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    StarWuz got a reaction from Leppard in SHEDDING LIGHT ON A NOVAQUARK INTERNAL DISCUSSION - discussion thread   
    So schematics was the issue all along, wauw, I must have been blind all the time... I dont know what to say from here on...
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    StarWuz reacted to NQ-Wanderer in ATHENA ON PTS: SESSION EXTENSION   
    We would like to thank each and every one of you who has taken the time to visit our Public Test Server (PTS) and that tried our new Athena update. A special thanks to those who were able to attend our Fools Defense PvP event on April 1st, we hope you enjoyed it!
    We recognize a good number of players were unable to attend the PTS event due to other engagements. As with any test, we had to make sure that our development teams were able to actively monitor and be present as the event took place. Thanks to your participation though, we have been able to identify some areas in need of improvements or adjustments - and thanks to your feedback, we will be working on improving them.
    In addition, we are excited to announce that we will be bringing the PTS up for a couple of additional days, before heading into the next portion of our PTS test for Athena.
    - Wednesday 6th April 13:00 UTC to Friday 8th 09:00 UTC
    We have finished adding more of the late stage game items, such as the schematics for the new Relic Plasma Harvester and Space Mining Unit, along with the variants of elements that have been introduced. We have also applied some fixes for added performance and stability for players to test out.
    - Friday 8th April 11:00 UTC to Monday 11st April 09:00 UTC
    Moving into the second part of our planned PTS testing for Athena, we’ll be focusing on the First Time User Experience (FTUE) beginner introduction guide. More information on this will be released very soon, so keep your eyes open for the upcoming devblog with all the details!
    In order to fully test the new FTUE, the PTS will be completely reset on Friday, April 8th (hence the two hours maintenance between the two sessions). Please note that said maintenance might be a bit longer. But once it is done, everyone that connects to the PTS will be able to experience the new FTUE in detail. Of course, there will still be dispenser towers providing many in-game items for free, so players are able to continue to test other features that they are interested in as well.
    Regarding the FTUE itself, brace yourselves for an upcoming devblog on this topic! The FTUE devblog will be available by the end of this week, so keep on the lookout for it. There will be many details to help you get ready for the FTUE PTS session!

    As always, we would like to remind players that this is a Public Test Server and as such, many unforeseen issues can arise; this can include performance and stability issues. In the event that issues do arise, we will do our best to remedy them as soon as possible.
    Get out to the PTS and test when the time comes! We look forward to reading your feedback for our Athena update in our Forum thread here.
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    StarWuz got a reaction from Shredder in DEVBLOG: PVP IN ATHENA - discussion thread   
    My thoughts on some graphics:
    Too many space speed particles, it feels claustrophobic with such density.  
    The warp effect is backwards.
    Space engine trails are underwhelming.
    Not happy with retro rockets.
    Space combat projectiles trails and visuals are still lackluster. 
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    StarWuz reacted to ZarTaen in Everything around Territory Warfare   
    This is gonna be a long one. Skip to the end for tl;dr.
    Territory Warfare in Dual Universe has to happen at some point. Cool, I'm here to talk about everything but the act of warfaring over territory. One of the "complaints" that some players mentioned is the lack of reason for war once Territory Warfare would arrive. This is what I am trying to address here with my idea.
    Territory Claim vs Tile Ownership
    First of all, I suggest splitting tile ownership from territory claims. I legitimately think this is a necessity. Not only are planets and moons too big to actually own it all, but having to own the tiles directly, taxes and all, would greatly inhibit the aspect of waging war. Reality does not have a cost associated with claiming some plot of land as territory (other than conflicts over it), so it should not be for DU either.
    This means that some lonely industrialist could own a tile that changes territory claim ownership, and possibly would not notice a difference. However. this does not mean the nation should not be able to take ownership either. My suggestion is as followed:
    A Nation owns territory claim A Nation can seize tiles, but not own them directly A Nation can decide a new owner for a tile This could be limited in some ways or carry a cost for the nation An approach like this would allow for vastly different ideologies between nations and a result of loyalty or indifference for actual tile owners. It would also foster possible ways to "force" loyalty by asking for assistance when trying to take over territory, or "else".

