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    TheAtlasWarrior reacted to Aaron Cain in Realistic incentives for City building   
    This, i do not agree with. Any MMO i have played, even with voice chat has a need for social intereaction, people want to show their skins and emotes, and some more things in that field. Simply because being alone on the chat without seeing another avatar can get boring, feels more lonely then when you goof around between more players, and thats where the social factor will be present in any MMO. Build it And they will come. Why else is there already a few topics of people that want to be able to wave in game
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    TheAtlasWarrior got a reaction from Sputn1k in Sputnik calling   
    Welcome to the community, I hope you enjoy your time in the community, it's great to have new people
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    TheAtlasWarrior reacted to Enjoyvirtuallife in Space-weather elements   
    Will we suffer from (RNG) 'space-weather elements' like solar storms, big astroidfields, wormholes, incomming meteorites and such, wich we should protect ourselves from?
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    TheAtlasWarrior reacted to NQ-Nyzaltar in Space-weather elements   
    Hi enjoyvirtuallife!
    Welcome on the official Dual Universe forum.
    What you have mentioned above is not planned for Dual Universe official release (except asteroid fields).
    Maybe in an expansion after the official release, but we can't guarantee anything at the moment.
    Best Regards, 
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    TheAtlasWarrior reacted to blazemonger in Types of Colonization ships   
    Overcomplicated at best, and designed to generate $$ for CIG. Last I checked these (will) sell for around $750 in actual US$.
    I like the Space Engineers mechanic much better the way DU seems to build is even more simplified as you do not need to actually build elements, they are just there/can be bought, at least at this time there really is no information on whether we'd need to build the elements from resources (like in Space Engineers) or they are bought ready made.
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    TheAtlasWarrior got a reaction from Valhalo in Hello, I'm Valhalo   
    Welcome to the community Valhalo, it's always nice to have new people to talk to, I hope that you enjoy your time here with everyone, I'm sure you will have fun with us
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    TheAtlasWarrior reacted to Valhalo in Hello, I'm Valhalo   
    Hello everyone, my name is Valhalo I come from a small medieval MMO called Mortal Online, I've never played any space-related game in my life, very interested in watching this game develop and definitely going to be playing whenever I am able to, be that if there is an open beta or on release day. Hello 
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    TheAtlasWarrior reacted to 097 Zenith in The SIcarian Celestial Expeditionary Force, now recrutiting   
    Discord Server: https://discord.gg/tTsywcw
    Organization Link: The SCEF 
    Welcome, explorers, to the Sicarian Battle Network.
    The SCEF is the group for all players. Both those who love what you would come to expect from an organization, and for those who enjoy being fairly autonomous and prefer playing mostly by themselves or with small, close knit groups of friends, but still want the opportunity to interact with a large organization and participate in the activities that only organizations will have access to in game.
    How we will operate.
    As an organization we're ultimately focused on one thing, enjoying the game, which means providing the opportunity to engage as many play styles as possible. Everything from individual jobs like mining, building, trading and military occupations, to organizational structures ranging from military chain of command, to a loosely ruled 5 man band of brothers, just having fun playing games after work. But no matter what you choose, you'll still have the support of the organization. Lets dig into the details.
    The Primary Operations Command-
    The P.O.C. is our version of a typical organization, you know, with territories, factories and big awesome fleets of military and commercial ships. This is the place for the players who love the big group organizations and being apart of a large bustling community of players.
    As part of the POC you'll be given an occupation as a way to support the organization when the need arises. While there are certainly more occupations that could become relevant, here are a few that we already know we will have.
    Marine- both a pilot and an infantryman, responsible for manning defenses or engines of war when called upon to fight.
    Combat engineer- for the builders who don't mind getting dirty, CE's may be stationed on military installations and vessels that are destined for combat, and have to fix them in the middle of it.
    Recon specialist- born for the shadows, those who join recon can expect to be far from home, behind enemy lines and gaining Intel on the enemies of our organization. or blowing them up...
