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  1. Selling and buying at markets is a crash to desktop every time. It would be nice if Haven had longer days and shorter nights like 90/10. Need more containers in outpost or let Aphelia sell XS. More containers in outpost would be better since that would allow players to sell theirs if they are not using them.
  2. Even just harvesting and crafting for perks/buffs would be a huge addition. But they started out saying no NPCs and no survival aspects, so very niche it will be with a small player base.
  3. @NQ . A few small tips on UI that will lower aggravation: 1. If you have a button that is precisely for one thing and not easy to get to then you don't need a second prompt asking people if they really meant to click on it. For example the Exit VR button. 2. All fields for entering data should preferably select all text currently in the field, not start at the end of it. Or just blank. This is true especially for the fight on entering currency which I can't believe is still an issue. 3. No Horizontal scroll bars like on Achievements screen. 4. Keep the part the user needs most as center of attention and don't use up half the form for some large Icon. It may look pretty the first time, but is very annoying when it stays in the way of getting things done.
  4. I'm more for better jetpacks, but have them use fuel from Nano. Replace the "compactable" ship. I wouldn't mind fall damage either. As for real aerodynamics, of course, but we may want to get past the simple things like OP air brakes, and overlapping elements first. If ship builders want their ships/planes to look "real" we need to get rid of the WOE (wall of engines).
  5. You know how we have big inflation now with mission money and not as much ore being mined? What if Aphelia paid some missions in Ore instead of Quanta? How cool would that be? NQ could cut way back on server IOPS due to mining, plus have some levers to help stabilize economy. Add Ore payments for some missions Aphelia. DU it now!
  6. As an incentive to building nice bases or space stations, NQ should pick as many as possible and have Aphelia missions go to them as waypoints. I like visiting what other people have built, and I'm sure those who put in effort to build some content for the game would appreciate it.
  7. Good post. I don't need the loan, but it is good to see some activity around creating multi-player orgs.
  8. After extensive testing with @Bellwether here is what we found out about the latest patch. If you do not have Dredger > Mining Efficiency skills you will mine 25% less than what the territory scan shows. I believe this is the way the skill was originally intended to work, but it was bugged and not doing anything before so feels like a nerf to mining ( a big one). It is a real deterrent to mining because you are faced with "losing" ore every time you mine until you get the skills to make it 100%. A better way to implement it would be to have the scans show the 75% values and if you have better skills you get more. To Test this. Scan a tile, then mine 100kl of an ore type and do another scan. If you have less than level 5 on Dredger mining efficiency your scan will show that you took out more ore than you actually did making you a sloppy miner.
  9. I tested all mining levels on PTS using a Mega node where I take an average of 10 scoops on each level.
  10. I don't think it would take anything away from that, because it would be limited by speed.
  11. Not sure what it means to be able to Jetpack to other planets. Can we escape gravity with Jetpack? If not, that would be an awesome feature to add an upgrade to the jetpack. After upgrading it to use fuel we could then jetpack up out of a mining hole, or to the top of a building. It could work nearly like having a small pocket ship now, without the speed. So could be used to get stranded ships hanging in air, etc. I tried to help someone 45km above Alioth yesterday who ran out of fuel. But as soon as I exited ship, gravity would take me back to Alioth, even though my ship could stay there with ECU on. So the Jetpack is really weak when it comes to gravity.
  12. I see why we wouldn't want to give everyone in Org access to Org market Container, but please expand on this by making Access to the Org Market Container an RDMS permission.
  13. If an item is purchased with the org wallet, can any member of the org pick up the items from Market Container? I'm assuming the buys can be done remotely like now.
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