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Luv Me DU Event


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Desktop Screenshot 2023.02.14 -

Greetings Noveans!
February is here and love is in the air

We think it is a great time to show our love for our players by offering the chance to get some free goodies with the “Luv Me DU” event.

“Luv Me DU” Event Details:

Stop on by and get your free gifts from the “Luv ME DU” Event dispenser, which is located in the center of the Alioth Exchange, in front of the Red Hall, here:


The “Luv ME DU” dispenser will be available until Monday February 20th 2023 @ 18:00 UTC.

Along with the free loot, there will be the makings of your very own Luv ME DU Decoration construct.

We would really LUV to see your best screenshots, of you and your Luv Me DU construct, in your favorite location or interesting situation.

You can share your screenshots here in this thread, or send them along to the Community Spotlight.

We want to send our appreciation out to our players, and thank you all for being part of Dual Universe!

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