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  1. i know from my self i got a 20000$ toon x 2 focus skills .. i have played for long time just say what needs to be fixet there is a problem in eve...
  2. yeah one of the big failur in Eve is Frigets an destroyers are more powerfull then battleships they can fly so fast you cant hit them so vs a capital you almost have no chance as cap pilot this is thing i belive needs to be adree.... becouse its only fair if you have someting very big very exspensiv you also have good chance to defend the ship ageins a fleet of frigs or destroyers . i dont know how many times i have been force to jump out to save pilots becouse 1 single ship to 5-20 mil isk can take out a ships to 14 Billions ship.. just by killing there drones an the ship is so fast they drones cant get the player.. its Ballance we are talking aboudt..
  3. i agreee an still dont becouse i understand a player who need to train 3 years an 8 month for a Capital dose wonna stay around that long if they are 12 years behind.. i will say if we come to the same problem as eve got loseing member becouse it takes to long time later on to get to a nevue whare you can be together with other then you have to look at the problem ... EVE there is no dupe this problem is coming with this system an there is another problem is the money sink ig later on peopel farm to much an dont spend the same amount .. they have one big mistake in eve insure ships do only do this in low lvl toons learn from eve .. i still Say BPC me10 /te 20 needs to be so you cant max it out an sell same bpc its bad for marked its bad for makeing isk for what you are making.. thats better if you have a system for that if you make 5000 vs 10000 of a ship its get better skills in your bpc vs one who only make 100
  4. very well i Surrender to Reisen Eve did make the system skil injek whare people can take out skill an sell it to other players they neeeded to do it becouse no new player did wonna come an play the game if they have to trian 10 years to get in bet with the old players or in to fleets whare they have to trian 1 year just to get in to a ship with the needed skill to be in the doctrin fleet.. .. i know i got 12 years playing non stop of eve 240 mil skill point its a big problem for new players conciter this in few years..
  5. Problem is in Eve there is bots too miner bots npc bots transport bots mission runners the other way you can keep put new weapon in to the game an you can never get maxet out in all weapon like eve i know i got 266 mil skill point in eve i can fly everyting i can use everyting an maxet weapon defense skills.. i tell you the otherway is way better you can make some skills time base for shure an some skills from skills how long you use them lets say BPC if you use it often for 1 year vs one who use the BPC 6 month you get better skill less ME/TE Problem in EVE all got same ME/TE an people cant sell there stuff with profit often becouse of this problem.. thats why i say sometings needs to be like this is way better..
  6. i am still fan of inplant the Entropia universe skill system that you only get skills for what you are doing that way you can control new weapon how long people needs to play year 100 years if you like to get up to a sniper laser or find the good stuff in the ground = skill not tranings days/offline but work to get there.. its the best system i can come up with there is better then eve online..
  7. i am thinking can we run out of planets ? when we have mine everyting build everywhare ? do the stones minerals come back after some times ?
  8. There are big problems with bots in other games and thinking of solving these bots / spammers, Free acount should not be able to use the same general as payers players so you should click on the channel if you want to talk to these newbies free acount so you do not get this problem with being bombed with sack of dac other stuff ig .. separate free acount vs payee accounts, channel for player paying and for those who do not pay ..
  9. I think you should make a clear line between pvp for mining trade Transport so you get some players who want to work freight for other players here with a base and boxes etc. You just have the option of delivering it at a hub or at a freight company. One has made storage space for shipping the amount you stand and will have moved and the person has not expanded his base or skill enough the possibility of cargo must also be less .. just like in the real world you can not be good at all things ..
  10. Is it possible to use a form of Google translate we have discussed it a lot back and forth that people are having trouble talking across countries I suggest using I am of guerrilla translate so people can choose a language they can translate ... It can also attract a lot of players who would normally never have entered the game because they can not speak English or read it .. It's possible it's not 100% perfectly translated that way but it's better than not having any translation for those who need to understand it. Just look at a country like Denmark, we did not learn english all in school, we would be shut out because there is never anything translated into Danish. Hope you will be the first to take that idea for you in the world it has not happened before in a game you try with a tranlater .....
  11. plex is smart CCP ern money player can ern money from money there is already paid an when you blow up ships yeah if not you gather the money minerals BPO your selv af build it you can buy a plex sell the plex for gametime money ingame an buy a ship from other players its perfect in anyway..
  12. The journey in space should also include fuel food and water for those trips The bigger the ship the longer you can travel the smaller the ship the shorter you can fly then People do not spread out too fast while remaining within areas of each other. An interceptor would never be able to feed fuel or food for long journeys to planets that are far out compared to a large ship with cargo space etc ...
  13. I agree with a bounty system must be in place those who are pirates or sought after, there may be the opportunity to get a quest from a npc random player with bounty wearing Or a player to chase these people via other players ,, So you have some kind of law and just like Robinhood you are lawless ..
  14. its time to make the Languages in Danish too we always get cheatet becouse everyting is in france germen english other languages.. not one single danish dont have a computer an a mobile phone an we never get any game we can read in Danish ...
  15. Ares Splinter


    Just wonna say to the trade system JC say you have to go to the marked place to pick up what you did buy what if you wonna pay other people to pick you stuff up like a transport contract ? any plans for that ?
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