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  1. Hell no, you guys keep sacrificing pve for pvp. Please return HC weight to a more realistic level and add that resist and EHP to cores instead.
  2. So schematics was the issue all along, wauw, I must have been blind all the time... I dont know what to say from here on...
  3. My thoughts on some graphics: Too many space speed particles, it feels claustrophobic with such density. The warp effect is backwards. Space engine trails are underwhelming. Not happy with retro rockets. Space combat projectiles trails and visuals are still lackluster.
  4. As mentioned, we need an element sink otherwise why are we mining? Read the idea box for inspiration NQ. Although it makes perfect sense to put the bonus ore right under the MU, it unfortunately mean that our special designed crafts and lua is headed to the trashcan. So we would love to see mechanics elsewhere in the game that call for specialized crafts of all sorts.
  5. Love this cleanup approach that you have presented! - Do you think there would be a need to expand further on the lack of element sinks in the game? Regarding the abbandoned wrecks feature, I have no comments at this point in time.
  6. Im assuming some of those containers are fuel stocks?
  7. Title says most, except the reason why? Invisible NPC factions are waging war over planetary control in order to apply their notorious taxation schemes once captured. Some NPC taxes are worse than others, but the benefits are very attractive to Players. (This is an organic tax system with some pros and cons) The NPCs has an unlimited thirst for Elements, Fuel/Scrap and Weaponry to support them in their war efforts, creating very oppotunist ***Hauling-Missions for Players with an overflowing inventory (This is a much needed asset sink) The effort put in here by Players will determin who is the dominating NPC in a Region, (Could be hex based) ***Hauling-Missions (Not competitive in terms of Quanta but attractive due to the benefits to mining units granted by the dominating NPC faction. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- /StarWuz
  8. Very good news NQ. I understand that game development is an organic process. Features are invented, then tested and tweaked. Sometimes reworked. Nevertheless, the community would appreciate a roadmap entry dedicated to polishing some of those solid core features. A little love goes a long way Cheers
  9. I hope this has been asked before, soo..... bump ? How is it done u might ask. Well choose the deal and then seal/lock it so the hauling mission has priority.
  10. Hello NQ I would love to see some added features to the Job Forum in order to promote RPG adventures. For example: 1. More options in the "Type" dropdown... Currently "Other" is the best fitting... but to make players discover or even think in terms of RPG and other activities it would be nice to have more choices here. 2. A way to prevent players from spoiling the puzzle solution in the messages. Perhaps give the creator authority to approve the messages before they become public ? 3. Being able to edit Title? Other than that its awesome to be part of this community, and thanks for wanting to bring more attention to RPG
  11. The picture should speak for it self.
  12. I know there is a lot of favouring of scans getting cleared for Demeter, but the reason to keep them was a good idea too, since it gives the casual player an equal chance to get good tiles. I would love to hear what made you change your original position on the matter.
  13. (1) Would it be possible to have a lower tax for tiles that does not feature an auto miner... then as soon one is put down the tax will increase? (2) For calibrated surface ore spots, could we have markers just appear for their location as soon as you enter the tile ?
  14. Can we expect future hot-fixes that will surprise the playerbase, like for example power grid limitations on cores giving spaceships a more realistic nature, like how atmospheric breaks now does?
  15. StarWuz

    NPC enemies

    The game needs other grinding methods to keep us engaged longer. Currently we have 2 methods. 1 is mining(trivial) and the other, missions(boring), If we could have AI to fight so we could utilize the skill points poured into weaponry, that would be cool.
  16. Can we have a device to install on the ship instead, that will (if not sabotaged) eject stowaways ? thank you
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