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  1. Regarding textures - they are in progress, there are explanations about new process of texture generation here -
  2. In minecraft I spent a lot of time planting underground woods It would be cool to have gardening elements in DU just for aesthetic purposes. Probably allow planting them only on claimed territory just to avoid some kind of abuse.
  3. I don't like the idea. This may be fun mechanics for solo action fighting, but not for space game where combat has more tactical elements. If you take damage with your space ship - logically that it's components are damaged therefore work worse. I would understand if at some point your speed will decrease, you won't have initial agility and acceleration, part of weapons won't shoot anymore and resists would just decrease. I understand if stats don't change just for making combat a bit more fun-friendly and not that hardcore. But I cannot find any explanations why your ship should operate better when it's damaged and nearly destroyed. Old players should have advantage, in other case there is no sense in playing and learning skills.
  4. on previous Alpha stage they had servers running for 2-4 days per week. After 2 September you'll see next test session schedule via that link.
  5. As there is no land vehicles that actually need roads, maybe there is no need in roads
  6. One more server means twice more money for hardware rent/purchase plus twice more efforts for supporting both servers online. What you get - split community and longer feedback from testings. Adding one more sever before a release doesn't give NQ benefits.
  7. @davizar19 there may be such option when beta comes because many bakers have several beta invites, so probably someone will be sharing them. But beta is still ~1 year away from now
  8. Main problem with f2p games is not amount of bots, but amount of real money you need to spend for 'premium' stuff. Bots exist everywhere and DU won't be an exception. The same for RMT, it will be present in any popular game.
  9. I believe there was a post that currency amount is going to be regulated. Initially there would be npc buy orders for resources and stuff. Their amount should control money flow to player pockets. There are no other money sources anounced
  10. Miamato

    2 Res Nodes

    It depends whether you are going to lose smth when you exit corp There may be a lot of tricks here when you just lose some of your assets in this case, like ships parked at closed org hangars
  11. Miamato

    2 Res Nodes

    So actually you can build a resurrection node. Tell everyone that it's public and get small payments for registration, once you have enough money and people registered - build a bunker around with no exit make more money on letting people out
  12. Miamato


    Laser Raptors! Like in Kung Fury, because this is a bad ass game!
  13. Miamato

    2 Res Nodes

    The funny thing here if it's possible to make resurrection node 'public' so that if someone dies around. it's spawned in it. If yes, it will be exciting experience to be trapped inside someone basement without option to get out
  14. I definitely want to be able to plant trees/bushes/flowers that will grow overtime. Though some preset flowerpots were shown, yet it's not enough to create some underground gardens. When I was playing Minecraft - I've spent plenty of time building underground paradise between lava rivers
  15. I can argue with that. Both Space Engineers and Empyrion have serious performance issues when it comes to large constructs. Also both of them have lack of building possibilities - Space Engineers has less decorative blocks, but a bit more options for 'moving' parts, as it have rotors/pistons etc; Empyrion has a bit better design possibilities, but other mechanics are pretty simple. DU has much more design possibilities, as it provides better level of details and does not limit size of voxels to 'small' and 'large' without possibility to combine both. So even being MMORPG just in terms of building it provides much more options and as it doesn't have offline mode - many people would play solo, avoiding other players just to save their creations. Also playing sandbox MMO is not always about communication, some people may want just to see what other people build and show their own creations without direct interaction
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