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  1. Lets not hope, that their system depends on some 'bad algorithm" to detect possible/suspicious behaviour... I experienced in Wildstar such bad algorithm and got falsely accountflagged (they even admitted it), They could un-suspend an account but not undo a 'flagged account' . Meaning I could not use several paymentoptions eventhough I had done nothing wrong. What I am trying to say is: the game is VERY VERY time-consuming, so no faults can be made with 'a monitoring system' Note: al catched hackers, bots and cheaters/scammers should be at least IP-banned and n
  2. Having several 'NPC-Space-Bosses" in game to defeat: to defeat with only a/your Organization and there for to stimulate teamwork which can give cool rewards such as exceptional (parts) blue-prints or exceptional materials and or some kinda reputation or temporaly buff (example: for 1 week 15% more resources when gathering)
  3. Could this be possible? Imagine a cargo-fleet beeing protected by the Holy Trinity Fleet. A Tanker- bomber-ship to absorb incomming damage towards the cargo fleet, reparing ships flying around to repair tanker- and cargo ships en several smaller ships doing the dps? It's like having a "Mercenary Company" to protect others in the Holy Trinity form...
  4. Why do you think so many voted "NO" my friend? No space-narcotic, means one worrie less from succeeding, al they have to worrie about now is the snitch who gives the smuggling-intel to the space-pirates and or rival drug-cartels
  5. Will we suffer from (RNG) 'space-weather elements' like solar storms, big astroidfields, wormholes, incomming meteorites and such, wich we should protect ourselves from?
  6. Or...it give us reason/meaning to explore further and beyond deep space to discover new resources. Or we wait untill maintenance 'the next week' and see if a new planet with new resources has been implemented overnight
  7. Having warpgates would be handy fro travelings great distances, than again: its also would be a great 'pit-stop' to pick up goodies from strangers as a space-pirate...... I rather see a form of hyperspace-function on your ship, without having certain static warp-point on the map, to camp out by space-pirates
  8. You are right about this ^ but I thought in one of the videos on the site they also mentioned about player cannot create their own 'safe-zone' but something smaller refered to as a "(personal) bubble" ? IF I am correct the question could be how big of an area this "bubble" would be (to work in safely)
  9. Maybe I start up the biggest chain of Space-Fast-Food Reataurants. No matter if you are a Empire, a smugler, soldier, miner, a space-trucker, friend or foe: YOU ALL NEED FOOD!!
  10. As a person who have not played (pre) Alpha or such, so excuse me if Qs sound stupid: how to maintain "claimed" territory? Just with those TCU's? Those TCU's can be destroyed? If yes you, loose your territory / building area? What can happen with 'your' territory, once you logout?
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