    Builders- just want to build in peace? builders can be expected to work far from the front lines building ships, buildings and anything else we might need. Ideally, really far from all the explosions.
    Miners- for those who love digging in the dirt, you'll have free reign over any mining equipment in our inventory and likely be stationed wherever the most ore is.
    Traders / transport- truck drivers of the space age, these guys keep our supply lines moving. Everything from ammo to ore to trade goods.
    + any other jobs that may come in handy.
    Officer roles are also available for all of the above occupations. Officers will be in charge of a group of people in the same occupation, and will be chosen based off of a combination of merit and leadership skill.
    The Detachments-
    The detachments are for the lone wolves and small groups who enjoy each others company, but don't want to get to buried in the operations of a large organization, yet still want access to the end game content that large groups provide, and the support network that comes with in the event of a raid. As a detachment member you will be almost completely autonomous from the main organization, lead by the group founder or an elected member. Detachments don't need to be near organization territory and can establish their own base anywhere on any planet, and can actively recruit new friends into the org.
    Detachments are still part of the organization though, so while detachments will be almost completely separate from the main group,  detachment commanders will have to follow general guidelines set by POC officials (like don't blow up this allied organization) and will be asked to passively keep an eye on their local area to assist recon teams with helpful information (like large fleet movements, bases and org vs org battles)
    Any questions? ask them here, PM me or join my discord if you want to talk! (link up top)
    Basic Command structure + Ranking: https://docs.google.com/drawings/d/1-i-j7JAMllsDsNdUOekeabjWpzUa0da657zlPoTR7eI/edit?usp=sharing 
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    TheAtlasWarrior reacted to Primary in Patent a design   
    Should we be able to patent our blueprints? If we are able to patent our own blueprints, so that you cannot copy someone’s idea without paying. I think this should be implemented so that is you are trying to make money off a idea you don’t just get it stolen by some one else. 
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    TheAtlasWarrior reacted to Oije in Travel, Big ships & Blueprints   
    I cant see your point. How fast do you think can those carts drive, how many fuels do they have?
    Speed is not the point but distance

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    TheAtlasWarrior reacted to Lambert in Travel, Big ships & Blueprints   
    Well, here are my thoughts on these subjects:
    Bigger ships should and naturally are slower than smaller ships.  So if you are hauling something in a freighter, you are flying a carrier full of fighters, or you have a large war ship (maybe battleship size, but there is also capital ships and super-capital ships, and maybe even titans) which are so much bigger than a frigate, or even a small fighter craft.  These extremely large ships would turn slowly and not be as maneuverable as small fighter craft, so naturally they should be slower.  Having large ships like this are also meant to travel farther.  There is fuel in the game as it was discussed in development blogs and with this mechanic, smaller craft will not be able to hold as much fuel as larger vessels which would prevent them from flying from one end of the galaxy to the other in a couple of hours.  As they would either need to stay somewhat close to a carrier type ship for refueling (these fighters would be more of an escort as well for larger ships) and if they are not escorting some larger ship they may need to stop frequently on a planet or space station to refuel.  This will slow the over all travel time of smaller ships, but these smaller ships are also not carrying massive amount of resources and supplies needed to sustain any alliance in deep space, and hence the need for larger, much slower ships.  Overall I agree that travel should take some time, but you also have to realize that in Eve, you warp everywhere.  If there's just gates with no warp technology, it will take you a considerable amount of time to fly from a planet or station, to the gate, then to the next gate and then to the next.  Perhaps the overall warp speed should be slowed down to something that will not be 2-3 minuets of flight time, but more so of like 10-20 minuets to reach the gate from a station or planet, and maybe something like 30-40 from gate to gate travel.  This also depends on distances between objects as well.  It shouldn't take as long to fly from a planet to a gate if they are within a reasonable distance from each other, but if the planet is on the other side of the system from the gate, then obviously it will take much longer to get to that gate.  Which would also brings up if gates and or stations will be stationary objects or if they will have orbit around the central star like the planets.  If this is the case, it would vary the distance and therefore the travel time to get from a station or planet to the gate and also gate to gate travel would vary as they may pass close to each other in orbit.  I think having orbiting gates and stations like this would add and change travel quite considerably and would bring a whole new level of navigating and route plotting to the game.
