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  1. Thanks for the update, cannot wait to see how the re balance works out.
  2. Hey mate, sorry to bother you.

    During the last test I believe you mentioned to me that you used to play a different game that helped you to learn to build voxel ships? I was just wondering what that game was called as when I build ships on Space Engineers they are more practical than  good looking. Most of them end up like a borg cube! Plus SE voxels are a lot more limiting than DU.




  3. Joostan


    I so like that idea but think they might just start off with remote cameras that you can tap into via a camera view as opposed to screens but screens would be way cooler.
  4. Oi how come your more popular than me? ?

    1. Zorodek


      When am I not? Muahahaaaa 

      looking forward to integrating once I’ve experienced the pre-alpha

  5. discordauth:0S6nAq3GZzx_upvvOYmoheGfmYBOgJMRj6Hsnqip7rk=

  6. Joostan

    Hey all

    Just thought I would say a quick hi to you all. Originally backed this game with the Silver package back in 2016, been following the progress ever since. Finally bit the bullet and purchased the Patron pack last week as I cannot wait to try this out and hope I can contribute to the development. Been playing most space games since the original Elite back in 1984 on the good old BBC Micro, and have not stopped since (All Elites, All the X series, EVE, Space Engineers and many more). Cannot wait to get out there in space ........
  7. Already done brother, was just hoping for an early Christmas. :-)
  8. Ok, DualUniverse have hit goal and all is great but now what? Can DU please let us know of their estimated road map is for Alpha, Beta release etc.? Being someone who designs computer systems, I know that times will slip but I still want to know how many sleeps I have until I can test this baby! Also would there be any mechanism for any of the people that have already pledged and would like to up their pledge for Alpha release?
  9. I've just backed it and so has a mate of mine. Cannot wait to see how this pans out..
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