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  1. Not only that but with organizations being large and small most wanting to be their own faction controlling territories it can also act as a defense that doesn't necessarily win a battle but holds the enemy at bay for reinforcements if these factions end up controlling large areas. - true Shielding or stronger shielding can work the same method but as the attacker whats more fun? Attacking a shield or attacking something that can shoot back?
  2. I'd heard automated weapons systems will be a thing in future though I've heard it will be very limited to base defense and almost unpractical and i really want to get a better picture or rather have a better understanding on how that works. Because the worry i have that i feel automated weapons is really the only way to counter it. That worry being. Say you build up a base in a PVP zone you have ships and so on right? your there for some good ol PVP. Then you log off. And then some random guy who happens to be online at that point with his little fighter comes and wrecks everything will littl
  3. What about an Ion Cannon? (mostly cause i like the idea of a blue beam) but Ion Cannon as the particle beam of the weapons choice that fire ionized particles which would do a mix of energy damage and psychical damage due to the fact of being a Particle weapon. Edit: also with the ideal of laser beam weapons and so on would there be a way to change the color of the beam weapons? so people could have a little bit of customization?
  4. Surely if it can be applied to bases doesn't that mean it can be applied to anything? Unless this automated defense systems are only going to be available for anti - person where its a fixed build rather then something you can mess around with in the scripting systems. - because even if it is limited to base and the automated weapons are not large you could Potentially still apply them to ships as flax/point defense against enemy fighters.
  5. Well something i plan on testing is the ability for weapons systems to Automatically target a specified object. IE another ship. A station. A structure on the surface.
  6. Well you'd make said OP weapon, Massive, and something that can't be mistaken for anything other then a planet destroying weapon xD
  7. Hey everyone, I'm a ruby backer (not that it matters) but a backer and well I've been wanting to get active on the forums
  8. You have sparked my interest but i'm still deciding whether or not i want to make a organisation or take a back seat and join one, x)
  9. You could.... COULD make something like this work in game but there would have to be so many restrictions and so many down points to make the planet busting weapons.. effectively useless. Ideas i'd have to make such a thing balanced. Cooldown timer: like you could fire it but only once a month or something crazy like that, Firing Timer: How long it takes to actually fire the dam thing Could make for some interesting fast responding defensive measures Costs of construction: Heavy Real heavy, Controls: Could make it so that to even Man such a weapon takes a certain amount of people t
  10. I look forward to the Alpha but i still can't decide whether or not to make an organisation (had plenty experience running large guilds in World of Warcraft) Or taking a Back seat and join one. x)
  11. Yeah I'm new to this form honestly but was a serious backer, i'm just, waiting and seeing how things go
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