, and though we always want to do better, we hope you’ve enjoyed the game so far. All across Helios, wonders are already taking shape as you bring the game to life. We can’t wait to see what you’ll build in the coming months and years. From all of us here at Novaquark, thank you for being a part of our game.
  6. To celebrate the end of Beta, we had invited every Novean to enter an outpost or a speeder to our ‘Build Your Legacy’ contest, where the winners would see their creations added as an option for players to pick in the game’s prologue. We want to thank each and every Novean who entered and congratulate you on the stunning quality of builds that you submitted. It was a difficult task to pick the winners, to the point that in the future we may add some of the runners up into the game as well. Here are the 7 winners of the Speeder contest: In alphabetical order: Cyber_Bike_Mk3 Dragon_Bike Eccentric Icarus Katana Novark Piranha YOS Legacy Speeder Here are the 3 winners of the outpost contest: In alphabetical order: Outpost by loaded Outpost Valiant YOS Legacy Outpost Your builds are on their way into the game. Please note that implementing them into the prologue will take some time, especially for the outposts, so we ask the winners for patience. Again, thank you to all our participants. Your creativity never fails to amaze us. Our next building contest is already underway for Halloween, make sure to send your entries in by the 1st of November!
  7. Players. Maketh. Game. Dual Universe is a player-driven game with an amazing community. One month after the launch, we’re already seeing wonders of art and architecture emerging from Helios. From huge architectural wonders to cozy cabins, from hulking battle cruisers to elegant ships, from royal palaces to secluded moon habitats, you can do everything you want in Dual Universe using our unparalleled voxel technology. Here’s a glimpse of our players’ building genius: And here are a few more builds that players had shared to us: Bork by Zarcata Vdreex by Dracks Screen Ships - Kaneeso The Red Five by Lambo Landers Bad Karma by Kevadronis Primorta by Empire Dolphin Cove Resort by Colber Bacteria Tank by NoxCorp What will YOU build, Noveans? If you want us to feature your builds in Dual Universe, send them to us here.
  8. A month ago, Noveans banded together and made the launch of Dual Universe a success. To celebrate your support and the hard work of our development team, we have exciting news planned for Dual Universe monthiversary next week! Keep your eyes peeled for a special livestream, more news about the direction of the game, a showcase of some amazing builds from our beta, and more! In the meantime, if you’re enjoying the game, please leave us a review on Steam. It goes a long way to help bring more players into the game to build our emergent, player driven content.
  9. We have resolved a number of issues with the Dual Access Coupon (DAC) system, and they are now accessible once more through the account pages on the website. The special access that has been granted to some players to circumvent the issue will be revoked on Monday, October 3rd at 08:30 UTC. Thank you for your patience and support, and we are working hard at fixing other issues.
  10. We want to reward those players who joined the beta for free using beta keys! To thank you for being a part of the adventure, you will receive the following items: 500K Talent point at the end of the first month (so on October 31) - Delivered in one shot on 27/09 50K Quanta per month for 6 months - (300k total) on a monthly basis from 27/09 until 27/02/23 Have a great launch!
  11. We hope you’re as excited as we are by the launch of Dual Universe. If you have any questions on the talent points boost, let us know below 👇
  12. Dual Universe is launching on 27th September, at 13:00 UTC. To enjoy its possibilities to the fullest, you need to read the paragraph below on how to benefit from the talent points boost. A few weeks ago, we unveiled the pioneer packs that are coming at launch: There’s one important thing to note: the talent points bonus only applies on existing characters. It's not backwards compatible in time. Meaning: if you create a character 2 weeks into the launch, you lose those 2 weeks of boost. Moreover, you need to queue your talents to fully benefit from the boost. If you don’t queue your talent points, you will still benefit from the boost, but at the lower unqueued rate. We will run these talent point rate changes during maintenances at the end of every month. We hope you’re as excited as we are by the launch of Dual Universe. If you have any questions, reach out to us here.
  13. Rebuilding Helios will be easier with our enhanced Blueprint Deployment Tools. bptoolv3.mp4 You can omit any element, swap missing honeycomb, and soon after launch, snap blueprints to deployed cores. What will you build first, Novean?
  14. Dear Noveans, The beta server is now closed. Servers will reopen on September 27th for launch! First and foremost, we want to thank everyone who participated in the beta, supported us through it, and helped us to improve the game with feedback and ideas during these 2 years, 25 days, 17 hours (or: 755 days and 17 hours… ~65,293,200 seconds.) From all of us here at NQ, thank you. Our ‘Build Your Legacy’ contest is now also closed to new submissions. We’ve started reviewing your constructs and we will announce the winners soon. Please allow us some time to go through them all. We are excited for the road ahead, Noveans. Thank you for walking and flying it with us. See you in Helios!
