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  1. You know I used to teach my pilots in Eve Online a saying. "Greedy gets you killed." I personally would be more interested in doing what I can to help the game get off the ground than worry about rewards that wont exist if it doesn't.
  2. The biggest reason for the failure of eve was more the community. Any group that revels in its toxicity is doomed to fail.
  3. Im more concerned with stuff like being able to accept organizations to an organization. Rights, roles etc etc.
  4. This has probably already been asked, if so I apologize in advance, but how is group management planned to be handled in game. Judging by how there are already organizations, and they are recruiting already lol, I was curious how they planned to do the mechanics for that in game such as interface and options. Alliances were an afterthought in Eve Online and the mechanics and options were not streamlined and to be honest quite painful. Just curious if this is something the game designers have thought about.
  5. Appreciate the welcome. Just learned about this game and trying to get a feel for it. Any idea when it will even be in Beta, let alone released?
  6. Posting this for discord registration. 9 year eve online bitter vet hoping this will be something better.
  7. discordauth:yyLjKs991fFEskFEMFidWF-sjuEE5DBpTpyfCJmgca0=

  8. I hope we learn from mistakes from games like Eve where 70% of the population plays solo and the other 30% bans together and does whatever they want while the main group of players plays with their head in the sand. One of the reasons I finally quit playing eve after 9 years was there was no way to break the major alliances. People dont want to make their own sandcastles anymore, they just want to play in the big premade ones or just craft or do whatever off on their own blissfully unaware of the greater game around them.
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