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  2. This is actually something that I was thinking about before I found Dual Universe. The idea of coming across a previous player's work, falling apart from age and neglect and learning the story of what happened is really interesting to me. I like your idea on countering decay and the gameplay aspects that could be added from decay and dealing with it. The issue is demonstrating decay. It could just make random holes in your ship as it gets old or it could slowly damage elements (thusters, guns, cockpits, etc.) somewhat like Space Engineers, where blocks take time to build, and subsequently destroy until they don't work but are still physically present. If that could be figured out, I think it would be a great feature to add further along in the development, say after the game has been released, because (not that I'm a developer) I think it would probably take some time to implement and balance. Also this topic was discussed a couple months ago if you want to read through it HERE
  3. If you think about it, the devs have work to do developing the game. They made this to show that you can build one ship with multiple people; not to show the extent of the building capabilities of the current game because that would have taken more time.
  4. You will get the founder forum title for the respective backing tier if/when the Kickstarter is complete. You will be sent a survey to the email you signed up with on Kickstarter.to get your information.
  5. I would love to do something like this even if it would be a pain to organize and build. Could end being a semi safe haven away from home base.
  6. I've spent the last year or so playing Arma 3 with a realism unit. Already racked up 900 hours in the game since I bought it last year. I'm looking forward to actually being able to work together in an MMO for once in comparison to something like Star Trek Online.
  7. Thanks for that, I actually missed/forgot that.
  8. As much as I would like it, it could be difficult to implement and possibly taxing to the server with the calculations needed. Something like an asteroid belt would be an interesting place to set up shop. The possibility of them moving though could cause issues if your ship is left in the world while you are offline.
  9. It seems that many are missing the idea that, discounting the Kickstarter DAC or any other such sale, you wouldn't be buying DAC for personal use since you could simply get a subscription for a cheaper price. In this way, you are simply buying it to exchange for in-game currency on the market or, in a rarer case, gift it to a friend. By having it completely protected, it becomes an easy way to get ahead of the pack. If they made it that it that the Kickstarter DAC cannot be stolen at all, or even for a period of time, it might provided a way to avoid this argument.
  10. I'm in the same boat as Anasasi. Unfortunately the Canadian dollar is quite weak compared to the Euro. So there goes $600 but I think it will be completely worth it.
  11. I can see the Arkification tokens and territory claim working for land on a planet, but what about in space? If I have a space station or an asteroid field base (if asteroids get added) in the middle of nowhere how could I ensure that nobody tries to scrap it or build a new one around it. Or would it need to be manned at all times to ensure security? And I do understand that such things should be able to be attacked and destroyed, it just comes back to the "What if I'm offline?" issue.
  12. I seriously doubt this game will use the steam workshop because of the type of game it is. For example any ship would be available in game and you couldn't add elements (cockpits, monitors, thrusters, etc,) because somebody could just make a super-powered element that couldn't be stopped and also might not be able to be seen by others. Also it would expose the game to potentially poor quality coding or modelling. Back on topic, I believe that Steam could provide some much need attention for an MMO like this to survive in the long run.
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