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  1. No offense meant, just being sure everyone is on the same page. And yes, I am sure there will be lots of names and name-calling that will occur, it is the internet after all! I am happy to hear you read the original thread, a lot of people just skip it and miss out on everything in there!
  2. Anyone living on Alioth will probably be referred to this way, but what about those who venture into the vast emptiness of space and settle on a planet called Xandar? I would assume that they will prefer the term "Xandarians" since that is their planet's name. Nobody is saying that planetary-based names shouldn't be used, but that isn't necessarily what this thread is meant to establish. This was discussed a bit in the original thread, follow the link in my first post and it will bring you straight there! Part 1 was very interesting indeed as a lot of good names were suggested that didn't make it into this "Final Showdown". If nothing else, it will give you a pretty solid idea of what this poll is aiming for.
  3. Hmmm... never would have guessed. Welcome to the forums! If you have any questions feel free to ask, most of the members here will be happy to help you out! Also, don't forget the search function. It takes a minute to figure out but works pretty well once you do.
  4. Well, if someone is cheating they would have to be using an alternate account. I have the poll set up to accept only one vote per account, though I may have private voting on. That just means you don't see the names of who voted for which option. However, if you decide to change your vote you can always do so, just press "delete my vote" in the poll box and select the other option.
  5. I like the idea of moving parts changing the center of a ships mass! It would be cool to have them do something other than just move for aesthetics.
  6. As far as the moving parts go, it is something a lot of people want to see implemented at some point down the road. On that note, with LUA scripting you wouldn't even need a button to get the x-wings or Tomcat wings to work likethe real deal. You could just script the parts responsible for moving them to be triggered when the right criterea are met, like: speed, direction of travel + direction craft is facing, etc.
  7. Personally, I would like to see some version of this in-game. The only real issue I can see arising is if certain organizations wish to keep their political affiliations secret. Maybe it could be an optional thing, as in organizations could choose not to be included in the list. Either way, it would be nice to see the connections between different orgs in real time.
  8. I won't list the reasons I posted what I did Twerk, though they are numerous. I agreed that you made a valid argument in favor of Arkers. Others have made valid arguments in favor of Colonists. This thread is intended to be a FRIENDLY poll to see which name most people prefer. Let's not turn it into something else please.
  9. You made a very good argument for "Arkers" Twerk, up to this point: I am not bashing your opinion. You like Arkers because it makes the most sense to you. I am glad you like it! If it didn't make sense, I wouldn't have put it on the poll. However, this brings me to my point: Colonists also makes sense, or it wouldn't be there either! To many people, the backstory of the Arkship lends itself to players being Colonists, since we will be colonizing a new galaxy. On the flip side is the fact that "real" colonists are the ones who are far removed from major centers of civilization. What I am getting at is: there is no need to bash other people's preference or try to insult them by calling them, "carebear, tool or coward". (Perhaps I misunderstood you're meaning? If so I apologize. ) Personally, I would be happy to use either option, and am eagerly waiting to see which one wins out!
  10. Having the armor reflect what is equipped would be pretty cool! I am playing a game currently where this is the case, and is nice to know who has what before you engage in combat! But even from an immersion point of view, it would make sense, regardless of whether you are fighting or not.
  11. Wow, still neck-and-neck! Right now we've got Arkers at 14 votes and Colonists at 15! Let's keep it going fellas and gals!
  12. I can see your point. On this particular subject, it would appear that a decision has already been made by NQ. However, this behavior does tend to happen in other threads where no such clarification has surfaced, and certain individuals are notorious for having an, "I don't like your idea so it will never happen and you must be stupid," attitude. (I don't think I need to point out who I am referring to, although he may not recognize it himself, the rest of us know who he is.) Basically, there is no reason to get upset at others for holding a different opinion than you or I may have. In the end, the only difference it will make is how high our blood pressure is! Being reasonable and explaining the logic behind your opinion (without being condescending,) will bring about the best results in relation to creative ideas and diversity of opinions.
  13. While this is true, a lot of ideas that were posted on the forums have become part of the game. The Devs have made it clear that they don't want to add content that will break the immersion, but they have also proven that they do listen to good ideas and are willing to develop ways to implement them into the game. So, while we don't actually have a voice in the final decision-making process, we can always throw ideas out there. Who knows, maybe in the future, if / when they add something like this they will read what people have suggested and use that as a guide for what to make! (P.S. I hate to be that guy, but Rey was in Star Wars: The Force Awakens, not Rogue One. )
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