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  3. followup to this... the next date is the 10th but is there a specific time? last i heard they where moving toward 24 hour tests but im not sure if they met that goal yet.
  4. Welcome to the community Harvey! Always great to see new faces!
  5. Excited to see how you develop, best of luck to you!
  6. Space engineer, Elite player and (a little) of an EVE player here too! i figure you're a long time lurker so you wont need much in terms of touring, so, Welcome to the forums!!!
  7. Welcome to the forums and the world of DU my friend.
  8. Discord Server: https://discord.gg/tTsywcw Organization Link: The SCEF Welcome, explorers, to the Sicarian Battle Network. The SCEF is the group for all players. Both those who love what you would come to expect from an organization, and for those who enjoy being fairly autonomous and prefer playing mostly by themselves or with small, close knit groups of friends, but still want the opportunity to interact with a large organization and participate in the activities that only organizations will have access to in game. How we will operate. As an organization we're ultimately focused on one thing, enjoying the game, which means providing the opportunity to engage as many play styles as possible. Everything from individual jobs like mining, building, trading and military occupations, to organizational structures ranging from military chain of command, to a loosely ruled 5 man band of brothers, just having fun playing games after work. But no matter what you choose, you'll still have the support of the organization. Lets dig into the details. The Primary Operations Command- The P.O.C. is our version of a typical organization, you know, with territories, factories and big awesome fleets of military and commercial ships. This is the place for the players who love the big group organizations and being apart of a large bustling community of players. As part of the POC you'll be given an occupation as a way to support the organization when the need arises. While there are certainly more occupations that could become relevant, here are a few that we already know we will have. Military: Marine- both a pilot and an infantryman, responsible for manning defenses or engines of war when called upon to fight. Combat engineer- for the builders who don't mind getting dirty, CE's may be stationed on military installations and vessels that are destined for combat, and have to fix them in the middle of it. Recon specialist- born for the shadows, those who join recon can expect to be far from home, behind enemy lines and gaining Intel on the enemies of our organization. or blowing them up... Civilian: Builders- just want to build in peace? builders can be expected to work far from the front lines building ships, buildings and anything else we might need. Ideally, really far from all the explosions. Miners- for those who love digging in the dirt, you'll have free reign over any mining equipment in our inventory and likely be stationed wherever the most ore is. Traders / transport- truck drivers of the space age, these guys keep our supply lines moving. Everything from ammo to ore to trade goods. + any other jobs that may come in handy. Officer roles are also available for all of the above occupations. Officers will be in charge of a group of people in the same occupation, and will be chosen based off of a combination of merit and leadership skill. The Detachments- The detachments are for the lone wolves and small groups who enjoy each others company, but don't want to get to buried in the operations of a large organization, yet still want access to the end game content that large groups provide, and the support network that comes with in the event of a raid. As a detachment member you will be almost completely autonomous from the main organization, lead by the group founder or an elected member. Detachments don't need to be near organization territory and can establish their own base anywhere on any planet, and can actively recruit new friends into the org. Detachments are still part of the organization though, so while detachments will be almost completely separate from the main group, detachment commanders will have to follow general guidelines set by POC officials (like don't blow up this allied organization) and will be asked to passively keep an eye on their local area to assist recon teams with helpful information (like large fleet movements, bases and org vs org battles) Any questions? ask them here, PM me or join my discord if you want to talk! (link up top) Basic Command structure + Ranking: https://docs.google.com/drawings/d/1-i-j7JAMllsDsNdUOekeabjWpzUa0da657zlPoTR7eI/edit?usp=sharing
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