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  1. discordauth:Umy9_-W-ebmnyAyBeva4PV6kjJQ8r7f5GSnez3t__0U=

  2. This is a very thourough and thought out post and I do agree with many points you have made and the fact that yes, this topic does get me worked up a fair bit. It's just that the first thing I heard about the game was that its a persistant world without safe zones, and ever since then I have been building upon that within my imagination so I was shocked when I found out and worried after seeing what trammel has done to other titles. I think that having a couple of safe moons aside from the safe starter zone is a good compromise, it will allow those types of players focused on the architectural side of the game to work on their own visions in peace and resource transport to these zones can also create traffic and PvP hotspots. I totally have to disagree with this particular post however, one thing you have to keep in mind is that you are never a victim. I have played PvE roles in games before and yes occasionally you are killed, but you have to do everything in your power to make it more difficult for those people trying to kill you, not sit there and whine that you are being bullied. There will be some safe zones in the game and that is official, so those are available for your use.
  3. But you do not create your own safe zones, there are only some safe moons where you can claim land.
  4. Its your job to keep your cities safe, from what I have read here and from the official statement the safe zones will be for small individual or group constructs for select individuals who are scared of conflicts, not for building a city or empire.
  5. Those STU's are only able to be placed within the afformentioned existing safe zones if thats what you mean. And are not player made safe zones.
  6. Thanks! Yeah I get what you are saying about having to bring the rss there, it won't be that bad as long as there aren't too many.
  7. Hey there, so I have recentlty been considering buying into alpha 1 and have been watching some more videos when I cam across this one: Where at 3:07 it is stated that there will be safe moons where players can build without risk. So heres my question, is this really the model they are going with? I thought that this was going to be an open world PvP game without any safezones asides from the starting areas/spawns, however having whole moons that are safe on which you could potential store resources and build etc will take away from the PvP aspect alot.
  8. Hello everyone, my name is Valhalo I come from a small medieval MMO called Mortal Online, I've never played any space-related game in my life, very interested in watching this game develop and definitely going to be playing whenever I am able to, be that if there is an open beta or on release day. Hello
  9. I have attempted many different image sizes ranging from 600x400 to 1200x300 all banner shaped, is there s specific size I should use?
  10. So I have been attempting to create a cover photo for my Profile page, however I encountered the issue that once I upload the image it is extremely 'zoomed in' as it is only showing a portion of the image, and I cannot find any options to resize it, I'm not entirely sure what the issue is, I tried large and small images and the results are the same. I am possibly missing something extrememly obvious here but if anyone could tell me what I am doing wrong it would be much appreciated.
  11. Thankyou very much for the answers everyone, going to try and figure out how to upvote them!
  12. Hey I heard about the game Dual Universe a while back and have been lightly following it for almost a year, with the Pre-Alpha being released rather soon i'd like to get more 'into' the game and the community. Throughout this time I have been wondering about the PvP aspect of this game and what PvP will be like on release, which interests me the most and I have a few questions as to its functionality. 1) Is this game open world full loot PvP asides from the begining safe zone? 2) Is space craft combat free aim or assisted somehow? 3) Will there be weapons to be used by an individual on foot that can be crafted or obtained? Eg, a modern firearm or a futuristic adaptation of a modern firearm. That's all for now, thanks in advance
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