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  1. Pretty sure its a bug, i have a batch of 3 for hydraulics and minimum t1 ore refining is at almost 10x as much as before for me. Also it shows the original values before activating the unit
  2. Its probably easier if u get some help, but you could do this on your own. If you're on the sanctuary moon you need to get back to a market where you can fly back to alioth. There you can mine on every free tile to get some money. Or if it isn't bugged, u get 100k a day just for loggin in. If the maket is too far to walk, you could just reset your resurection pod, make sure your inventory is empty (you loose everything when force respawning) and force respawn. If you dont have enough money to buy a speeder on alioth, i could buy something overpriced for like 100k from you, have some pretty nice cashflow atm xD Also btw im pretty sure you can disassemble whats left from your crashed ship
  3. Here are the tutorials i've learned from : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V3puZXotLIw&list=PLA_lhIAGheMHEw4G3PTgZBwjGITCCuH17&index=10 They are a little outdated (like u dont need gyros anymore, and the gui looks different) but most stuff still works the same. And for something more recent, this guy seems to make pretty good and compact tuts : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mJO_2aFwmYc
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