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  1. To revive DU: - Restore underground Ores - Remove schematics - Add survival & AvA
  2. All hail Clang, the god of destruction, the smiter of ships big and small!
  3. @Cergorachyour replies are a beacon of sense, calculation and raw mental power that keeps this dim place somewhat enlightened. Thank you for being the voice of reason on these boards.
  4. Imagine the public airports didn't have the height zoning restrictions in your city, what a roller-coaster ride that would be, fun fun fun! And the many many crashes that would happen as a result of such poor policy making would be condescendingly explained - "an actual pilot would avoid obstacles fairly easily".
  5. What a dense response. A 2km clear sky moratorium should be applied around all markets, should make it 5km for extra safety, since NQ's support staff are restoring player's crashed ships day in day out. Soon we'll all be forced to land vertically on markets as if through a well from 5 km altitude if this is allowed.
  6. That building at Market 12 has got to go. And the markets should have a 5 km radius of free space around them. And they shouldn't be on the awful stilts - which we know are there to make placing markets easier for NQ on any terrain without having to level the ground first. Markets should be on flat ground, with massive parking lots around them and a few landing strips. NQ are so lazy in the worst of the circumstances; they won't fix this, which creates more and more work for themselves and the support staff. A little bit of rework of the rules would go a long way into the future.
  7. Thank you Archaegeo, I've been using your HUDs since I've joined beta and I've got so much use out of them. Thank you, thank you, thank YOOOOOUUU!!!!
  8. This is a complete lunacy. You can have my stuff in 90 days, I'm out.
  9. There still isn't a solid reason presented to do a wipe at all. In games such as 7 Days To Die and Space Engineers wipes happen regularly, because in case of 7D2D the POI needed for quests get destroyed by players, and in Space Engineers the server slows down to a crawl as more constructs populate the world. The reason I've switched to DU is to get the benefits of not having to wipe for technical reasons. And there are still no good technical reason to do a wipe. All other reasons presented are social in nature and at best are unproven theories. Exploits - people acquired undue wealth. Not a good reason to wipe, first of all because that would punish the 99% for the actions of the 1%. And second, the undue wealth has minimal negative affect on players in DU. There are plenty of rightfully rich guys, and that's a boon to the game - with large structures, tons of cheap elements for sale and newb friendly help and donations. You can argue that some PvPer are awash with T5 elements, but since when was PvP integral or even required in DU? Level field - everyone wants to start level. Not a good reason to wipe, because that would punish 90% of current players for the (deemed - not proven) wishes of the 10% incoming players. We can argue about how many genuinely new players will join after "release", but seeing how the game was public and paid for 2 years now, the actual release has happened. Its doubtful that there will actually be many new players joining and staying once the official "release" is achieved. Functional and feature changes - people seem to believe that when a game changes slightly its grounds for starting anew. Maybe in a simple game that would be true, but for a game like DU the start-up costs of getting established are immense, that's why players who are established would rather block changes than agree to redo everything again. The wipe argument is between those who don't have much to lose, or don't mind losing even the immense riches against those who wouldn't want to repeat the arduous process to get to the same place they are in now. Its not a reason for a wipe, its a coping mechanism in the view of an impeding wipe, for which we still don't have an established technical reason. If this wipe happens for the empty and inconsequential reasons above, then it is the death of the persistent universe and a qualitative shift in developer <-> players relations. P.S. Changes that most have asked for (or at-least agreed with) like market clean up and tile expiration and abandonment have resulted in the current emptiness of DU. Be careful of what you wish for, as I feel that DU will be so empty if a wipe happens, we'll be lucky to see even a 1/10th of the current player base two months after that. Players are already leaving in-mass because of the whole wipe topic hanging up in the air. Every second that NQ wastes "meditating" on what to do next is a bleeding wound of fleeing disenfranchised players.
  10. Game launch - that's generally the time when access is given to the general public. Does the general public have access to DU? Yes - I'm a paying customer since May 2021. The "game launch" you speak of is just a marketing ploy. It is not the grand opening of the flood gates to the millions of eagerly awaiting enthusiasts who did not manage to secure a limited spot in a closed beta. In other words, few players are waiting to jump to DU when it "launches". For Dual Universe the beginning of the "Open beta" was its true and only Game Launch. So for the people playing DU right now this "game launch" has as much relevance as does the rain over the ocean for the fishes swimming in it. My conservative estimate for a split between current players and new players post-"launch" is 90/10. As in 90% of players will be the existing players. When you see it that way, you'll understand that screwing 90% of the user-base for the expectations of the 10% will be a stake through NQ's heart.
  11. There is no problem at all. Its literally a post-scarcity market utopia when the costs of manufactured goods is less than the cost of materials. It just can't get any better than that.
  12. It does not remove them, it simply tells them how to spend their time in-game efficiently. If you need to get to another side of Alioth: you can walk, you can run, you can jet-pack-run, you can use pocket hover-craft, you can use pocket winged craft, or you can use a space ship to get to a 7km orbit and fly at ~4,000km/h to get to the destination the fastest. All options are on the table, but not using the Orbit direction is vastly time-inefficient.
  13. Your post is a triumph, I'm making a note here - HUGE SUCCESS! It's hard to overstate my satisfaction!
  14. Yes! I gave up on asteroid mining because its all just little pockets here and there. It would also be fun if there were ship drills, so we could have real mining ships. We used to grind down entire asteroids in Space Engineers with drill-behemoths. Also the asteroids in Space Engineers were much more lucrative, sometimes 80% of the whole asteroid would be useful ore. In DU asteroids seem 80% rock. My first and last meganode of Chromite (2.3ml) is the foundation of my current well-being in DU. There is no "big score" anymore, and its sad.
  15. Or a trademark-friendly version: Rock sucker. What if we could attach a rock sucking element to a hovercraft to sweep up your tiles of all the skittles and calibration clusters? We wouldn't have to run around a rather large tile, we'd finally have an actual use for a "Hovercraft" class of vehicles, and we could keep our tiles neat without cramping our index fingers. As it is, I'm not picking up the calibration rocks from my territories because it's ultra-tedious. Having mining ships in Space Engineers was nice, I'm still blown away by the lack of big boy mining tools for ships in DU. At-least siting in a hovercraft waiting for it to suck up surface rocks would be preferable to running from rock to rock clicking and holding M1. Wouldn't you agree?
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