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  1. Welcome everyone, we are the Strategic Weaponized Operational Response Division, we are a role play and non-role play faction based on the game Dual Universe. We are a private armed Organization that can be hired by any faction that need security, hit men or more men/ships in a side of the war, at the same time we develop weapons and vehicles of war so we are weapon dealers as well. Our main goal is to be the most professional PMC group to be hired by any faction and live up to your expectations. HOW TO JOIN To join us you need to be vetted in we dont just hire anyone, but on
  2. so been following this game for a short time looks really good but my biggest worry is the sandbox mmorpg aspect, build anywhere, player driven, uh have yu not taken a look at eve online? CCP did the same thing gave players 100% freedom to run there games universe and what did everyone turn into? trolls, griefers and muggers, same damn thing will happen here sorry to say.
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