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  1. Community Suggestions Trello

    How to join their discord?
  2. New Supporter Packs

    I was pleased when I saw that topic Now everything depends on how tasty the new packs would be... I missed first backer round for 2 days, let's hope won't miss this one
  3. The Subscription System

    Only from first glance. The same I can tell about any other game - on high level all games are just about pressing some buttons to see a different picture on monitor. Eve and DU are at the same time totally different games, that have similar approaches to some gameplay aspects. Definitely both will be hardcore and have difficult learning curve. And this two factors are one of key factors to limit the public. The third one - less sexy elfs that fulfill fantasies.
  4. The Subscription System

    In my country average salary is ~200-250$ per month. That means half of citizens cannot afford anything like this subscription. But as mentioned before - DACs (PLEX) system is best option for them. If you enjoy the game - you will spend enough time to purchase subscription with game currency. If you are good at some game aspect or at least communication with other players - they may find you useful and may pay for you to stay in the team. I'm playing EVE since May 2009 and I disagree with anyone who thinks such kind of games may be 'purchase once and play'. If developers have not enough money to sustain severs and team - game won't exist. The second issue with DU as well as EVE - they won't ever become so popular as some titty-elf-rpgs, as they are complex enough to push away casual players. That is why developer company won't get insane money from initial sales.
  5. Career Poll

    What if I want to be exotic dancer...
  6. About Lua script

    Probably things changed. Or it may depend on ship/weapon size, because it makes no sense if small ship with 2-3 turrets needs a crew to operate it - pilot, 2-3 gunners, ammo loaders, exotic dancers and a personal gardener
  7. About Lua script

    I believe you will to some extend. It seems that in one of dev blogs it was mentioned - you can write lua script for turrets but it won't be so efficient as live people.
  8. Actually a lot of people may come to the game if it has some descent farming simulation Especially if you can open your own Space Donalds or Burger Queen. All I want is dynamically change hulls of the ships. As described in some other topics - a set of blocks/modules that will add movement to your bases/ships, ie rotate/slide/pump/piston things. So that you can press a button and your transport ship will change 'archived state' to big hangar state where you can dock ships, place cargo boxes, etc. Or build base with rotating circle around it, etc. But unfortunately I'm almost confident it won't happen at least few years if would at all.
  9. Multiple playable species

    It's better to add more technologies than playable races. Just like T3 stuff appeared in EVE - people discovered some hidden space areas, collected artifacts from alien ruins/corpses; a little bit of reverse engineering and refactoring, shaman dances and a piece of magic - you get new shiny blueprints. On the other side I don't mind the universe to be empty from other cleaver species, unless they are flying sharks with dragon wings and women breasts. Fermi paradox is actually helpful to understand that meeting another alive civilization is rather impossible, because they either dead already or not yet developed or they are separated too much by expanding space.
  10. If there are some mining lasers or drills, they should do damage just for realism, but at the same time should be inefficient if someone tries to use them as main weapon on vehicle.
  11. Ship Design Atelier (Holo Deck)

    I don't understand your concern about having drone. If you created a blueprint in ghost mode, why do you need to build the same thing but physical again manually? According to your logic there should be totally no automated building, that means people would need to create things manually again and again, that would be fun only for first 2-3 times. Then it becomes just grind. If you read my previous messages - I suggested approach to take time and require player to be within drone operation range. Why? You shouldn't be able to build it in few minutes or hours. But if you are rich enough and have all the resources, plenty of time, then why you can't do it? Just because 'team-play rules the world'? It would be harder but not impossible as you want it to be.
  12. Ship Design Atelier (Holo Deck)

    Probably you got it wrong. Even without this mechanics in theory you will be able to build huge ship. What I described won't make much difference, as you still need to spend time and much manual effort to build anythings. But at the same time you won't need to salvage your ship if you decide that some of modules inside it was placed incorrectly or decide that you need another module there. The drone idea is just to replace routine work - for example you want to create 3 similar ships, regardless of their size - if you'll need to place everything manually, that is insane and not interesting at all. It's not about communication, it's more about reduce stupid grind where it's not needed. Teams will still have advantage and it would be much faster for them to build anything, especially big constructs. I was not talking about mass production, just a way to make building and design process easier. And I disagree with people that want to build everything by hand and in a team. I'm fine to spend x5 time more than some team and design or build smth on my own, but at the same time I want it to be convenient. If mass production would exist - I believe it should be smth like automated factory, and creation of such factory means you spent enough time for factory itself to allow you to build smth automatically there according to your factory size.
  13. Space music

    Reminds me about DU lore a little bit
  14. Ship Design Atelier (Holo Deck)

    When I was thinking about how I would like to see building process in this game, there were several variant that should prevent abuse and still allow people to design vehicle before actual blocks are placed: - Have shadow mode where you can place any of blocks that exist in game. - Once you have created your vehicle you can save it to private blueprint storage. You cannot trade or give such blueprint to anyone else. - Then two options: -- building drone - some short range drone that has some kind of cargo for blocks and can get them from player or storage defined by player (you should have access rights to that storage). So this drone continues building your creation if you have all needed parts/blocks and until you stay in operating range. -- player has some hand-module that places blocks according to blueprint, if those blocks are available in his inventory. - After at least one construct for the blueprint is finished - those blueprint is unlocked for trading or exchange. So with such approach you cannot just spawn smth in a minute, you spend time both for designing and actual building process, you cannot abuse blueprint sale without having your blueprint built. But you save much time as you don't need to make a physical thing first and realize that it's not what you wanted to build. From experience in Empyrion - I don't like building on live servers without blueprints as it takes too much time to navigate around a vehicle, especially if it's not smth tiny, and much more time for replacing badly placed blocks/modules. At the same time I don't like immediate placing by blueprints in that game.
  15. Gravity Plating

    From my point of view that is not much needed for small scale ships or constructs if you have possibility to move with jet-pack (I believe there is smth like it in the game). For bigger creations it should not be kind of special surface but more like a module that generates gravity inside and probably on outer construct surface. As for non seated avatars floating in space - this should be not controlled by some safety system, but by the people themselves. I believe no-one wants to travel with some intruders attached to the ship without possibility to leave them behind.