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  1. This map is amazing! Such a great way to show the growing community.
  2. Hello, I've been watching DU for a long time and took part in the KickStarter. Just realized that I never posted here. Well, not much to tell. Been playing games forever. Starting back in the day with a Commodore 64 and 256. Started messing with the guts of PCs when I was about 12. An old 55 MHz Packard Bell, I believe. Built my first when I was 16. I really enjoy strategy (of the 4X variety, mostly), RPGs and pretty much anything that is Sci-Fi. In the last couple years, I have really gotten in to the survival genre. Used to play just about every survival game I could get my hands on, but recently that's a bit more difficult. There's so many of them. I guess I'll leave that here for now. I don't really like to share much of my life with those on line, so I hope that everyone understands why this is lacking in personal details. I usually never even make an introduction post on forums, to be honest. Just felt like throwing one out there for DU, though. Thanks for reading. Can't wait to see everyone in the game.
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