    "But what would a territory be for then?" Tiles have taxes, right? Those might as well go to the occupying nation. Whether this happens fully, or partially can be up for debate. Yes, unowned tiles are not mentioned, see next chapter.
    Reasons to have Territory
    With territory claims and tile ownership split, what is the point of claiming unowned tiles?
    For this I suggest a couple of things.
    1. A nation should be allowed to assign tiles as nation specific safezone, based on a value related to territory claim, holding time and possibly other metrics.
    Such a safezone should be restricted to non-border tiles only and have a limited number The nation should be able to assign who this safezone applies to Assigning a safezone should have a cooldown or carry a substantial cost This must be transparent to every player playing the game, by looking it up on the map
    2. Nations should have a set of policies that can be chosen and improved.
    Policies could be inspired by strategy games Imagine stuff like "Robust Building" which could increase health of all items produced in the nation, at a slightly higher resource cost Should not be free of course
    3. The strategic aspect of creating a bridge to an enemy nation.
    A nation shouldn't be able to attack another nation unless tiles are adjacent As a solution to planet wide warfare: footholds A foothold would be a tile or group of tiles by a nation away from the big national blob "capital" that is held for long enough. This would allow srategic invasion preparation of nations across planets but also take time and preparation Adjacency rules apply to footholds as well and they can be "destroyed" After some conditions are met, the "capital" tile could movbe to a sufficiently big foothold, at a price of cost/time or both  
    Not a Nation for Everyone
    So, lets assume a nation has a big territory, and some policies should not apply to the whole nation. There are reasons why one would want to subdivide a nation into zones.
    A zone could be named and be an arbitrary shape based on tiles inside the territory A policy can apply to a zone or nation wide. Zone specific policies would overwrite nation wide policies. Implementing a policy has to cost time/currency/asset for every implementation of the nation. So while zones allow policy specialisation per region, the policy cost to make it worthwhile compounds per policy implemented across the nation Only one policy ber zone  
    "Okay, this might be neat if its given more thought, but what about membership?"
    This is where opinions might vary a lot. I legitimately think that an organisation must not be a member of a nation. Yes, you read that right.
    A nation has citizens and organisations are not. Sure, there might be a Madistani organisation that happens to have 100% Madistani citizens, but the members voluntarily chose to be Madistani at some point and were not forced to be by the organisation.
    Additionally, it should not be possible to change nations at will.
    Once you join a nation, you can forfeit citizenship, but then youre bound to have no citizenship for a while. Another nation might accept you earlier, but only as refugee/immigrant, which doesn't give voting rights  
    The Govern(mental)
    This is where a lot of leg work would have to be done to make the implementation by NQ a smart one. As we already know, organisations themselves are fairly restrictive when it comes to roles and hierarchies. This is an absolute no-go for a nation and possible government structures. My hope/dream would be a diagramm based "coding" of voting processes and government structures. This is no easy feat and would have to allow for democracy of various kinds, monarchy, dictatorships, and everything inbetween. Some of it should be malleable, but only when the conditions, as defined by the nation founding, are met. (This almost sounds like duties of the RDMS...).
    For example, let us take direct democracy with a minimum amount of representatives. It should be possible to assign enough representatives, for example per active zone, x amount per active zone, etc. However, every citizen has a vote when it comes to deciding matters, policies etc. Representatives would not be able to execute them unless the condition is fulfilled: enough people voted for it. They might however be able to suggest what is being voted on and are being voted on come election time. The election process would also have to be definable. Ultimately, the purpose of such a system is to do the enforcement of the government as it is supposed to be.
    Of course, this is only my proposal and we could also go into metagaming and simply do it the way we handle organisations outside the game. But this removes some of the fun and participation as well as transparency for citizens and ultimately leaves enforcement to nobody.
    Planetary Domination
    So a nation managed to dominate the planet:
    Do we want this to be legitimized by the game? What should this look like? Planetary taxes? Planetary policies? Interplanetary warfare? Intersystem warfare? Intergalactic warfare? At this point we reach a point of strategy that can probably wait a while until more important stuff is implemented.
    Introduce Nations as separate thing from organisations Split tile ownership and territory claim Nations should be able to claim territory without needing to touch tile ownership, but they should be able to if they want Allow creation of nation specific safezone that is configurable for who it affects (other nations, players without nationality, etc.). Border tiles would not be eligible. Policies assigned and improved by the nation Zoning of the territory for several policies and possibly other stuff (names for example, geography, etc) Territory should *usually* be connected together. However, a foothold system is necessary. Think colonisation, but near the enemy territory as possible forward base, or otherwise. One capital per nation. Losing a capital is *bad* Organisations cannot be citizens. Only players can be citizens and organisations can have members of various nations. Nation membership isnt decided willy nilly, it needs a proper membership procedure with immigration/refuge. Yes, this would become an ingame racism simulator. System of the government should be "codable": customizable enough to allow everything conceivable. From dictatorship to direct democracy, we should have it all. I think these need to be discussed and clear before we talk how war is waged.  
    This is by far not everything and I am sure I forgot something I already discussed before on the discord.
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    StarWuz reacted to Gottchar in DEVBLOG: TRA$H TO TREASURE - discussion thread   
    No good way of stopping them, but the mechanic will solve most of the issue and at least put a good amount of work and risk of losing their stuff in the hands of the people who clutter the market. And hopefully the feeling that they harm the game with their "I have a new ship and everybody should see it even if it kills the game" attitude.
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    StarWuz reacted to Gottchar in DEVBLOG: TRA$H TO TREASURE - discussion thread   
    Wallet feeling a little light lately? Get ready to remedy that when the Panacea update hits, bringing with it two lucrative, quanta-producing possibilities: space wrecks and inactive asset requisitioning (IAR).

