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  1. discordauth:w-ltuabsqa76_XA9nAEZFRJgvTTziLJSMyHSoZo5VCU=

  2. Question 2: How many Solar Systems will there approximately be?
  3. Question 3: Can you give us a better range of time for the Alpha / Beta?
  4. Question 1: How in depth will the physics be? I.E. will a large box be able to fly around with no limits?
  5. Does that mean (I am a silver founder) that if being part of the alpha team gives us access to the alpha? Also what is the third wave?
  6. Hope you enjoy reading my writing! Have fun! A note to the Devs: A bit of a spoiler, but the setting is not what you think! The Space Trix.pdf
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