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  1. Resources worth nothing because you never broke any modules. You can lost your ship only if you want. Why you are planing to add recyclers? - you craft modules and sell it mostly to new players, old players already have everything. There actually no working resource drain mechanics in this game - plasma not worth it to fight, also because corp who owns plasma decide when to defend -- single powerful corp will own everything. - asteroid fights not worth it. And you need to leave your ship when mining, so enemies easy to destroy you. You can't even know when someone is close to you. After wipe nothing will change in long distance. For few monthes it will be lack of resources, and then again you will not require anything from market and everything will be overproducted. You need to create situations when almost everyone will be shot, or will shoot -- and it will be on daily basis. A lot of 1v1 situations. Ideally Player vs NPC also -- it's easiest way and most fun. PvP needed for pve players also, it will create market for modules, for ships, for resources
  2. Hi! Current shcematics are not part of economic. also bit cliunky system. My idea is to remove all shcematics except for final items (it's very big list of them) t1 shcematics -- can be bought from bots, and infinite >=t2 item shcematics -- make them consumable. Remove bot sellers, and place them into cargo of ship wrecks
  3. Please set HQ automatically for territories with static constructs on it. At least some people would not lost everything and they will be able more easy and less less disappointed when they will return to game
  4. Sounds great. I wanns see how 20 cheap ships ram mission ship when it trying to fly from planet
  5. Game already have two mechanics to prevent it: 1) stay in safe zone 2) arm your ship
  6. Add players reasons to build factories in pvp space (f.e. cheapier production cost, or some factories allowed only in this areas. This should be really profitable) - this factories should be placed in deep space (on some distance from safe zone), or in some specified space areas - need automatic turrets (rdms rules for setup who should be attacked by it), also with some restrictions for density of it on square kilometer (or some other restrictions to prevent immortal bases) - shield module for space core It will open new layer of gameplay: corporation wars. We will be able to siege and destroy enemy bases. Big fleet fights and so on. Also automated turrets can be used to create npc controlled bases
  7. You are just "pro" player in eve, know how to survive. And don't know how to survive in this game. There are right now only few reasons to leave safe zone: 1) missions You need to be sure than no one follows you when you are leaving safe zone, and you should not fly directly to destination point. With this two rules it's impossible to kill you 2) asteroids There are asteroids in safe zone. Asteroids in pvp zone are risky, but you have chances to escape. And about cost of modules. Most of modules selling on market cheaper than their production cost
  8. Hotspot

    drop loot

    absolute true. Whole build mode and item deletion should be blocked during pvp. It's making unfair for pirates.
  9. Hotspot

    NPC enemies

    Idea to add npc enemies, they can be static (abadoned base) or move on routes between planets. Visually it can be abadoned stations, or "AI" controlled enemies. Actually they don't need to be actually maneuring during fight, just start to attack player on some range + extra range if player trying to escape,. Also damage model can be simplified for perfomance requirements (no need to force server actually calculate damage to modules) just calculate damage to CCS, and destroy modules(random ones, optionally) after npc beign killed. + you can place loot in containers, recipes and so on (it's fun to open it) + additional chances to lost ship and add option for other player to scavenge it. Also damage to modules will require to produce new one (forces economic) + you need to spend ammo more often (boost economics) + additional way to earn money + people can easy learn how to fight (basic idea), and find a fight + additional place for people to conflict and fight not only with npc but also between players. Also you can vary areas with different enemies and profit size you can create area for solo players and solo fights. Right now big asteroids forces only big fights.
  10. Seems like t5 can be harvested without ship, just dig into inventory and jetpack to safe location. Can it be fixed?
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