  15. Please share your thoughts with us on the free trial in the thread below 👇
  16. Hello Noveans, If you’ve ever wanted to try Dual Universe before buying it, we’ve got you covered! Our Steam Free Trial is designed to give a full taste of Dual Universe to any new player interested in the game, without limits and completely free of charge. The trial runs on a separate server that is a copy of our main, persistent server but with a few key differences to help you fully try the game: Gameplay is accelerated, meaning that the markets are seeded with useful items at greatly reduced prices. You’ll still need to make money on your own, but you should be able to afford the elements you’ll need to easily try any game aspect. The Free Trial Server is regularly reset. This means that all accounts are deleted, and the server restarts completely from scratch periodically. You’ll receive a notice on logging in at least one week prior to the next reset date. The frequency of these server resets is yet to be finalized. Other than that, the Free Trial is an exact copy of retail Dual Universe. There are no limitations. You can build and customize almost anything your imagination demands, from castles housing factories to stations, space trucks, sleek warships, and the Lua scripts that drive them all. You can gather and refine ores, trade, or even enforce claims on the highest tiers of resources by force of arms. Become a leader, manufacturer, pirate, trader, or just explore and collect what other players have to offer. The Free Trial is available now on our Steam page. You’ll need a Novaquark account to play. You can do so simply by following the on-screen instructions in the game client. Please note that once you’ve purchased a subscription on your Novaquark account via Steam, the Free Trial server will no longer be accessible on that account. You can however always create a new one to return to the Free Trial server as we don’t use your Steam account to log in to the client. For instance, if you have friends playing on the Free Trial server but your account has already purchased a subscription, you can simply create a new one to join them. If you decide to purchase Dual Universe after the trial, you can buy the game directly on Steam! We are launching Dual Universe on September 27, 2022, though our Steam page is available for you to browse now. While you’re there, why not wishlist Dual Universe to help us gain visibility on Steam? Please share your thoughts with us on the free trial in this forum thread. See you in Helios, Noveans.
  17. The launch maintenance has been announced here. Share your thoughts and best beta memories with us down below 👇
  18. Greetings Noveans, The launch is just around the corner, and a lot is happening in Dual Universe. From in-game events celebrating the end of beta to preparations for starting a brand-new adventure in Helios, Noveans are hustling! If you want to get involved, you can read up on the launch and how to prepare for the reset. Also, keep your eyes open for more information coming soon about our free trial and the upgrades to the blueprint deployment tool! Launching a game like Dual Universe is a large and intricate endeavor and we need to keep the game servers offline for a few days to get it right. We apologize for the inconvenience, but we will compensate every paid account with six days of game-time at launch. The beta will close on September 22, 2022, at 07:00 UTC and the server will reopen for launch on September 27, 2022. We’re also closing our website store during the downtime. If you want to buy game-time at beta prices, game codes will still be available from our official reseller, Markee Dragon. This will be your last chance, as prices across all platforms will align with our retail price on the 27th of September! Our Ammo Madness event has also started, with unlimited ammunition available to players for PvP events. On a more peaceful note, but still to celebrate the end of beta, our community team will be leading bus tours throughout Helios! Join us to visit some of the most spectacular places of the Dual Universe beta - one last time. We’re opening a dedicated forum thread for this announcement. Come and share your thoughts and best beta memories with us there. We’ll see you in Dual Universe, Noveans!
  19. The AMMO MADNESS has started. If you have any questions, concerns or just want to share your war stories, rendezvous down below 👇
  20. Brace yourselves for impact, Noveans. To celebrate the final week of beta, we’re providing unlimited ammunition for all Noveans to enjoy. Let’s set Helios ablaze, one last time! The ammo is stored in dispensers located at the Aegis Market. Hurry, as these dispensers are only available from Friday 16th of September at 14:00 UTC to Monday 19th of September at 14:00 UTC. POS Locations of the four Aegis Landing Sanctuaries: ::pos{0,0,13856056.7216,7385793.9158,-258304.4443} ::pos{0,0,13855653.9617,7386775.2141,-258396.0259} ::pos{0,0,13856947.9791,7387219.4821,-258354.2738} ::pos{0,0,13857492.9911,7386151.7504,-258248.3269} If you’re looking for a more peaceful way to spend the last week of beta, NQ-Nyota will take you for a jolly ride to the most spectacular places of Dual Universe. Last chance to see the best creations of the community before the server closure! Reminder: our game server and store will be closed from the 22nd to the 27th of September. If you have any questions, concerns or just want to share your war stories, rendezvous on this forum thread. Peace out Good luck surviving the fires of Helios, Noveans.
