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  1. Thanks for the warm welcome guys! @ Novark Citizen: single-shard, open world, and plenty of sandbox tools giving players a lot of freedom were key points which attracted me to DU... oh yeah, it's in space, too.
  2. I am not sure why some people are telling that it's impossible to play games like EVE (and possibly DU) solo, and actually enjoy it. When I started, I moved to lowsec quite fast and have lived there as a loner for almost a year, and at that time it was by far the best MMO experience I've had. Granted that later on I've joined my first corp, then eventually went on into 0.0 business, which opened up a whole new game for me, but that's different story.
  3. I've discovered this game just recently, and as an EVE and Elite: Dangerous vet starving for something really new (and I mean NEW) in Sci-Fi sandbox gaming, I think that DU looks like a very promising project. Although not a backer, I will definitely follow the development, and hopefully jump into it once it goes live. Best wishes and good luck to everyone! <Sputnik off>
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