    Does not generate quanta.
    I mostly like it, the details remain to be seen.
    But dont claim it generates quanta please.

     There are five tiers of rarity, with lower-tier wrecks with low-value contents spawning at a higher frequency.

    Any info on how close to planets or safezone? Space is too big and empty to fly around randomly to "dig a 2SU wide tunnel" and look for something. 

    As soon as a player exits their construct in Aphelia territory, a 168-hour (seven-day) abandonment countdown will begin for that construct. 

    Hell yes, thank you, please don’t backtrack on this one, it is the only way to really clean up markets and make them usable for everyone.
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    StarWuz reacted to NQ-Wanderer in PANACEA UPDATE ADDED TO ROADMAP   
    The Dual Universe roadmap has been expanded with the Panacea update, which is currently in production and brings with it a plethora of new features, tools, and improvements that will be particularly interesting for builders, scavengers, and Lua aficionados.
    A follow-up to the changes introduced in the Selene and Demeter updates, the Vertex Precision Tool will provide a powerful, intuitive way to fine-tune your builds. Particularly for those who are new to voxelmancy, this tool will be invaluable. Watch this video to get a taste of what it can do.
    The introduction of shipwrecks in space will open a variety of lucrative opportunities for players who seek them out. Sell them as-is, salvage them for parts, create missions for other players to bring you the ship or its parts, or simply fetch a handsome price by selling the location information.
    Other new features and improvements include: 
    Camera Lua API: get access to information about the in-game camera Talents UI improvements: a more efficient way to view Talents RDMS UI polish: a cleaner interface for the management of RDMS  
    To reduce clutter and keep Alioth beautiful, we are implementing inactive constructs requisitioning, an automated system for the abandonment of constructs owned by unsubscribed players and organizations to aid in keeping overcrowded public market areas clear.
    Organization construct ownership (construct slots): a new way of assigning available construct limits to organizations. Disabling element stacking or overlapping: the final step in preventing the element stacking exploit.  
    Choosing the name for this update, Panacea, the goddess of remedy, is a reference to our renewed dedication to taking player feedback into greater consideration.
    In reflecting on the aftermath of the Demeter release, we recognized that we fell short in this area. We read your feedback but did not make the adjustments we could and should have. We pledge to be better about working hand-in-hand with the community by implementing a plan to increase two-way communication and making some important tweaks and balancing to the game that will address some of the pain points as much as we’re able.
    As a first step, beginning January 12th, we will postpone the next territory upkeep pay period for two weeks. This will allow the Design team time to revisit the tax rate, which many community members said was too steep. The purpose and functions of the upkeep system go beyond limiting “landgrabbing” and are more complex than they may appear on the surface. Many factors and interdependencies need to be taken into consideration.
    A series of devblogs will be published soon to reveal more information about the Panacea update. Additionally, we will be sharing a new roadmap soon. We hope that you’ll like what you see, and we encourage you to share your constructive feedback about our ideas as you read each article. 
    Let’s chat! 
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    StarWuz reacted to Kurock in The day the planets ran dry   
    The day the planets ran dry
    Memoir of a miner
    <Recording started, datalog 2021112315311321…>