  21. If you’d like to share your thoughts with us on the NEW PRICE AT LAUNCH, please let us know them below 👇
  22. "Hi Noveans, NQ-Sesch here, bringing you more news about the launch of Dual Universe. Today, we’ll talk about the Dual Universe store and the price of the game, as we get closer and closer to D-day (D standing for Dual Universe, here, of course!). When we launched the beta a little over two years ago, we wanted to make the game as accessible as possible, while helping us cover the cost of our state-of-the-art server infrastructure, which powers our single-shard universe. We had set the price to about half of what other subscription-based MMOs usually cost, with the hope to bring as many new players as possible to Dual Universe. It was a beta after all, and asking for the full price didn’t seem right. This was a compromise between financial viability, and keeping the game accessible. With the upcoming launch of Dual Universe, several factors have changed: Obviously, the game won’t be in a beta state anymore when it launches on September 27th. Our revenue share on Steam is much lower compared to operating the game on our website. Our economic environment has evolved dramatically, with rampant inflation and the huge variations in the US Dollar to Euro exchange rate. For all these reasons, we are going to launch Dual Universe with a price in Euros that is in line with what we had announced during our original Kickstarter campaign. We carefully looked at the rest of the subscription-based MMO market and tried to make sure that we were asking for a fair price, one that is not disconnected from other MMOs and also ensures the financial viability of our crazy project. What this means is that when Dual Universe launches later this month, one standalone month of game time will cost: USD $14.99 EUR €12.99 GBP £10.49 CAD $18.49 AUD $19.49 There will still be discounts for purchasing 3, 6 or 12 months of game time, as detailed in the chart below: This new price should put to rest the legitimate concerns we have recently seen within the community regarding the value of the DACs that will be awarded to our backers. One additional thing to note is that the store on dualuniverse.game/buy will be shut down between September 22nd and September 27th, with the game server. This is to avoid any frustration or confusion for players who may purchase game time that would run while the game servers are closed. Any game time already on your account will continue to run as normal (everyone with an active subscription when the servers shut down on the 22nd will be compensated with six days of extra game time at launch). However, any game time purchased after launch will be charged at our new price. In short, you only have a week left if you want to buy game time at the current price, and try to rack up the sweet rewards of the Pioneer packs we recently announced! If you’d like to share your thoughts with us on this topic, please head over to our dedicated forum thread. On behalf of the team, I can say we are moved by the growing excitement we can feel in the community since we announced the launch of Dual Universe. This milestone is just a new beginning, and with your help, we hope to make it one to remember. In the meantime, if you haven’t done so already, don’t forget to wishlist Dual Universe on Steam; every little helps! See you in Helios, NQ-Sesch"
  23. Dear Noveans, We are delighted to see so many of you partaking in our BUILD YOUR LEGACY contest. To make sure your entries are eligible for our in-game prologue, we want to go over our selection rulesest once more 👇 1. To be selected, constructs must be either a Speeder or an Outpost. 2. Construct Specifications Speeder Requirements: constructs must feature ALL of the elements below XS Core Unit 1x Hovercraft seat controller 3x Basic Atmo Engines XS (2 pointing backward, 1 pointing forward) 1-2x Basic Hover Engine S 1-2x Stabilizers (placed vertically) 1x Atmospheric Fuel Tank XS 1-3x Headlights 1-8x light sources (including Headlights) Adjustors XS only Atmospheric Airbrakes S only Tier 1 Honeycomb materials only (+ luminescent) Players are encouraged to add details through the use of elements, but should not get above the count of 60 elements. Must be able to be compacted Outpost Requirements: constructs must feature ALL of the elements below Small core unit 1x mining unit small 2-3x elevators Elevator screen entrance door 1x VR station 1x Container S +2x container XS + 1x container hub 1x resurrection pod Personal objective screen 1x Parcel Container xs Logic Elements Basic xs/s ship parts bundle Floor above the ground (raised foundation, stilts) 400-700 m3 tier 1 (max 10 m3 of luminescent) tier 2 material accents tolerated. 150-300x total element count Total commercial value can’t exceed 1,200,000 h To be eligible for potential adding to the FTUE, it is important that your construct remains in the scope and context of our starter constructs. Such as only tier one materials and things that you would normally find in a starter construct like a starter speeder or a starter outpost. ⚠️ IMPORTANT ⚠️ If you've already submitted an entry, please verify it fits the requirements. We've received many entries that do not meet them, so please review your work! ⚠️ All required elements are available in the dispensers at the Exchange (in front of the Red Hall), for free, along with honeycomb. They are are set for the duration of the contest. It ends on Thursday 22nd of September at 14:00 UTC. Dispensers exact location: ::pos{0,2,24.3793,99.3716,124.9536} Be sure to submit your constructions before that deadline, through this google form. Please keep in mind that if your constructs are selected for the contest, they will not be protected by Digital Rights Management. You however won’t need to turn DRM off when creating your construct for the contest.
