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    Messaline got a reaction from ELX987 in Cannot connect with error message   
    Hello and thank you for this information.
    DU must not have a pb on my side knowing that I have other characters that connect very well, without pb.
    On the other hand, I have the same concerns with saving the game and even on another PC than mine.
    I was thinking of the corruption of the file located at NQ.
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    Messaline reacted to Emptiness in [Discuss] We've Heard You!   
    And yet again, NQ has proven they're out of touch with how the players have been playing the game.
    Setting up a factory to produce everything one desires is just the first step, for many of us, through ensuring we have a reliable supply of elements and material with which to build our ships. The market is unreliable or too time consuming. Why would we spend hours traveling to different markets to pick up various ship building parts when we can just mine ore from our tiles and make what we need?
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