    Ahem. This thing on? Good. I’ve been mining since… Bah. Delete the recording before this. Damn technology, anticipating needs I don’t have. Just do as I say and not...
    <Recording ended.>
    <Recording started, datalog 2021112315313512…>
    I've been mining since the day I stepped off the Arkship. It was boring but I never got bored. That’s an old mining joke. Along with the one where we are all old enough to drink at bars. With the bad jokes out of the way I can get down and dirty.
    Back on Earth we were lucky to have a jackhammer or a sonic destabilizer, but right off the Arkship we were giving nanoformers. Amazing bits of technology, able to detect nearby concentration of ores, vaporize the ground to get to the ore and pack the ores neatly into a container. The abuse of nano-fields and Calabi-Yau space at its finest.
    Then came the territory scanners. Able to scan a square kilometer and give a read out of the ores in the ground. They were prospecting made easy. The big business scanner-heads went out in their tri-scanner ships and deployed arrays of tri-scanners to be able to prospect on upwards of twenty-four square kilometers at the same time. But before all that it was just me and my trusty ship with a territory scanner bolted to its side. That's all a miner really needed. 
    Then Aphelia, the Arkships AI, made the Arkship fire its big beam deep into the planet. That can’t be good for the planet.  The Novark spat small ore rocks all over the planet's surface. Must have done it to all the planets and moons of the Helios system, because the rocks were everywhere. But no self respecting miner would waste time picking those up. The yields were simply too small, compared to the expansive nodes in the ground. And then there were the motherloads: the mega-nodes. Where one ore node held thousands of liters of ore, the mega-nodes held millions. I personally found and cleared out more mega-nodes than you can shake a stick of carbon at. Those were good times.
    But just because a territory scanner said there was ore in the ground, it didn’t say where it was. It was still an art to find those elusive ore nodes, even the megas. My preferred method was walking the compass. Find your level, walk north or south whichever makes the blip get closer. Then east west. Once the blip gets no closer, you know the ore is right above or below you. But never dig straight up or down. How are they gonna get back up?  What if there is a giant desert scorpion or worse… ecologists.  But some did dig straight down. The well-diggers or shafters as I called them, wanted to get down to where the ore was quickly. And they didn’t waste time digging back to the surface either. Instead they would just kill themselves, trusting their resurrection nodes on the surface wouldn’t malfunction. But sometimes they did. That’s why the shafters were either desperate or psychopaths.
    The proper way of mining was always just the miner and their trusty tool. No floating mining chairs, auto-mappers or follow-me container bots. Just you and the dark. And occasionally a miner would be treated to the midnight sun: the hallucinations of sunlight seemingly streaming through the surrounding rocks to illuminate the tunnels or caverns they were traversing. A beautiful sight but also a warning you might have been mining for too long. Maybe all miners were a little touched in the head.
    <Evacuation order received. Ignored.>
    If you have been paying attention, you will have noticed I kept saying “was”. Aphelia predicted it would take decades to empty the planets of a fraction of their precious ores, but it’s been a single year and they are all gone. We dug them all out. The purer ores anyway. But humanity always needs more resources. So Aphelia made mining units available, each capable of extracting the diffuse ores from the ground. She gave molecular quantum tunneling or some such nonsense as the reason. But I think it's something else: Nanites.

