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  1. Hi all, Is there any chance that cockpit UI will change ? Displayed informations are a bit to low on the screen... I thought we could have some kind of augmented reality UI but it is not possible to do so 😕 Also, i join Taelessael & Kalion, it would be great if cockpit UI was the same as others UI
  2. Hi all ! I think that you saw it, but discord is down Here is a link to follow status and you can change the country on the left (as shown in the screenshot) Hope it will be back soon enough 🙏 https://downdetector.com/status/discord
  3. discordauth:YVMHUP620ACBoUqDhqvFuMj9HMETtriOtcNRvjcAKHU=

  4. thanks Just to know, how can i "link" my kickstarter profile to my DU profile ? (it's not the same mail address ? )
  5. Hi, My game name is Basox70, or just Basox. I'm actually a 24yo french student (for the last year \o/ ) I wait for a long time the dual universe release (I'm a kickstarter tiper)
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