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  2. Hope planet axes are tilted, so that I can hang out where it's summer, with short nights.
  3. I didn't hear people crying about WoW subscription fees, and look how popular that was at its peak.
  4. Highrises and underground bases need elevators. Mine shafts, too, if it's intended to dig into considerable depth for rare materials. And if there's elevators, the code's probably going to be reusable for movements at arbitrary angles, i.e. subways on a straight path.
  5. Eh, guilds will probably set up tiny vault constructs in the safezones of the respective planets* and do things via bookkeeping and wealth transfers between the planetary vaults, regardless of locality of the trade. Kind of like your current bank account works, the money is anywhere but close to you or the merchant. Yet if you go into the supermarket and buy things, it still works and everyone's happy. (*: If there's none, it'll happen all around Alioth's one.)
  6. I'd prefer the EVE system. If you're not aggressed, insta-byebye, if you are aggressed, some modest timer until you go poof. Anything beyond that gets casual unfriendly, and you want those people, since they're going to make the majority of the playerbase, which you obviously want to be and keep as large as possible for the game to survive longterm.
  7. Scripting is limited by sensor and actuator capabilities. If you can make doors open automatically, but not have your cannon aim and shoot on its own, then automation is possible but limited.
  8. I sure could need some clarification about that stargate thing, because the impression I get is that you need to build and deploy two endpoints. Implying the need to get to the other end by ship first.
  9. Yea, god forbid someone's buying this game based on things advertised on the store page, just to suddenly be faced with idiotic conditions that weren't mentioned before. So either you suck it up, or you don't get to do it.
  10. That depends on your definition. If interstellar ship travel is advertised as a feature, then they actually do.
  11. I did mention these rose-tinted glasses, right? Some people have romanticized views about how certain things are supposed to go or be, regardless of the subject. Eventually reality sets in and they go "well shit". If the universe is fully procedural and quasi infinite, I mean sure, have a go at a month long space travel, going for that really far off planet, for the sake of breaking some suspect record or roleplaying some weird fantasy. If not, people should stop advocating that this idea supposing to become a general rule is actually good, because it is definitely not. But anyway, last I remember, JC mentioned in one of the Youtube videos that the in-game universe is going to expand gradually.
  12. No, that's just rose-tinted wishy-washy high brow game concept stuff, that'll never end up happening. Realistically, any interstellar travel penalties in form of time will happen during the building stage of the spaceship involved in it all (i.e. making it hard to build). Making a bunch of players sit on their asses for two weeks on a spaceship is a dumb as hell move for any game company that advocates fun. I mean, most people who play EVE are masochists, and even they want to slit their wrists doing cross-galaxy travel. And that just takes a fraction of a day.
  13. Anyone who thinks they'll make you fly for days on end to reach another system, or even weeks, is deluding himself. That won't fly (lol) with anyone gameplay-wise.
  14. It was a general statement, not targeted at you. Either way, my point is, anyone that brings up that line has to follow it through, all the way to its logical conclusion.
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