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  1. I was scrolling through kickstarter hoping to see something that might peek my interest then i saw dual universe. After looking i immediately saw a pc gamer article discussing about the game. From there i was hooked. I didn't back the game on kickstarter, as i was very cautious at the time. But later i pledged on their website. I wanted to have the experience that eve online players had when they played it. Corruption, war, backstabbing, betrayal, all of that good stuff. Since this was a new mmo i thought i could (hopefully) get into it and start my own legacy and to be well known in the community.
  2. I mean I do agree that yes we should at least show videos and livestreams of the alphas. But I do have a bad gut feeling that many people will quickly judge it regardless of the many disclaimers, that can look bad for potential new players. But that’s just me thinking.
  3. I think some editing should be done, for example when things get silent, cut that part out and get to the next question. Also try to be more energetic when it comes to the interview, no offense be the dialogue between you and the organizations your interviewing sound dull and boring. Also be sure to have your questions layed out so you can move to the next question more quickly and try not to pause and have a awkward silence in between. One last thing, be sure invite the right kind of people to the interview because in the new genesis interview their was some guy saying a racial slur, that should’ve been removed. Just my two cents.
  4. You my friend, i look forward on seeing you on the battlefield.
  5. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LJPd5uJzBcY Based on this video from a undertale parody.
  6. I don't believe I've introduced myself here on the forums ever which is sad. The name is PrinceChawmin, i go by many names but this name suits me just fine. I've been watching the forums every so often that i haven't really talked or replied to any thread here. But i tend on changing that. Dual universe caught my eye on kickstarter and was very interested, i haven't backed on kickstarter but i do tend on pledging here very very soon. Im very chill and tend to be open minded, so expect to see me in the threads cracking jokes, giving feedback, or just be outright boring that you'll throw me back in the catacombs of my mom's pantry closet . I hope you guys accept me into your hearts, or for this case space ships, and become cool buds. Unless you want to become enemies for some odd reason then bring it!
  7. The future is looking bright, but im not sure if augmented reality is the start. But hey im sure there is cool stuff in the augmented world for a low life like myself .
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