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  1. I agree with most of your last post @Penwith. Regarding this, The game gives you the means to achieve this result. Every ship built with this logic would achieve fairly similar results. If for whatever reason a player builds a badly engineered ship then goes ahead claiming warping is not worthwile because of it, then it's not the game's fault. You reap what you sow. I am not going to calculate with how the average ship is built or how the average person flies it. It wouldn't make sense to do so. People can always buy such a ship and learn to fly it. Some people just put 50
  2. As usual missinterpreting every possible sentence that can be missinterpreted without reading thinking.. anyway. A starter has no business flying into the pvp zone before they have warp and understand how it works. If they do then it is their choice. You can start with a less expensive smaller ship. Anyone with an IQ greater than 50 can understand how to make the no warp trip safer. Chances are overwhelmingly higher to just pass undetected that to get into trouble. So we do not have to account for that one unlucky person that gets ganked their first time trying. Farming a scanner t
  3. You are making it sound a lot harder than it actually is. Reality: One successful trip with t3+ cargo is enough to make ~4 warp capable ships. Since you are propably going to try countering this argument without presenting any valid data: one of my cargo haulers is a warp capable ship without AGG. Weight empty 520 tons. Total weight full 2500+ tons. Cost to make about 8mil including warp drive at current market prices. Cargo volume 450KL. Lets say im hauling a cargo of 300KL acanthite from ion to alioth (not accounting for container mass reduction talent). Let's assume acanthite pr
  4. You do not like piracy i get it. PvP does not work well right now i agree. What people like you tend to ignore is that piracy requires time and effort too and is also risky for the pirate. What you are suggesting is the equivalent to removing pvp all together. You want the game to be like that? Say it out right and be done with it. This is not a solution. If you want to avoid it right now the game gives you the option to warp. This is what i am saying. You have to also think from the mindset of the opossing side to reach a valid conclusion of how a mechanic should work. I am not a pirate in-ga
  5. This is stupid. A pirate destroys a ship in order to get the cargo. Not only this shouldn't exist but players should be unable to delete their cargo after combat starts. If a pirate kills you they deserve your cargo. Wanting to deny the pirate their loot just because you lost, is beyond butthurt.
  6. I've played wow for many years too. I started back in tbc and went through every expansion up to bfa. I didn't buy shadowlands because i'm tired of expecting a game that will never exist again from blizzard and i'm not willing to pay them ever again. So i understand exactly what you mean, but wow is a themepark mmorpg. DU being a sandbox single shard world is completely different. Sandbox games usually require long term investment, but also give you high reward in time for that effort. You cannot start wiping this effort whenever new content arrives, doesn't work that way. What sandbox games d
  7. The biggest issue is not the subscription cost. It was said there will not be a wipe in this beta so people invested time and effort in the game, treating it as a release. The amount of effort many people put into this game far outweights the subscription cost. People felt like all of their effort had been wasted. This is why the backlash is so intense.
  8. You just liquidate enough to do whatever you need to do but you keep your capital in something other than money. Welp it benefits me if you don't do it anyway.
  9. This is what will happen. This is how the game injected quantas into the economy when the beta started. This is how it works on any mmo game. Money is just a number that has some value calculated in effort time. It does not really matter what that number is, only the required effort to build a product counts. Yes if you change the said price on the bots it causes an inflation and changes the value of the currency, but that has nothing to do with the market not moving. If you want my advice dont keep quantas in this game.
  10. The only way this can happen is if players can also buy these tokens with irl money and sell them for in game currency, otherwise they just lose profit from people never paying which will never happen. It is a terrible idea in my opinion p2w is not something i want in this game. Anyone willing to spend irl money on the game would have an even more unfair advantage like this. Let's not follow in the footsteps of blizzard.
  11. Not really. The reason the market is frozen right now is because the economy is not moving in general. There is very low demand on elements, since most ships were grounded, so the factories do not produce and everyone is spending their money on schematics instead of production. With time the market will stabilize and people will start buying ore at higher prices than bots. All market products will be according to those prices. The only thing bots change is the value of the money/quantas. If they did not exist then how do we generate the required quantas to buy the schematics we need for the ec
  12. You need to account for crafting talents. They make a huge difference. If you calculate raw as a starter you won't see the real price picture. To have any chance to compete in prices with established industrialists you need at least lvl 4 crafting talents in refining/product refining/intermediate parts. What you say in your last paragraph is very true. I've said this before this patch, but it cannot work any other way right now until ships stop exploding for no reason.
  13. You shouldn't worry about this right now. I completely agree but not only physics bugs but also performance has to be worked out before this change can become viable. Also if PvP gets to it's anticipated size in the near future it will be enough for a while.
  14. Adressing this to NQ, This is a step in the right direction indeed. I cannot speak for everyone, but note that this whole fiasco has caused irreparable damage to players trust. We need an one month subscription option. I for example cannot trust you again with 3 months of sub after this. The same can be said for my friends and many other people i have discussed this with. Not having this option doesn't do anyone any good. If you are confident about your work there shouldn't be an issue with this. It is sending away possible starters who stop and reconsider whe
  15. It cannot work any other way right now. Think about it. The pvp system in this game is not ready for this change. If it happened now it would be an even grater disaster than 0.23. Welp i think the game is dead already so i don't even know why I am even considering its future.
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