    Big Ships
    My previous part about travel is linked to this topic as well.  In order for these larger ships to travel at a decent pace, they will need a lot of thrusters which would burn up a lot of fuel, so there would need to be considerable amount of space being taken up by fuel tanks.  You had mentioned you played Space Engineers.  There is hydrogen fuel in that game, so if all you had were thrusters which used hydrogen fuel (no ion thrusters), then you would use up a lot of interior space for the hydrogen fuel tanks so you can make it from one planet to the next without running out of fuel.  I feel the same would be quite applicable to these larger ships.  You are going to need space for these large or even extra large fuel tanks, and these large or extra large thrusters (I'm not sure how big they plan to make these things).  You will also need a decant amount of these items to move these large battleships and capital ships which will also take up quite a bit of room I would imagine.  Plus you have the interior components as well such as the shields, engine/core, and all the other equipment mentioned before.  Hallways are also not going to be small.  The size of the doors and hallways I saw from the dev video where they were assembling the ship on the asteroid was not super tiny, and it didn't look like there was a whole lot of hallway space they were actually putting in.  I would say that ship might be considered frigate size, but that would also depend on the size to class ratio being used.  I feel as though a good ship design would have the adequate amount of equipment and hallways (empty space), but also take into consideration that the equipment needs to be separated and therefore would need the adequate amount of surrounding protection and space it needs.  Designing a ship based on looks with no real purpose is going to have a lot of this empty space because it's more for looks and not function where as a ship designed around function would take some design skills to look good, and adding that next level of out-of-game skill level some players will not have thus increasing the market value of these well designed functional ships.
    As with before, this topic flows from the last as these well designed functional ships will be the most sought after prize by other players.  Other players will want to buy the ship so the owner would need a blueprint of the original to make more.  I do not think blueprints should be sold on the market though, or purchasing a blueprint from the market is obviously (and I hope it is obvious) not going to be the best you could build on your own.  After spending a considerable amount of time designing and building a well designed functional ship, I would not even consider selling my blueprint to someone else because they wouldn't understand the value of it, and if I did put the blueprint on the market, the price I would sell it for would seam astronomical to someone else because they would not understand the value behind it unless they were a designer/builder in which case, they would have their own design and not want to sell their blueprint.  Companies do this in the real world.  They do not sell their designs to other companies, they sell the products made by these designs and keep the designs secret within the company.  Hence why there are Non-Disclosure Agreements companies make you sign and agree to saying that you will not go selling or giving out company secrets.  To sell a blueprint you made on the open market really isn't good business, and in fact is probably the worst thing you could do for yourself, because instead of making money off of that blueprint by manufacturing these ships for other players, you just handed them the prints to make as many of them as they want.  If an alliance has a well designed and functional ship, then of course they are going to make loads of money because (assuming they have the man-power to pull in resources, build these ships) then they would sell them on the market for profit.  Again, going back to the business plan which the alliance may have set up already before the game even launches.
    In conclusion, these are just some of the thoughts racing through my head after reading this, and I hope this has, at least, made others think deeper into how they want to play the game.  I know I often think of these things and how I plan on playing the game.  Overall, good topic, and I hope we hear more feedback on these topics.
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    TheAtlasWarrior reacted to Haunty in Ground vehicles   
    No wheeled vehicles. Hovercraft will be the ground vehicles. Wheeled vehicles could be possible in a later expansion after release.
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    TheAtlasWarrior reacted to Lau2356 in Space is Hard?   
    Space should be as hard as this :
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    TheAtlasWarrior got a reaction from Ben Fargo in Space is Hard?   
