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  1. Overhyped? That's a little dramatic, I wouldn't let It drift THAT far. This Is just a simple question. A fair one too, I'd simply like to know If the building system would be ready for giant robots and/or exosuits.
  2. I'm curious. Will building be advanced to the point where we could build gigantic war machine for combat? Something along the lines of these: (Sorry for the big images, I tried the Image resizer someone gave me for my first thread and It ended up messing all of my images up)
  3. From what I've read, players will be able to have giant battles over the control of some planet (Or whatever they're fighting over) when the game is released If this is true then how will the fight go? Will It just be something like battlefront or will It be at a level where we are able to carry out combat operations involving Space to Surface bombardment, deployment of troops, armor, weapons, and drop ships, and the siege and capture of anything from based to whole large cities or continents while all the massive fleets (Something like Star destroyers) battle it out above the planet. On a related note: I know this question is probably going to get something like 'hopefully in the near future' I just have to ask, will the firefights get as intense and awesome as Planetside 2?
  4. I'll stick to supporting this. And thank you for answering my questions It means a lot.
  5. Oh, Okay. I still have some more questions to ask though (Sorry if I'm bugging you all with them. I just need to make sure this game is what I want before I support It. Thanks a bunch for your patience ) 1. When and If weapons other than guns are a thing in the game will I get to look like something similar to these: Question 2: I know aliens aren't meant to be a huge thing in the game but one of the best things about games like these was killing gigantic monsters with a boatload of friends. When alien animals do get taken up later on will they/ can they look like these: Question 3: Space soldiers are obviously a no for the moment but will they become a yes later on? And will they look something like this: I've always wanted to help a guild (who've been led to a trap) fight a bunch of alien soldiers for control of a super rare item.
  6. Okay, thanks a bunch! I know there is also a very obvious answer to this question but will there be spectacular views of planets towering over the one you're in at the moment(Like the ice biome, one of the cities and the planet with that dragon)? I've seen the videos and I know they already have them but will they be as jaw dropping and impressive as the ones I've shown? Will there also be a weapon builder too?
  7. I could inspire them? How so? And do you have a picture of the concept art?
  8. I did, It answered some of my questions. Thank you. But If aliens do get confirmed will they be something like the cyber dragon I posted above? Or will they be something entirely new? (I'm okay with both but I'd really like to fight something like that dragon) and as for the one Biome planets, will they look as beautiful as the ice planet I posted or are the devs going for something different?
  9. Thanks for the replies. But will my questions be a possibility by the time the first or second expansion arrives?
  10. I've seen the trailers and interviews from this game and I am absolutely blown away but I must ask some questions before I sink my money into this. Don't get me wrong, I know this won't be a disappointment but I do have some things that I've always wanted to do and some of them were the reasons why I'm in to games like these. Question 1: I was reading up on an interview and It said the devs are unsure about the alien life in other planets Is this true? Question 2: Is It likely to stumble into a massive battle between control of a planet or a large area of one? I'm not against It, Infact, I'd really really like It if that happened Question 3: One of the reasons why I thought about getting this game is because of my idea of building some kind of recuperation facility in deep space were I can sell stuff and give out tips to new players. Will this be possible? And follow up to this question, Will eating be a thing, too? One of the things I've wanted to sell is food. Question 4: Are swords confirmed? Question 5: Will there be planets that have only one biome? Planets with just ice or planets with just lava, planets like these (Sorry for the long images); Question 6: I'm well aware that the game will have cool futuristic cities but will they look as awesome as these; (Again, I'm sorry for the long images, hopefully the moderator that looks this over can shrink this down) Question 7: Will space look as cool as this; Question 8: If monsters are confirmed will they look as cool as these: Question 9: The whole subscription thing doesn't really thrill me. Will you release this game on steam? Question 10: I kind of like the whole "Moderator has to approve your post before It gets put on the forums thing" It saves me the embarrassment of doing something silly. If It's not too much trouble on the moderators, Is It possible for me to keep this on even when I do make 1 more approved post? Thank you for answering my questions and again, I'm really sorry if the images I posted are too long.
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