    A high energy beam is used to inject nanites deep into the ground. They suffuse the surrounding rock and gravel through Brownian motion. Each nanite is specially calibrated to search for a specific group of molecules and, once found, they construct nanotubes to pipe their payload towards where they are densest, eventually up the beam. The demonstrations that show diminishing yields within 48 hours seems to collaborate this theory.
    Either way, the side effect of preparing the ground is the liquification of the rocks that then fill in most of the caves and tunnels already dug. Some might think it’s like turning the rock to magma but there is no heat involved. Just a dark grey sludge that quickly settles back into natural rock again. The mining shafts will be the first to go. Followed by the engulfing of any underground structures. You would think that a solid box of iron would prevent the rock from flowing in. No. This ‘quantum’ rock that flows right through everything contained only by the gravity of the planets. And moons. The moons will be receiving the same treatment.
    <Evacuation order received. Ignored.>
    Us Noveans that have served for years as extraction experts have been relegated to asteroid harvesting duty. But Bert, they say to me, Bert, Mining is mining, right? No, I say. Besides micro-gravity leaching of muscle and bone, Asteroids are the turds of the Helios system, attracting pirates like the flies they are. Asteroids just don’t have the same, heh, gravitas of planets. 
    What if this is how the dinosaur fossils were made: Subterranean creatures caught in a planetwide rock liquefaction event. Heh. That’s a thought.
    <Warning. Warning. Approaching anomaly.>
    Ah. Here comes the grey ooze...
    <Recording ended.> 
                - Contents of databank found 6km below the surface of an icy planet.
    Want more? www.spaceshipdrama.com
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    StarWuz reacted to Cobqlt in PREPPING FOR THE GEO RESET - Discussion Thread   
    Hi Deckard,

    After some feedback and explanation I have the impression that you are not taking the time to read our feedback in full.

    When I see "There are two important things to note in regard to this change. First, since mining-related talents will become obsolete, those points will be refunded and can be used elsewhere."
    I see the Railgun fitting capacity 50000, so for 3 weapon it take 150000 without talents, so now Railgun L capacity handling hightest level are useless, and some other talent link to weapons are useless too. It's not a meta problem, it's just your changes who let us with 3.000.000+ talent points obsolete, AND I JUST TALK ABOUT RAILGUN L, so imagine for the rest.
    I see the Control unit capacity handling
    etc etc etc...

    And you got this problem on so many change you add without thinking about the time people take to up them.

    You don't want us to be able to adapt to a new meta? Ok, but then why mining skill are reset? Asteroids are still here for them. I don't understand this contradiction. And we are on a beta, where the whole economy is ruined by the duplication of high-tier voxels, the duplication of objects on the markets, schematics "offered" with market bugs, exploits with challenges, mission warp... All these abuses that haven't corrected on time and some have managed to profit from for months (and I didn't talk about people with 40+ free alt account for mission). We all know you will need to do a total wipe or this imbalance will be preserved. So why make this beta an experiment aimed at testing our mental resistance? xD

    Think about people who just enjoy this game, think about people who don't have 40 alt account, we just talk here about talents. Add a button with a high cooldown who allow us to reset them or reset them when you broke their utility.

    I love how you take care about carebear and I still love PVP even with all this bugs we have to deal with, but if you don't add gameplay loops other than simple farming, then try not to scare away the few players who remain loyal to you and who make the effort to get into PVP.
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    StarWuz reacted to NQ-Deckard in Welcome our new CEO   
    Dear Noveans,
    Earlier this year, we announced that JC was transitioning to a new role as a board member and board advisor and that Nicolas Granatino, a long-standing backer of Novaquark via Andurance Venture, had been appointed chairman of the board. 
    We’re happy to share with you today that Nouredine Abboud has joined the company as CEO of Novaquark. Nouredine has more than 15 years of experience in the industry and brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise with an impressive catalog of work that includes Ubisoft’s Ghost Recon games. 
    As CEO, his primary focus is on the business side of things, so you probably won’t see him participating on the forums much. As we reach the final stretch leading to the launch of the game, the team already in place will continue to work on improving Dual Universe with NQ-Kyrios continuing his work as creative director.
    We can’t wait to share with you the exciting things that are cooking for the game and for the company in 2022. Stay tuned!

