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  1. I've always wanted to be a reporter in a war zone!
  2. What...How would you fit a large ship into a cargo container? How does this even make sense? I think having a cut off on what fits into a cargo container is a smart idea...the only difference between small/med/large sizes should be quantity. Lets keep things reasonable...this isn't a magicians hat...only certain items of certain size are capable of fitting in a box. The whole idea of a box in the first place is to carry numerous smaller objects...games cheat a bit and say well you can fit 100x metal plates and a gazillion other things and I think this is fine. But we have to cut it at some point. I think having the death star in a large cargo box or a Star ship Enterprise in a large cargo box is beyond that point.
  3. This is, by definition, what an inertia damper is. I hope they have an inertia damper option. Otherwise this game will not be fun...it's amazing how much gravity, friction, and pressure assist us in everyday life. I have accidentally hit 'z' so many times in SE and turned off my dampers and paid a serious consequence for it! I know you think I have made a brash and serious accusation by saying it won't be fun without inertial dampers...but spending 3/4's of your time trying to stop your roll and xyz momentum is NOT fun. If you think it is then you probably have too much time on your hands.
  4. My mistake...I thought you meant only the pilot and gunner should be able to hear other ships in space. Glad we are in agreement.
  5. I want a star trek bridge. I get what you are saying CaptainTwerkMotor...and I understand the urgency of being able to hear ships in space to be able to target them or avoid them. But I think using sound is the wrong way to go about it. I think ships, as modern fighter jets do, should have computer based targeting systems that would show up on a HUD. Fighter jets (modern) don't hear the tanks that they are about to wreck...they don't hear the jets they are about to squash. In fact, if you hear another jet in a jet you are way to close to them or they just burst the sound barrier. I know you don't want it to be a silent game and I don't either which is why i suggest hearing your own ship and guns...which I find to be palatable and plausible.
  6. I think hearing anything other than your own ship is cheating the people who buy the game. Hearing another persons ship implies that their is atmosphere which is incorrect; even if that other ship is right next to you. You should hear your ship and your weapons and nothing else.
  7. Just have to say...I lol'd when I read "they will stay forever" ...touche my friend...touche
  8. Most fund just to get the game cheaper...most never care about making changes to it. I know I funded mainly to get the DAC's cheaper. I gave up buying my second xbox one to buy this game.
  9. And Portugal ...I think I was sick when I made this.
  10. Shit...that sounds very second life now. Will we not get land for free?
  11. I agree....but at this point this is essentially the same as instancing. I am 100% okay with instancing ...anything to improve my frames. But if I can have 10000 people all at once with good frames and no instancing I obviously prefer this.
  12. I was gonna say, you sound like a network programmer! Gives me a bit more insight into their engineering strategy.
  13. Man now I wish I had the 10,000 dollars so I could meet him and have the 1 hr call and stuff with him. I wanna pick his brain on this. Has anyone seen any industry papers on this Dynamic Area splitting? I tried searching and couldn't find anything...but I only searched for a few mins too.
  14. By no means guys am I opposed to being proven wrong....I actually would prefer that I was. I have just heard all of these claims for way to long...maybe I am a bit pessimistic. There is no doubt that if JC pulls this off it will be revolutionary in terms of gaming. It will be MAJOR...maybe as big of an advancement as VR is going to be. I'm actually kind of giddy now thinking about the ramifications of him pulling this off for the gaming industry. Best of luck JC!
  15. Oh I read it...From a programming and networking stand point this is not likely going to happen without instancing or servers. As other backers have stated, even Eve uses instancing. I am not about to load in an entire infinite universe into my ram...just saying...No one has enough memory for this.
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