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  1. I understand the many worlds theory. It's just so overly unnecessary. Why can't they set the machines up to respawn you in the same universe, but you're in the node with a bunch of cash? (well, economic, but...) I more just think it makes more sense to simplify the idea behind the nodes because there isn't any other use of many worlds in the game. And since the lore isn't fully hammered in yet, its not a horribly difficult change right now.
  2. I actually like this idea. At the very least, then you can have an actual security room that can see if people have snuck into a base or a room. That may sound useless, but it would be a lot easier to catch someone and weed them out if one person had good view on the entire structure so they could alert other players. The portable cameras also would be good for solo missions, which I actually think can happen. If you're mining alone late at night when everyone else logged off, or if you're sneaking into a base to steal something and want to be able to see if someone is coming your way, it could be useful. While I don't see them being necessary for alpha, I would like to see something like this in the future.
  3. So as I have been reviewing the game's lore, I came across the background for how Resurrection Node technology works. Now, for those who don't know, according to the official lore bible the current in lore explanation for Resurrection Nodes is based upon the many worlds principle. The idea is that once your character dies, the node switches the universe to another in which everything is the same, except instead of being dead, you are in the Resurrection Node. In order to conserve energy, the node only restores your naked body when it does this. Now, this is a fairly functional explanation, but the argument why we can't use these nodes for other purposes that involve parallel universes is fairly weak. Realistically, when this technology was discovered it would've been further expanded on by scientists in order to replicate the process. There is no practical reason that I can see why scientists on Earth wouldn't have tried to make one big node to try and replicate the entire population of the earth off of the planet. Maybe that seems far fetched, but it seems difficult to believe that the nodes can only replicate universe with things inside of themselves. And while this is a cool explanation either way, there seems to be a simpler answer. I propose that instead of having Resurrection Nodes use the many worlds principle, instead you have them designed to atomically replicate the dead person inside the node. Because players always are wearing their space suit, it would make sense that a system could be in place to constantly scan the body of the player to send back to the resurrection node. The node is given this data, and so when the feed stops when the player is killed, then the node knows to rebuild the entire player from the ground up; atom by atom, molecule by molecule, cell by cell. This could also give a good in game reason why they need so much energy, as they would be converting energy into matter to form the players. Even more, the node can only build one player because the data is so complicated, that there isn't enough memory in the node to store the constant data of more than one person. This is just an opinion, but I feel that the explanation for resurrection nodes is the one lacking section of the entire lore. I think it could be easily simplified down to not require quantum mechanics or anything nearly as complicated. Thank for taking the time to read my suggestion. If you want a look at the lore bible, where I got all my information on the explanation for resurrection nodes, here's the link: https://devblog.dualthegame.com/2016/11/16/official-lore-bible/
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