    Welcome thread is here if you'd like to say hello to Nouredine. 
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    StarWuz reacted to NQ-Abu in Welcome our new CEO   
    Hi Noveans,
    Thanks for the warm welcome! Since I've joined I've been amazed by the incredible job the Novaquark team is doing, working hard on delivering the dream of Dual Universe. I’m also very impressed by how you, our community, have been supporting the DU project from day one. Let's all keep moving forward together!
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    StarWuz reacted to BlindingBright in Give us more ore & asteroids - less taxes! (Demeter Changes)   
    Been on PTS now for 15 hours testing while collecting my thoughts. A lot of these changes will force players to /work/ to keep what they own in game... right now with rough calculations it looks like about /half/ of the ore dug may have to go back to paying taxes on the tiles, and thus players will need to work... to keep their land... to keep working to keep their land.

    I say work, because these new loops, for many- will turn it into active work/tedium to manage. Plus, potentially half of your ore income is spent on the hexes... now you'll need to take a cut for fuel to transport/logistics. After the end of it, you're left with very little to build/expand with. For new players, it will be muuuuch harder to solo while getting a foot-hold.

    So I ask, is this a move to slow players down and reduce overall server costs? As it stands this a soft-wipe of sorts, as many with "fun" projects people work on a few hours a week may now be forced into grinding to keep it going- or loose it... and if players don't come back, as it stands... you loose a tile, as it is on PTS... you also loose all the static constructs owned on that tile. 

    So is this a change to reduce quanta/inflation? if so than look at the source, missions-alt runners to curb it vs creating a huge sink via land. Is this change for... data inflation? as more ore enters the game, more constructs are made- and in live(more data due to tunnels on top of that)  so more ore = data costs.  And I dare say this is the real reason for these changes, otherwise NQ will let up on them as player outrage seams to be more so than 0.23, and it hasn't fully sunk in yet for most players what these changes even mean... and while this post covers some core issues, it does not cover the ninja-changes to ship elements/flight mechanics or other core complaints.
    Give us more ore via auto-mining - more charges, more ore to pull from per hex and... some way to skip the lame mini game.. please? minimum efficiency of 25% vs 0? Nobody wants to login once/twice a day to hop around auto-mining fields to play a stupid mini game. Least while mining traditionally I can tune out and watch Netflix, with autominers- it requires just enough attention you cant let your mind easily wander... but not enough satisfaction to make it.... enjoyable. 2x more ore may not be enough, 3-4x may hit a sweet spot for most. More Roids - All safe zone roids get mined out within an hour of discovery already. fix discovery timer of 20 minutes/middle Colum! Likewise, PTS seemingly won't spawn in asteroids in time for us to check the new spawn rates.... This change will /encourage/ more people into PVP space. Lower the taxes for tiles. This is a game that people pay monthly for- not a second job. 
      So say we all.

    -MTI Superlegate, Lodestar Chancellor
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    StarWuz got a reaction from AdmiralYolomoto in NPC enemies   
    The game needs other grinding methods to keep us engaged longer. Currently we have 2 methods. 1 is mining(trivial) and the other, missions(boring), If we could have AI to fight so we could utilize the skill points poured into weaponry, that would be cool. 
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    StarWuz got a reaction from Hotspot in NPC enemies   
    The game needs other grinding methods to keep us engaged longer. Currently we have 2 methods. 1 is mining(trivial) and the other, missions(boring), If we could have AI to fight so we could utilize the skill points poured into weaponry, that would be cool. 
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    StarWuz reacted to Hotspot in NPC enemies   
    Idea to add npc enemies, they can be static (abadoned base) or move on routes between planets. Visually it can be abadoned stations, or "AI" controlled enemies.
    Actually they don't need to be actually maneuring during fight, just start to attack player on some range + extra range if player trying to escape,. Also damage model can be simplified for perfomance requirements (no need to force server actually calculate damage to modules) just calculate damage to CCS, and destroy modules(random ones, optionally) after npc beign killed.

    + you can place loot in containers, recipes and so on (it's fun to open it)
    + additional chances to lost ship and add option for other player to scavenge it. Also damage to modules will require to produce new one (forces economic)
    + you need to spend ammo more often (boost economics)
    + additional way to earn money
    + people can easy learn how to fight (basic idea), and find a fight
    + additional place for people to conflict and fight not only with npc but also between players. Also you can vary areas with different enemies and profit size you can create area for solo players and solo fights. Right now big asteroids forces only big fights.
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