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  1. Great news! Joystick support first please
  2. The way the pros DU it is to take 7 or more scanners at a time in a container and place them on blank cores as you hop and skip every 3 or 4 tiles in a straight line. Then you turn around a come back to read the scan and pick them up. Once you hit something good, then you scan all around it and follow the heat to the center.
  3. This kind of effort should absolutely give some results. It is the wrong way to go about it in this game though. You need to "cast a net" scanning ever 4th tile or so, and with about 7 scanners solo you can do that pretty quick.
  4. Talemai being released was not mentioned before the stream, but I did guess we would get a planet the day before. I don't believe there is insider knowledge being shared. It is just extremely easy to scan for hot spots.
  5. Lets just keep it simple shall we? Since before release NQ has been told in multiple forum threads and constantly on Discord why this system is flawed. We all know it is flawed. Even those of us that know how to work the system to our advantage advocate for a change. Stop acting like it just needs more constructive feedback. If the game designers want some help they need to engage. Yes, let it be possible for anyone to find T2 within 20-30 hours of gameplay, and T3 within 40+ hours. The way it works now very few people that scan first have the chance at up to T4 with very little time invested. Then it's over. They have the tiles until they decide to sell said tiles or they abandon the game. Here are two ideas: A very simple way to change the system for the better would be to just increase the number of hotspots and make them smaller. Another idea would be to have the process of finding ore take days on a single tile and be random in the size and type of pool that is found. Digging for mega nodes was bad, we get it it. But if people can still have a chance to find a "mother load", even if it needs to be mined out slowly, that is way better than scanning tiles for hours on end and not finding anything but T1.
  6. Jago - 2.66% tiles claimed (1616) Teoma - 2.48% claimed (1505) Both out since launch. Talemai - 3.34% (1768 tiles) claimed in less than 24hrs. I think our work is done here. NQ : Now do you understand why we need a different ore distribution for next planet? Edited to add more evidence. This is a field of Gold all captured by one Org within 36 hours. ::pos{0,41,-25.0361,-89.9769,-0.0003}
  7. Buy game codes from Markee Dragon. Be quick! https://store.markeedragon.com/index.php?cat=360
  8. Honeycomb is a relatively small proportion of most ships mass, especially those not planning to PvP.
  9. How about this? If you are making industry elements, have that be RNG as to what elements the machine you create can make? Now a machine that can make a specific exotic part can be really rare and not everyone could have one unless they buy it from another player, or spend the time trying to make one that does what they want. Also have the number of elements they can make before decaying be RNG so a Rare element making machine that makes 100, or 1000 can be worth more. Now add the exotic GEMS that you promised can be found by exploring increase your RNG chances for making machines that can produce better rare elements. Now you just have to increase or decrease drop chances to regulate instead of changing prices or worse, increasing batch time.
  10. Create a new planet that is far away (like 10000 SU) from all the others and put sparse resources on it. Let players teleport one way to this planet where the process will make sure they only have their talents and no other items. Have some loot littered around the planet in caves, or abandoned outposts. Some of it could be very high value exotics. Have an artifact that is very heavy that must be brought back. The goal will be to get back to civilization with the artifact. You would have to build a spaceship from scratch, any elements that needed schematics would have to be found on planet. Give a time limit for getting back. If you are not back in that time then everything you have collected up to that point will be lost and you will be teleported back.
  11. Selling and buying at markets is a crash to desktop every time. It would be nice if Haven had longer days and shorter nights like 90/10. Need more containers in outpost or let Aphelia sell XS. More containers in outpost would be better since that would allow players to sell theirs if they are not using them.
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