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  1. Hi there Noveans! We are super excited about the response we are seeing from players in-game since we launched DU earlier today! Rest assured that we are working hard on ironing out the issues that have come up as soon as we possibly can. We hope that you are enjoying playing Dual Universe and we would really appreciate it if you could take a few minutes to write a honest (ideally positive!) review on Steam. Thank you and see you in Helios! https://store.steampowered.com/app/2000270/Dual_Universe/
  2. And actually to complement your comment about nested game services, the Steam version will not launch the DU launcher and instead go directly to the game.
  3. @Wyndle the community team should make an announcement soon I believe
  4. @Wolfram we think it's a rating problem, ie. that you need a game rating prior to being able to sell in that region unfortunately, and we haven't submitted for a rating there yet because of limited bandwidth.
  5. Hey Noveans! You are an amazing community. I would like to thank each and everyone of you for helping make this launch announcement such a major success! Internally, we had some goals for our wishlist on Steam, which we thought would be enough to help us get visibility on the store when the game launches (that's how Steam rolls...). We are just so happy to report that we are about to reach that goal IN JUST THREE DAYS!!!! This is incredibly promising for the launch of Dual Universe and we know we couldn't have done it without you, our awesome community of dedicated and passionate players. It’s time to double our Stream Wishlist goal! Let's make DU the surprise hit that we all know it can be. Please continue to spread the word about the wishlist to show our love and passion for this game. Together, we can DU it! Again, thank you SO MUCH from all of us here at Novaquark.
  6. @le_souriceau It's stuck because of our web production capacity, though we've recruited more employees to help on the front. As you may remember the website wasn't exactly in a good state back at beta launch o_O and we've had to redo/refactor a lot of stuff web-wise since then. Pretty much the whole "new" website has been redone, as well as our backend infrastructure for a lot of important features like codes (for beta invitations etc.). Latest plan is that it should come out in Frebruary but don't hold that for a firm date as other priorities may come in the way.
  7. @Demlock Thanks for replying to my message. To be honest it would help if you were a little more specific with your statements. For instance, what exactly do you think was wrongly marketed? I understand that there's frustration, and I'd love to be able to help with it, but a list of statements regarding NQ in general doesn't help me address what you might consider the most pressing issues. That being said, as much as we'd like to, we can't answer everyone all the time. We just don't have the bandwidth to do so. We try to have moments where we answer questions directly (like when we do Q&A livestreams on Twitch), but answering every single question from all platforms is not feasible. I don't think any developer does that, and Novaquark surely doesn't have the structure to do so. Please understand where we are in the development cycle of the game. We had a plan for what we wanted to launch for beta and post-beta. After beta we've focused our full attention on bug fixing, server stability and scalability, and balancing. Yes, there's still a lot to do on these fronts, and we’re trying to reevaluate what's the best course of action. These decisions are based on what players are doing in-game, the feedback we're getting on the forum and through the Upvote page. It’s a lot to digest. Rather than rigidly sticking to the original plan, we are trying to figure out what our next moves should be to continue to improve the game as well as doing what's best for the community. After being so focused on the post-beta fix-and-balance phase, we're taking a bit of time to make sure we're doing the right things. Knowing that there was going to be a communication gap around the holidays, and not wanting to keep the community in the dark for an extended period of time, we did a video in December to give the community some insight to what our plans are for upcoming features. When the team returned in early January, we hit the ground running. New information is on the way as we’re on the verge of publishing several new devblogs and opening the public test server (PTS). This should give players plenty to do and to talk about, and we’ll be standing by to observe and discuss.
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