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  1. Now, yes, later hopefully not. I agree, it is not a priority for sure, but when I see what people does already in the game I'm pretty sure adding the possibilities of moving part of ship from other like that would be a huge things. But yeah, don't expect it before 2 or 3 years x)
  2. That's something I don't get, there is already moving voxel in any direction with dynamic core, what is the difference between 2 ships and 2 blocs of voxel moving from each other in one ship ? It may indeed cause performance issue if everyone has a couple of moving voxels inside their ship, but that would be great to find a solution as having this functionality would greatly improve the game experience.
  3. I am hopping for a camera as well, would be nice to have a window-less fighter ingame
  4. discordauth:KBGdR1jafmzBHHI08Dg0O5oSiuSQbklPNL0yhj_rCdc=
  5. Well this is not much breaking NDA. Just a bit x)
  6. Agree. So in previous post I was talking only about docking. You're both right indeed That's exactly what I tried to explain earlier, I guess i explain it wrong
  7. You have a main ship, you can dock things to it, it must be pre-defined -> 1 attach = 1 exact construct design to be docked on. You want to dock 10 ships ? fair enough, you can, but you have to pre-define the behavior of your main ship for any combinaisons. EDIT: also this, because one attach must have a limit of weight. EDIT2: It wouldn't be very convenient if you want to do a mother ship or something like "automatic fuel swap" or any "small" module swap. It may have some rules like : if the attached DCU is 3/4 times smaller than the main ship then just set the attach to weight a certain amount, wether or not something is docked to it, in the scenario it wouldn't be very realistic as a mother ship would have the same weight with or without its drones, but that simplify the process a lot.
  8. Actually I thought about this kind of things also, rails would be nice but before I wish to have 3d movement with : translation, rotation and ... patella ? not sure of this one in english, in french it's "rotule" this is just the basic Linkage : https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Linkage_(mechanical) this is what you want for doing such a thing: but they probably already planned it as in the E3 demo they featured a cargo door opening from the giant aircraft.
  9. this, plus i hate temporary effect by nature in every games I just hate when someone basically have less skills than you, have the same character/ship than you, but took hundread of pills and go to god mode. I also hate when games start to rely on this kind of consommable. And i'm not a big fan of narcos, side undiserable effects are not worth :x But, if it doesn't provide huge boost and is not called "heroin", i can certainly deal with it.
  10. Aesir

    Raming ship

    Hooo but hasn't DU the right to be cool as well ? It still adds another gameplay mechanic, whatever if the other games has it or not, I think it should be cool in DU Anyway, i'm pretty sure a simple (technically speaking) ram weapon would be nice, not sure how to make it works, their is plenty of options, it could also be activated only when you reach a certain speed and therefore get rid of the dash mechanic, etc ...
  11. Aesir

    Raming ship

    I do agree We can get rid of the dynamic damage and just do it as other weapons does. But wouldn't be so cool to ram into a ship and split it in two pieces
  12. Aesir

    Raming ship

    you do not have a local point of impact when considering the weapon, either you hit or not. you may have a local point of impact when doing the physics of bouncing, but this is not related to the weapon itself, its about collision in general. Hum, i don't see the point, maybe i was not clear, but this is basically a "normal" melee weapon with instant damage which have also the effect of dashing forward on a little range. I don't think their is anything different from a normal melee weapon despite the dash part. In another hand, melee weapons are always a nightmare to balance properly, so I don't expect them too soon.
  13. Aesir

    Raming ship

    yes sure, but we can still have the collision physics added to this I guess. You don't have the assiocated "collision damage" but you still have the physics for collision.
  14. Aesir

    Raming ship

    Could be just a matter of price/size/mass of the weapon, if you wanna do massive damage you need a very expensive ship. In another hand, I don't think that ramming should be allowed on static construct.
  15. Aesir

    Raming ship

    Hey guys, actually ramming mechanic could be a weapon type rather than a physics compute. You may have a ram weapon, you lock your target, if you are going in the right direction (to be defined) then you can activate the module and the damage could be a certain amount of damage either a fix amount or a computed one, let says something like : "your ship mass * your velocity / target ship mass"
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