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  2. I can't say whether this is old news or already sorted--I'm following DU but I'm not on the forums too much. Great topics though. Here are a few of my thoughts on the subjects-- Travel I like the idea of travel being slow, but I wouldn't expect NQ to implement a 12 hour travel time between solar systems. I could imagine it taking 3-5 hours between systems, but that's a complete guess. Obviously, this will be dependent on the speed your traveling, which is likely to rely on the type of tech/ship you are flying. Regarding stargates--I understand your position on not wanting them in the game, but I don't think that's the answer. NQ needs to cater to the masses, and people want to be able to travel to different areas of the game without signing up for a 5 hour excursion. Nothing to fret over though--we are not likely to see these in games for at least many months upon release. Hell, I doubt NQ will even have the features designed/implemented upon release. It will take time for people to build the technology on Alioth, let alone travel to another system to link the two together. I'm hopeful that NQ will spend some time balances stargates when the time comes. I doubt they want them to only be dominated by a single org. Big Ships Couldn't have said it better. While there will need to be empty space to house cargo, they should certainly be filled with equipment. Having prerequisites for certain equipment, or safeguards against damage/malfunctions via installation of backup/complimentary equipment is a great idea to "fill" a space ship. That being said--they shouldn't be filled for the sake of being filled. Everything should have a reason, and the various pieces/types of equipment should be scaled/proportionate compared to the ship as a whole. Blueprints Sorry to burst your bubble, but don't expect blueprints to go anywhere. I understand your concerns regarding certain designs becoming the "go-to" for the planet, but that's merely one of the results of a crafting/manufacturing system them puts the control in the player's hands. Hell--if someone makes a "perfect ship", why shouldn't it be the go-to for the planet? That's a function of the player-made economy. There will always be people that will make their own ships, even if it's a minor variation from the norm.
  3. Eating and drinking shouldn't be necessary to survive. They should be implemented, but used for buffing crafting, pvp, other traits. I would like a system similar to Star Wars Galaxies. The items provide another layer to the player-made economy, providing a whole market for players to be involved in. Harvest/manufacturing/distributing--all these things would be managed by players. It's a great content creator, but it doesn't need to be something everyone needs partake in if they don't want to.
  4. In the KS comments (too many to sort through) and in a livestream where JC answered a bunch of questions. Don't have the time or desire to go hunting for it. EDIT - NVM, someone linked it!
  5. It's been said many times that Alpha will not happen until after March. Saying Jan-May is misleading. Alpha is expected in Q2 of 2017.
  6. I'd stay away from saying early 2017. I know you qualify it with "not before March", but some people see "early 2017" and stop reading. Additionally, it's not really early 2017 if it's after Q1. Just say Q2. That implies April-June.
  7. I get what you're saying, but I think you aren't taking into consideration the size of the planet and how that will provide many different areas for essential (valuable) resources. Organization are going to distance themselves and get their bases set up, and no one really knows the complexities of the territory system when it comes to capturing, securing, and attacking/defending. We do know that it's not going to be something that you can pull off in a few hours, so it will take significant planning for an organization to completely take control of another's territory. For me, it's about the game being established under the premise/gameplay style that results from having CvC combat. This means lots more coordination among friends to secure important areas, whereas without CvC, and player can come waltzing in without a care to what's around them. Simply put--there's a lot less to worry about. Some would argue that's a good thing, but I like challenges and creating opportunities for coordinated organizations to begin taking control of certain areas/aspects of the game. It's important to note that there are a lot of great organizations out there. Not every organization is out to reign with an iron fist.
  8. Much of what you're asking about will be handled through the Rights & Duties Management System. Check out this devblog if you haven't read it. Essentially, when you buy something from a market, you will be able to designate a 3rd party to interact with the market and access the goods you purchased. What UI will this be done through? No one knows. But the system is there. I believe the system can be specific enough as to limit the ability of the 3rd party to only pick up the item, put it in their ship, and drop it off at the buyer's specified location. The 3rd party carrier will not be able to sell the item or trade it to someone else, for instance. I don't think anyone can speak to exactly how this would work in-game, in terms of what proximity the ship needs to be from the container. Presumably, the radius will be enough to where landing won't be a huge concern. Remember though--ships aren't going to come right away. The first markets won't even have ships in mind. Maybe they will require market owners to invest in the infrastructure of the market, creating landing pads and ample room for their customers.
  9. Hate to say it, but I agree. I loved the hidden hangar and the feel of the area. Then I see 3 people creating a few boxes and adding a few pre-made items. Then we get a wonderful top view (0:38 second of the video) and see the wings aren't even symmetrical. :facepalm: Not a fan of minimal-effort videos. While I have no doubt the KS will be funded, I think it could have gone much better with some more solid videos where you can see there was an effort putting the time in.
  10. Agreed with Pang. DAC's are meant to be used for subscription time for the official game. Not alpha/beta testing versions of the game.
  11. Is this not confirmed? It seems like skill caps are something they intend, given they are allowing you to have 3 characters. If not, I hope there are skill-caps too. Even if they are relatively high and allow for unrelated specializations.
  12. I too agree with Lethys. All your stuff is taking up resources and you're (probably) training skills most of the time when you're offline. It doesn't make sense to not be charging the consumer for that time.
  13. Welcome! There are a lot of good topics/idea floating around on the forums. Start taking a look and getting involved!
  14. I think NQ should have a repository of hundreds of potential names. Let the person who discovers it pick from the list of names, or allow them to input a suggestion and have NQ approve it.
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