  24. Any thoughts on our Back to Game Campaign? Let us know right here 👇
  25. Dear Noveans, Dual Universe has evolved. In the two years since we opened the beta, we’ve improved your experience by doing everything from optimizing and removing bugs to overhauling gameplay loops like PvP and adding brand new systems such as missions. If you’ve tried Dual Universe at any point during the beta and your subscription has lapsed, we’re giving you two weeks of free game time at launch to try the game again. We’re launching Dual Universe on September 27, 2022, on our website and Steam. (If you haven’t visited our steam page yet, check it out! You can add us to your wishlist to help support the game.) We’re also resetting the game for launch. You will receive item rewards for participating in the beta, but they can only be claimed in the first month after release. We want to give you a chance to log in and claim them. The launch may also be the last time in the game’s story where everyone will genuinely be on the same starting line. If you want to try the game again and participate in the initial rush of the game’s economy, this is your chance! We’ve continued to build DU throughout the beta. When you re-join, here’s some of what you can look forward to: NEW SYSTEMS AND GAMEPLAY LOOPS VOXEL MANIPULATION Our new voxel precision tool allows you to sculpt voxels with unprecedented ease and accuracy. Whether you’ve got an exact shape in mind or just want to fix a patch of voxels that didn’t come out the way you’d imagined, you can now directly move each individual vertex of a voxel within 84 grid steps. If you’ve been holding back because voxelmancy seemed too complicated, now’s the time to try it. MINING AND PROSPECTING We’ve completely overhauled the mining system in Dual Universe. You can now use Territory Scanners to hunt down ore hotspots on planets and set up your mining installations to automatically pull ore out of the ground. You can also install a Deep Space Asteroid Tracker on your ships to track resource-rich asteroids in deep space and actively mine them with your hand mining tool. NEW PROLOGUE In your first minutes of re-joining Dual Universe, you’ll make an automatic rocket-assisted landing on the starting moon, choose from one of ten starting outposts and speeders, and go through a brand new starting experience designed to ease new players and veterans alike into the game. NEW SYSTEM MAP We’ve built a new 3D map with better controls to help you organize and navigate through Helios, whether you’re visiting our new bot-free space market Aegis, tracking Alien Core Units to fight over, or just space-trucking cargo. NEW SCHEMATIC SYSTEM Our new schematic system makes personal industries available to all players again while preserving the balance created by schematics. You can now create copies of any schematic in the game from Aphelia’s master copies to run in your industry units. INACTIVE ASSET REQUISITIONING Scavenging is now a gameplay loop in Dual Universe. For example, all constructs parked on public tiles, such as the markets, will be abandoned after two weeks, leading to many opportunities for eagle-eyed Noveans to strike it rich by claiming abandoned constructs. MISSION SYSTEM Whether completing NPC missions for Aphelia or player missions from the Job Board, there are now new ways to make quanta in Dual Universe. THE EXCHANGE Our vibrant player-driven economy has a new hub in The Exchange, a central hall of information and showrooms, open to all players to showcase your creations to the community or to just browse for new places to spend your quanta. UPGRADES IN BETA PERFORMANCE UPGRADES We’ve made many optimization and performance upgrades! One common area of concern for our players has been performance, both on our end with the single-shard server and client-side, with the high running costs of DU. If you’ve played in the past and found the performance difficult, give the game another try today! VISUAL UPGRADES From biome improvements to whole planet overhauls, we’ve been busy improving the game’s environment! Enjoy exploring more vibrant worlds, flying with our new skybox, creating sub-aquatic builds with our new water visual effects, and fighting with PvP and other ship visual improvements. You can learn more about some of our visual upgrades in the Athena Visual Effects and Mercury Art devblogs. WHAT CAN YOU LOOK FORWARD TO AT LAUNCH? BLUEPRINTS We have already added pre-visualization to blueprints with the ability to finely move their placement using keyboard controls. At launch, you can look forward to new blueprint features such as omitting any elements you’re missing, swapping any honeycomb you’re missing, and soon after launch, the ability to snap a blueprint to another already placed core. KICKSTARTER Our Crowdfunding backers will receive digital rewards such as DAC, in-game titles, skins, and more! NEW ELEMENTS AND HONEYCOMB We’re also adding many new elements and honeycomb types into the game, such as purple plastic and colored luminescent honeycomb. —--------------------------------------------------------------- There’s much more to look forward to when re-joining Dual Universe, including our incredible community and the wealth of player-built marvels in the game, from epic stations to personal shuttles. If you subscribed to the game at any point during the beta, and your subscription has lapsed, your two weeks of free game time will be automatically added to your account. Join us on September 27th and see what changes await you. If you want to support us, you can also wishlist Dual Universe on Steam to help promote the game! In the meantime, don't hesitate to let us know your thoughts about all this here. See you in Helios, Noveans.
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