    I agree that this shouldn't be a race to space. We should appreciate all the opportunities that being on Alioth gives us. All future players will spawn there, so we can build a city there that offers services to those new players, in order to get them what they need to start their life within the game. It can also be a universal place that everyone comes to whenever they want to buy more supplies e.t.c. There are already many orgs planning to host events on Alioth & others have construction projects they want to accomplish on the planet, so we can take the time we need to get to space, but while we wait, we can reap the rewards Alioth has in store for us, that is, if we put enough of a community effort into it. We can really make it a nice place for everyone, an Oasis where even veteran players will want to come back & visit. A place where new players can be recruited by other orgs.
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    TheAtlasWarrior reacted to Miamato in Rails system   
    Not only in difficult natural terrain. For example if you are mining deep inside the planet or want to reach planet core at some point, you need some vertical cave. You can use such rails as an elevator for your resources or for transferring mining vehicles deep.
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    TheAtlasWarrior reacted to Ravenskysong in Rails system   
    I would be so excited for a rail system. the one in starmade lets me do everything from move my ship into the hangar, to move cargo containers, to moving turrets to making transport systems. I think I would enjoy that more than the scripting, because you can do all the behaviors with blocks like in minecraft redstone. It is a bit easier to learn and extrapolate. You have a few blocks that each do one thing, a rail, an end rail, a turn around rail, connect, release, a signal detector etc. 
    in starmade weight slowed rails to a crawl if you didn't do it properly, would magnetic rails care about weight? since it is really hard to get magnets to touch would it ever be possibly for a magnetic rail system to be overweight? possibly have gear/tread based rails with friction as the entry point, and magnetic don't get slowed by weight rails as more end game?
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    TheAtlasWarrior reacted to Hades in Space is Hard?   
    We really don't know at this point.  I imagine you will be able to get to space as long as you can create thrusters/ a ship.
    In order to do so you might have to create units/factories that can output an engine/thrusters etc.  So it might take some time to get into space... but not too long.
    The real difficulty comes into play when you think about "what next?".  There's no infrastructure right when we start... 
    After the game moves forward in time, it will get easier and easier for a player to get on their feet (engines ).  All speculation and assumptions on my part 
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    TheAtlasWarrior reacted to Miamato in Rails system   
    speaking about scale and speed: 
    - scale should differ from single voxel or even texture-like rail, that are used in small mechanisms, to big rails with physical structure depending on how much mass would be transferred and what speed. 
    - speed should be average if we talk about small rails, to high-rocket speed if you have advanced enough train with long rails.
    - speed directly depends on rail size and length. 
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    TheAtlasWarrior reacted to Miamato in Rails system   
    I was also thinking about it, so just like in real world you would be able to load a ship with cargo, just by moving boxes.
    This removed one of elements in building sand-box games that I hate the most - using player inventory as buffer between two cargo boxes/crafting stations. 
    It's actually what this all topic is about - to have simple mechanism that allows to create both simple and complex things when combined with scripting. And of course - that is why using hover vehicles is not the case. 
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    TheAtlasWarrior reacted to NQ-Nyzaltar in Official Dual Universe Lore Bible   
    Hi everyone,
    Here is a (small) overdue update about the Lore:
    Lore Update (2 Oct. 2017):
    UMF (United Mankind Federation) becomes UEF (United Earth Federation).  From a Lore point of view, the testing phases including Alpha and Beta stages are considered in the Lore as virtual simulation run by Aphelia while the Alpha Team members are asleep (note: Pre-Alpha stage is not considered as part of the Lore) The in-game money will the “Quanta” (one Quanta, several Quantas). “Novean” is the term to name a passenger of the Arkship “Novark”.  
    P.S: regarding potential inconsistency between Nanopack rarity and the way a Player Character is resurrected, it's possible we will go with the solution "By naked, we mean, everything else than what you had before you leaving the Arkship". However, this is still in discussion. We'll keep you informed about the final decision
    Best Regards,
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    TheAtlasWarrior reacted to Aesir in Attach a ship to another   
    Hi guys,
    I heard NQ will think about an element which allow your ship to be "docked" to a station, like some kind of plug in/out system.
