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  1. I appreciate the reply Abatos, if could please send me a discord link again (the one in your reply expired) I would be happy to discuss further!
  2. Hello Everyone, My name is Davis and I am in search of an active organization to join. I myself come from a heavy role-play background and have lead various "factions" within this niche realm of gaming. I was originally going to start my own organization here with friends, but unfortunately a lot of them are skeptical that NQ can achieve what they claim they will achieve and have decided not to commit to the game. I however am a firm believer this game is going to be everything I've ever wanted and would like to play with people who also are huge fans of this game! Lik
  3. Your stuck between a rock and a hardplace when it comes to providing indepth support for role-play communities. Every person role-plays at different levels, with different tools. Hardcore players use /me’s and do’s, others are creative writers that do forum role-play, and majority feel as though simply assuming their role of captain in game is role-play. All of which are different forms and calibers, which is why you can’t generalize or make rules around role-playing in a game that doesn’t require it. My organization is made up of hardcore role-players from a GTA SA mod called SAMP
  4. Lmfao no I really didn’t, its just clear you want you don’t agree with more serious consequences for death and that’s fine, but there isn’t a touch of contradiction lol. claiming people will stop trying to accumulate wealth because small portions of it can be lost on death is ridiculous, but it will make death a bit more of a penalty. And as I mentioned above a system where money could be stored outside of your wallet could be the balance for this system, as you shouldn’t lose what is not on your person when you die. This would force rich players to store money and could see the bi
  5. It doesn't discourage industry, it encourages defense and protective measures when a "industrialist" is travelling in the open world. This would also promote the VIP status of certain players making them higher value targets as their wealth goes up, as it should be. Losing items is meaningless if you have billions of quanta to buy it all back. Money is the most valuable asset in any economic situation and it should be a risk everytime you're killed. Not to mention the whole idea that you need to keep all quanta on your person is ridiculous. You should be able to store it or have a
  6. Completely agree with all of this, balanced auto-turrets for static base defense is key for a game that involves base destruction and has opportunity for offline raiding. There needs to be deterrents against that sort of thing and I see this as a the best solution. Lethys mentions turret linking on ships so that a player could control multiple guns, and I think this could be cool for certain types of guns, but needs to be limited. The other big thing with turret linking on ships is that you will eliminate the need for multiple combat roles in a ship, and therefore smaller crews ca
  7. I agree with Lethys, it's a very fine line between discouragement and realism. From what is described above, the system seems balanced, but I'd like to see a portion of quanta dropped as well. Maybe a random number generator that determines between two percentage points (for example, 1%-5% of the total wallet amount) but nothing more. People should fear dying, but not be scared to do PVP at all.
  8. I feel as though this would be over kill. Using a free CAD designer online before actually doing it in game is a great idea, but there is no reason it needs to be in game. Just pre-plan, pick your resource type and build away. You'll see if it works, or doesn't and if it doesn't then back to the drawing board. It's a part of the design process.
  9. Exactly, and what the original poster describes as an issue in his original post is exactly what NQ wants. By creating local markets with a hint of global viewing, we will all be in competition to get other players to buy from our markets and generate tax revenue. Things like who has the safest outpost, or the most resources, or the resources you need, or the best prices, will all be factors of attraction. It's up to use as players to create that balance, not NQ's. As it stands this market system is perfect, and will be amazing to see live in a video game.
  10. I think it's a great idea, but something that players should develop themselves via ship design & painting of their ship (can you paint your ship?!).
  11. I think decomposition in this particular MMO setting is a waste of valuable resource. Resources will be finite in this game, and what would be cool is some process of recycling to take place. Perhaps buildings that are built in unprotected zones could be "deconstructed" via a tool or machine and so that players could regain a percentage of resources used in the constructs construction. This could be applied also when territory units are destroyed and bases are exposed. Could even create opportunity for players to become scavengers, and hunt around for bases left in unprotected are
  12. Neat idea for a thread! While I won't go into listing a massive amount of job titles, I do think this economy will create something more real than we've ever seen before. With that being said, job titles of all kinds will come to surface. Everything from civilian, professional and military based roles and perhaps even religious? I come from a heavy role-play organization and we see this game as the first in our history of playing games that has been made to cater to all types of players, including role-players. The reason I bring up role-play is because that's essenti
  13. I appreciate it man! We'll definitely take those into consideration
  14. I appreciate this a bunch, thank you very much!
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