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  1. 2g from what i heard but make sure you have atleast 40g free
  2. naa, it could totally be something easy that there just overthinking atm lol it also could be a major issue but just sayin a break and a diversion helps the subconscious process better
  3. NQ needs to just stop take 15 get some coffee and then come back and they will have it fixed in 2 min a short break always helps me when im stuck with a bug i cant figure out.
  4. oh i know the pain or alpha gameplay, i also back StarCitizen and many other alpha games! yea i realize that after i made the post my bad, but yea i have read alot since i actually went ahead with the purchase, as i said i have been following the game since they announced it but only now have i been able to purchase. i am somewhat sad that they are going with a subscription model but at the same time happy, plus since i got the gold i get about 2 years or sub anyhow that should be plenty to be able to really see what happens and hopefully they dont go free to play.
  5. well its febuary!! cant wait to get my hands on this!!! hope there almost ready to give us the alpha!
  6. hey all, i have been following since the game was announced on kickstarted, could not back then but i made up for it today, grabbed me a gold membership so WOOT!! now give us the ALPHA!!! i wanna play so bad lmao!
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