    But wouldn't it be cool to have a a ship attached to another ? Like if you have a big one you may want to attach few smaller ship to it or any DCU construction. If you can even make the LUA script interract with different DCU it would be a whole new world of possibilities... Like automatic fuel reload or reconstructible ship, would be a great thing for the market as well as you may upgrade just one part of you ship very easily (let's say new thrusters) as long as they are provided by the same company or so ...
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    TheAtlasWarrior reacted to musicianmadness in What is the name of our home star/system?   
    Solus Venturis

    Solus can me lonely and single but also has the root "sol" like you mentioned
    Venturis can mean future

    So I think it would be fitting to name it "Solus Venturis" with my interpretation being "The Solar System of Our Future"

    Given the backstory is that our home planet was destroyed and this is our new hope for the future.
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    TheAtlasWarrior reacted to DarkHorizon in What is the name of our home star/system?   
    Understandable but I was thinking that since this is going to be the second launch point for "humanity", that it would be something nice to have if not for practicality, but for lore reasons.
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    TheAtlasWarrior reacted to Jmaster in Weapon Customization (Modular turrets/weapons)   
    There's something that I feel alot of space-survival/construction games miss out on, weapon customization. Being able to design/tweak weapons and ammunition adds a layer of depth to combat. Instead of everyone using the same turrets people could design their weapons to work well in certain situations. Plus it creates an occupation for more engineering-minded players. Look at From The Depths as an example of weapon customization done right. A similar (But simpler) system would definitely add variety to combat between ships. Having in-depth weapon customization would create more opportunities for advanced players to use their knowledge. This also adds another level of constuction because now players could create weapon companies to sell their weapons or blueprints. Of course, there should be some simple to use 'plug and play' general weapons; These weapons could be balanced weapons, with non of the benefits or trades-offs of custom weapons. 
    Some ways that such a system could work:
    1) Multi-component structures:
          (This is the method that From The Depths uses) While multi-component objects offer more creativity and involvement from the player, it is also complicated to implement and may effect performance. It would also need to be simple enough to understand the basics, yet allow for complex creations by advanced users. There would need to be a controller component which would keep track of the attached modules. Such a system could work and would be really neat but I'm not sure if multi-component objects is something that the engine supports (and it isn't worth adding for one feature). Another effect of a multi-component system is making weapons take up space, which would have a positive effect of preventing 'death cubes' (A cube construct covered in turrets).
    2) Production-based customization:
    Using a 'Turret Factory' a player could modify a turret's characteristics and/or model. This turret factory could be used to manufacture turrets (which players can place). Each turret could have a different physical appearance: A high ROF modified turret could have multiple barrels vs a sniper modified turret with a single extended barrel. The players should have the ability to customize each part of the turret from barrel length, gauge, count, etc. Since the turrets would be one component there wouldn't be a need for multi-component support and the performance hit would be the same as a regular 'non-modified' turret. The addition of a 'turret factory' would mean that a player could perfect a design then mass-manufacture and sell their design.
    Both systems allow players to build weapons with different characteristics, and both would require trade-offs. For example: A high rate of fire turret would have a trade-off on accuracy, while a sniper turret might have higher damage/accuracy but a much lower rate of fire (suited more towards Alpha-strikes than DPS). Personally, I prefer the first method of multi-component constructions since it offers more creative freedom. The system From The Depths uses for it's custom cannons (advanced and CRAM cannons) is probably the best I've ever seen done. However, From the Depths is not a good example on the usability front, since it has a cliff of a learning curve and no real tutorial. I think a system similar to From The Depths would be a good addition although it may be to complicated to implement; The second method is a compromise in terms of performance/usability and creative possibility and may be a better fit.
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    TheAtlasWarrior reacted to kamashastra in bronze backer cracking the ice   
    Hey all, I just wanted to introduce myself now that pre-alpha has gone live. I'm super jealous of anyone participating right now. Sadly, i am only a bronze backer and will have to wait.
    I am a long time gamer. mainly mmorpgs but lately i've been obsessed with Rocket League. I look forward to meeting everyone in the short time before the beta is released.  If there are any guilds that are beginning to form. I would love to talk to you. 
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