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  1. The problem is that those 3 keys they give with $180 pack won't give you access to the game right now. They are for Beta stage, currently it's Pre-Alpha that will be followed by Alpha 1 and Alpha 2. I believe it won't be earlier than 6-12 month till beta begins. Also you can try your luck and participate actively in DU community life, from time to time they give some random keys.
  2. Miamato

    Hinges , wheels, or rotating devices

    All the suggestions were rejected - rotors, sliders, rails, wheels. So it won't be delivered at least in nearest future neither in beta nor after release.
  3. Miamato

    Do you play EVE Online?

    I've played a lot of MMO games and never saw an option to load multiple characters from a single account at a time. For me it makes sense to have some pvp or industrial character with a trader character on single account, as I believe trading won't require to be logged in 24/7. But there is almost no point keeping several characters that require active real time efforts on the same account. Frankly speaking I would be really upset if DU will be the same multiboxing hell as EvE.
  4. Miamato

    Do you play EVE Online?

    Just a reminder, cleaver people who pilot BS, especially in null sec always have some special setup for such cases. 1) Most BS that are used for ratting have more high slots than turret/launcher points. That means you can place X-Type Neut to that slot. It has optimal of 36km and fallof of 12km. So most frigates are dry in 2 cycles, that means they cannot use MWD and actually any other module that requires capacitor unless they have cap booster on a frigate. Then just a reminder that BS have mostly nice drone bays and when your frigate is dry - drones will eat you easily. And this module is pretty cheap and at the same time helps much for defending against small ships. 2) Other guys preffer to have webs + scrumble on their BS. That means if you are close enough - you are dead. 3) Almost anyone who does plexing on BS - has MJD on it. That means if you don't have scruble on your frigate and you don't put it when MJD is turned on - BS will escape to 100km and warp out if it doesn't want to fight. 4) Don't forget about jamm drones some people also take them into BS, especially if it has enough space in bay for rarely used drones, like Rattle. If person is a jellyfish - it will die to anyone regardless of both dudes accont skills and ships. I saw kills where industrial ship killed a BS (that is more like exception than a rule). I don't know where you lived, but usually intel channels exist and people who use them know about any 3rd party long before they are in the system, to say nothing about the grid. The only exception may be when WH opened in your system by gangers and you didn't notice it yet - you may die to that WH gangers. But they would never be newbies
  5. Miamato

    Do you play EVE Online?

    That means you really didn't get what I say and probably also don't know how eve works. Because most battleships piloted by old players won't even feel your dps on that T1 frigate, until this isn't some very rare AT frigate, even a cleaverly fitted mining barge have better chanse to kill your frigate. The second thing that you probably are missing that while new players stick to T1 frigates and T1 cruisers for a while - old players have much more diversity of choise and you'll spend a lot of time training some shiny BO or capital ship. The same with income - if old players can easily earn stable 300-400kk per hour on mothership with a chanse of additional money from special spawns - many of new players will make that money in a week. That means they won't be able to replenish their collection of T1 frigates that fast. As for industry - while you will be happy to mine ~20-30kk per hour from T1 barge, rorqual pilots can earn ~200kk per hour if they are mining just regular ore, and it will be around 1kkk if you are mining R64 moon goo. And as I said already in previous post - if you join nice ally - you can be useful even with small ships like T1 electronic frigates or interceptors, but most likely your gameplay in pvp will stick mostly to those few roles for few month. Because most of PVP alliance doctrines even for T1 BK expect almost perfect skills.
  6. Miamato

    Do you play EVE Online?

    Eve is fine now, endless wars, suicide gangs, calm mining and crafting, exploration and many other options. The only problem is that this is a very old game and new players need to spend a lot of time or money to have as advanced skills or assets as those old dudes that started 5-10-15 years ago. But what is really cool in EVE even smallest ships matter in big fight, so if you join some nice alliance - you won't feel useless newbie. As for devs playing their own game - as told above there were several stories when developers played unfair game and provided benefits for some alliance/player for money. There are also rumors that one of the alliences paid to EVE developers to make their region more profitable by making it the first place, where very special farming sites appear. The other rumors say that some bot-net people who make isk for selling pay someone from CCP just not to get banned. From my point of view it's almost impossible to control whether someone from development team helps other players or acts unfair, because only giving secret information about upcoming updates can make much more impact than just adding some new item for someone or just playing. On the other hand some CCP guys have official accounts that are used in rare special events like catch and kill a dev - win some stupid price.
  7. Miamato

    Is the Game Worth it ?

