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  1. I tried to make sure a similar topic wasn't already posted, but I didn't have time to look through every post on this forum or any other. Many may think this idea is crazy or stupid, but I think that not having construct vs. construct at release may overall help gameplay. My reasoning for this has to do with getting settlements and cities built by multiple factions early on without one group coming and destroying everything. I could easily see one large organization being able to put the time and resources to building a massive mobile weapon platform before doing anything else while most others start by focusing on establishing some sort of base of operations. If this were to happen, then that destructive organization could easily find any settlement fairly quickly, as we will likely be locked to one planet for the early stages of the game. Using their weapon, that one organization could steal any valuable resources, and defend the most valuable resources in order to prevent other organizations for growing. This would force others to either join the ruling organization or quit playing, as there is nothing they could do without the resources to build anything of worth. Any other thoughts on this?
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