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  1. Crewmembers needed! soldiers, miners, industry-workers, coders, voxelmancers. It all comes down to one thing. A ship needs a crew. Bladesins fleet grows and so does the need for people to operate it! If you are new or a veteran, we welcome all who wants to work for something greater, yet retain your individual power to choose your own gameplay. For those who are interested already, head on over to our discord: https://discord.gg/RYd2HRK For the rest lets explain how we work in Dual Universe: As a new recruit you get the rank Applicant, and you have a 2 months trial pe
  2. We have established ourselves on the Sanctuary Moon outside Sanctuary 3! Still looking for new members! If you are a newbie or a veteran does not matter. All we care abut is that you are a good person that can do teamwork!
  3. Yet more members for Bladesin! Imitheus and Chronubis added to the members!
  4. New Applicants! Clampus and Jedimoses015 joins Bladesin!
  5. Amazing! Archerer and CaptCanada are new applicant members in Bladesin! Looking forward to seeing your amazing work!
  6. Bladesin Mercenary Corporation Accepting New Members Who are we? A neutral organisation providing para military services for a fee to pretty much everyone. We pride ourselves on our high behavioural standards and the quality of social interaction and community. Who are you? A mature person with respect and consideration for others. You have a strong drive to work in teams. Be flexible in that you can both follow instructions and handle jobs where you need to think for yourself. Be someone who looks forward to the social interaction of a community.
  7. Saved my ass, excellent services, quick response and great rescue pilot in Ardes, 10/10 would crash again just for the quality treatment!
  8. Salut, J'ai du comprendre que t'étais québecois.


    Je cherche a savoir si il existe un groupement de québecois.


    Je suis actuellement dans une guilde francaise.



  9. I am in no way a builder, but I would love to fly those ships for my org and I know for a fact the builders we do have would love those shape options!
  10. Original post edited. We have gotten several new members: sgtpwnd - Crafting and Science Pizzaaboi - Crafting and Science Zeeger - Logistics Ooran Gootan - Crafting and Science Lacunaas - Crafting and Science AngelofDeath82 - Military (Pilot) Factual Orc - Crafting and Science This as amazing ^^ these people are great and having spent time with them for a while now we are super happy to have accepted them into our fold. If you want a good crew to hang out with, dont hesitate to apply!
  11. I disagree though, there should be no 3rd person, and for good reason, it removes a lot of roles for crew in larger ship, and it is less immersive. Why would you need to think about landing procedures if you can just go 3rd person and fix your positioning? landing platmors and hangar designs would need little to no thought, as would fighters, the only reason for 3rd person in my opinion is to remove the need of other players and to make the games learning curve an instant gratification type mechanic, which the game inherently is not. It reduces the hard earned piloting skills that should
  12. OP has been overhauled ^^ I will continously update it to match what positions we have open in each division. Right now we are filling out core squads, everyone starts at our lowest rank, regardless, no use arguing over it. If you are aiming for our highest ranks, you will be subjected to the expectations of those ranks, so beware. We have a strong precense in the Alpha tests, and any testers who wants to join will not be dissapointed. Any questions, feel free to ask here or in our discord See you in DU!
  13. Really awesome idea, I would love to have a 3d printed replica of bladesins flagship
  14. I mean I dont say PvP isnt what me personally will focus on, but there is a lot more to the game, I mean even the PvP becomes kinda limited withouta good infrastructure surrounding it^^ However, We are super happy to have gotten the opportunity to play the game with Myrradah, and I am looking forward to some good fights alongside him and the rest of my division
  15. Say hello to our new member @Myrradah ! He will be joining our Military DIvision as a Hunter, meaning he will be a scout, exploerer and in the navy part of Bladesins forces!
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