    I believe the best choise is to watch all dev blogs and decide whether you like what you see so much, that you want to pay 180euro or not right now. From my point of view the price is pretty high and as supporter packs will be available right until beta starts - there is enough time to make a decision and wait for more infromation from official source. Also keep in mind that currently NQ will make at least one full wipe for each testing stage, so there won't be advantage after release except some personal knowledge about the game.
  8. Miamato

    Ground vehicles

    It's better to let NQ implement common space crafts and finish solid mechanics for them and then add more stuff as increment, rather than try to do everything at once. There is no point in adding more content that doesn't work fine and causes issues.
  9. Miamato

    Do you play EVE Online?

    I play EVE since 2009 and still like the game and most updates to it. DU will never be an EVE clone, though it may have similar concepts in some areas. In general DU and EVE are totally different games about space. Currently there is only one direct clone of EVE and it's Perpetuum online. I've tried that game since the early super-closed-pre-alpha build and at that point most of skills has the same description as in EVE. DU should have more action like gameplay from what I understood from videos and devblogs, as it relies more on direct control as well as is hard for multiboxing. That's not only in EVE online practice to restrict dev team from common play, as they know much more about upcoming stuff and will be always in better position than regular players. The other thing that I wonder is why developers are not allowed to create another type of content for example controlling some special 'npc' ships during event ('kill ccp guy' event doesn't count as it's a rare case). Such approach may add more unpredictability to gameplay and environment itself would be not just bunch of objects and scripts. It's not only about DU or EVE, but in general about MMO games.
  10. Miamato

    Game access during the pre-alpha

    Current offers will be available till Beta start. So you still have enough time to check progress on Alpha 1 and Alpha 2 stage. Personally I'm waiting till the very end to make a decision whether I want to spend 180 eur.
  11. Miamato

    Game access during the pre-alpha

    Currently server is online only for 1-2 days a week. You can check scheduled date on website on the top of a page. As NQ told in their blogs, they are working on extending up-time of their servers after Alpha 1 stage is started (May/June), but still not 24/7.
  12. Miamato


    The first question - is it really required? If someone remembers official information please remind me about warp speed inside solar system. So do you really need the gate if for example with some middle grade ship you can travel from one side of solar system to another side in 20-30 minutes? How often you are planning to cross the system? Initial idea sounds like smth between Warp Gates on missions in EVE and Jump Bridges.
  13. The only strict thing is such rule may prevent from having base in safe zone. From my point of view it's quite logical if player cannot rely much on safe zones if he decides to be a pirate. And I don't claim anything I've suggested is planned. Just treat it as my own vision
  14. So if someone rich decides to place bounty on you, then you get killed and lose skills? Pretty fair. Especially for solo players or if someone dislikes you pretty hard and places bounty on you non stop. Penalties I've listed are not so strict and don't exclude any kind of community response. My point is that some basic, inbuilt system may exist, but at the same time orgs/alliances may extend the system by their own actions. The main difference is that SS system cannot be avoided but org/alliance response to your actions is a question to that orgs if they want to spend time on you.
  15. Probably you have misunderstood my point. Org standing and Security Status are not the same metrics and do not influence each other directly. Having a positive org standing doesn't mean players cannot attack each other, rather they most likely shouldn't, because it will influence org relations in general. Having negative org standing doesn't mean you can attack opponent with no penalty, but more that your corporations have tensions with each other. War declaration may mean that you can attack opponents without issues or SS drop. Security status is more about personal player metrics that is defined by his interaction with other players: If you are griefing - you lose SS. Attacking players without declared war - lose SS, attacked player received time-limited kill right on you. Stealing - lose SS. If SS is lower than some threshold: Anyone can attack you and your stuff without losing SS Your property in safe zones is arrested and cannot be used Market interaction is partially blocked or more taxes are applied or you can use only black market SS can be gained by some routine repetitive quests, so you should think twice before break the law