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Dual Universe "Economy" by the Extraction Cartel


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It has been 2 months since DU launched and “Economy” by the Extraction Cartel is back up and running. The original market analysis from Beta has been updated for release and has some great new features.
You can find it at http://extractioncartel.com/ or this direct link to the analysis
  • Macro Market View
  • Micro Market by Market view
  • Alioth Board of Trade (raw and refined materials)
  • Item history and analysis
  • Trade routes
  • Real Estate brokerage service
  • Player market service
  • Base Build costs
I started and stopped this post 3 or 4 times as the future of the game seems to hang in the balance. Ultimately, I decided to release this tool to the general public for three reasons:
  1. I’m a huge fan of what Dual Universe could be and I very much would like it to be successful
  2. The subtitle of Dual Universe is “THE SPACE MMO ENTIRELY BUILT AND DRIVEN BY PLAYERS”. While I do hope for more market tools from NQ, this is my contribution to the game.
  3. Information is power and I hope this tool helps players understand the market and engage in the broader player driven economy
To others who are working on similar market analysis tools, please feel free to reach out to me. I’m looking to collaborate and help deliver a high quality tool to the player base.
I hope you find this tool valuable. There are undoubtedly mistakes so if you find one, let me know.
Email: extractioncartel@gmail.com
In Game: Roustabout or MissFortune
Discord: Roustabout





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Great job!
Particularly pleased with the second tab. But the rest are cool too!
I tried working with Power BI and I can imagine how much work has been put into it.
The only question is where are you getting your data from? After all, NQ, as far as I know, did not give us an API for sites.

For those who want to prove that changes are good - look at how the markets reacted to certain changes. Very interesting to see this!

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