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  1. Miamato

    Standardizing construction

    I believe the only useful feature may be some sort of translator, that can be configured to send you details about form and size of landing zones. It can be placed by the owner of a construct and can work like parking guide for trading hubs. But I'm against mandatory standardization.
  2. Miamato

    A civil or military status for cores.

    Existence of non-destructible structure means one more mechanic to abuse. Because someone can build a military structure within a circle of civil ones. As a result the 'area of contact' with military structure may be pretty small therefore easy to defend. But probably there may be some kind of 'wonder of the world' contest once per month or few - where players select one most interesting/beautiful building and make it a public nature reserve - non destructible, but ownership is transferred to some non player based neutral corporation to avoid abuse. Even without it - that's enough to have safe zones on some moons where you can just bring/buy resources and build fancy stuff.
  3. Just a simple question - during the simulation, did you just spawn 30k avatars with random movement trajectories or did you simulate 30k externally connected clients with network load simulation and server-client synchronization check?
  4. It would be really interesting to see this ships in motion and understand how smooth the trajectories are
  5. Miamato

    EVE Online players , pls gather here ;)

    Test are strong nowadays there would be fun wars in EvE soon.
  6. Miamato

    EVE Online players , pls gather here ;)

    I'm still playing eve since 2009. It's still great game tried there almost all actuvities and ship types - the new race and titans is the only stuff left to try. But for me eve lacks of visual creativity that voxel games have. That's actually the only reason for me to wait DU - be able to design and test my own creations
  7. Miamato

    My take on Trains

    I believe it will be possible to code on lua some basic navigation for hovers, so they go only on particular route. But that is not 'a train', just a workaround.
  8. Miamato

    What would the 7 Greatest Wonders of DU be?

    The greatest wonders should be: 1) Players Community 2) Servers stability and uptime 3) Absence of lags and smooth gameplay in heavy crowded areas/battlefields 4) Amount of 'building blocks' to open infinite possibilities for creation 5) Well managed NQ vs Players communication to grab best ideas and introduce them into game, while not damaging balance 6) Coverage of most gameplay styles in one game - solo/coop/meta-game; 7) Descent attention for all professions directions, early-mid-end game That are the main 7 wonders that may make the game great and let everyone enjoy it. Without it DU will be just another game where people build big things, that sometimes look cool So I hope all that stuff will be real at least after release and will just be improved overtime.
  9. Miamato

    EVE Invasion

    If you are talking about ingame LUA programming and kind of creations from items set provided by NQ - yes, it's great to have kind of building blocks that allow to create anything. But if you think that allowing third-party people to develop their functionality by contributing to game code itself - it won't happen and is not a good idea. Just because it will be a nightmare to verify all that 'players magic code', keep it balanced and optimized for performance. As for VR - I believe game industry is not there yet. Even with few nice games released for VR - currently it's more like proof of concept, because it's too demanding to keep picture nice.
  10. Miamato

    EVE Invasion

    Agree with that, but also it depends greatly on how soon players will reach the limits of 'end game' or just in certain aspects. In other words from people should not feel like they've finished a game and there's nothing new to them from technical perspective.
  11. Miamato

    Universal standards, and how to encourage them.

    I believe the main issue is about not adding special block, but implementing mechanism of transferring part of "construct 1" grid to control of "construct 2" grid. So it includes: attaching the static construction part to transporter (two grids merge); aligning it correctly to 'master' construction part; detach transporter and keep both construction parts static; welding it with any kind of 'merging' blocks. Anyway the easiest way to check if it may be implemented in early release versions - is to place suggestion on trello board and wait for devs response.
  12. Miamato

    Universal standards, and how to encourage them.

    Unless there is a possibility to merge several grids into single one - there is no point in complex standards system. In other words if you want to 'dock' on someones else station - the only standard you should follow is the size of docking area/hangar/doors. But for example if it would be possible to delegate building of big parts to different 'companies', then transport them somehow and further assemble into single construct - it would be nice to have inbuilt mechanics to check whether those parts fulfill standards requirements. But I doubt that it would be possible to merge constructs in nearest future
  13. Miamato

    Do you play EVE Online?

    I'm very sorry that my opinion is different from experts like you You just told that noone knows how DU Meta game will look like, so why are you so confident, that on large scale it will be so different? I agree that there is not much you can design on your own from visual art perspective. But design in general is not limited to it. What do you mean by civilian life? No-one builds personal mansions/houses? You didn't see any private 'parties' inside the game? Or didn't get any player made quests? Never heard about races? Many communities create their own stories, follow their own role play rules and add more sense into that card game they are playing with ships. The question is whether you ever tried to find that kind of content in EvE. Probably because DU was initially designed as weird mix of EvE and Minecraft. Currently there are a lot of mechanics announced that are kind of modifications of EvE ones. The other reason is that not many MMO games about spaceships exist in released stage.
  14. Miamato

    EVE Invasion

    First of all hisec belts don't have all the minerals. Some of them do not exist in hisec at all, some of them are in such a small amount, that you won't be able to build anything descent from them. So to make the long story short - just imagine full wipe of EvE servers, when all players have no skills, no market exists, no infrastructure - the most demanding profession will be miners and industrial guys. Then mission runners/NPC hunters to provide basic ISK amount for purchasing blueprints from NPC. So it will be exactly the same 'desert' with insane lack of minerals supply and really big demand.
  15. Miamato

    EVE Invasion

    That's a little bit wrong. First of all the only source of 'out of nowhere' ore are regular ore belts. They re-spawn twice a week. Regular belts don't contain much ore, they have small stones and not so convenient to mine in huge amounts. Then there is anomaly ore. Anomalies have 2 types - random ones, that do not provide valuable amount of ore; and upgrade dependent. So to have that Colossal, Enormous and lesser anomaly belts you need to fullfill some conditions: Have IHub installed in system. Put industry upgrades there. Both are not cheap and not convenient to transport (especially 4 and 5 lvl). They also require regular ISK payments to work. You need to sustain system industry index - that means if noone mines for few days - you will have less amonalies. So again it means non stop effort required from miners. You need to defend your claim and miners from NPC and PVP dudes. Another thing - moon belts: Require citadels, fuel for citadels. Usually belts are spawned with ~1 month interval per each moon. You have 2 days to grab the ore, or it will disappear till next cycle finishes. You need to defend your claim and miners from NPC and PVP dudes. From all this sources only anomalies have semi-random place - but considering they are within the same system - it doesn't matter much. So for having all this infrastructure that allow you to mine 'infinite' amounts - you need to spend tons of resources, time and military efforts both for initial setup and for sustaining. So it's incorrect to say, resources appear from nowhere at all. Also do not forget that to utilize that ore you need large amount of expensive citadels to reprocess ore, to build ship components, to assemble capital and supercapital ships. Add military citadels on top, that eat insane amount of resources also. There are plenty of people who spend resources for building their own bases just for fun, even if they don't need them much. There are plenty of people who collect big ships even if they never fight with them. If you remember numbers JC told in some of the presentations - planets will be insanely large that means they'll contain amount of resources close to infinite. So the only difference is that instead of EvE like requirement to build 'ore generating' infrastructure - you'll need to spend that effort on moving around and scanning layers of deposits. You'll still need some base to drop off your ore, but you won't need anything to make the ore actually spawn.