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  1. I have just started a discord to try and build a community of players that like to play all types of space and sci fi games. My goal is to build a group of people that can help others and talk about many different space games. I would hope that it would also give players a place to look for others to play with and make new friends. I just started today so no members at this time, but you have to start somewhere. If you would like to join in , here is the link https://discord.gg/7C2FnCf
  2. Thanks for all the warm welcomes, the more i look around the more i cant wait till Alpha is released, Ready to play NOW, lol
  3. Hello everyone , its great to be here. I am very excited to see this game coming to life and i cant wait to play. I have been gaming for more than 30 years and like to play many styles of games. At the moment i am playing Empyrion, Osiris new dawn, Star Citizen and Hellion. Most of the games i play are space related except some FPS and Survival games i have. I also have experience in game engines and me and a few friends have been building a game for about a year now ( nothing serious just playing around) We all love to build mods and run servers for others to play on. I can see that Duel Universe is going to be Awesome and probley a game i will be playing for a long time. Hope to meet some friends here and start up a clan or group to run with, and i would like to become part of the community that helps this game move forward and grow. Well enough said , see you around in the forums. Great to be here.
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